9 Beach Destinations – Offbeat Weekend Getaways From Kolkata

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9 best beach destinations believe it or not: an escape from the hurly-burly of urban life restrains the speed, essence, and Adrenalin flow that our commonplace regime snatches harshly one or another day. Whether it is the pile of dusty files or stirring the ladle in the kitchen; we all need a break to rejuvenate our mind and soul seldom.

Connecting the reference that justified the necessity of a break from our everyday life, today Curious Kasturi is going to tie up a few names of beach weekend destinations near Kolkata by car that are a few kilometres away from the City of Joy – Kolkata. You can take the list of beach weekend destinations nearby Kolkata as your go-to when out of the blue you have parked yourself to plan the nearest weekend tour from Kolkata to beat the boredom beckon with our list of Kolkata weekend getaways.

Beach Destinations near Kolkata – Blow Your Mind Absolutely at Amazing Weekend Gateways

Just not to waste any time anymore, let us explore the best offbeat places near Kolkata for a beach weekend or offbeat places in kolkata with your loved one or family and friends. You will be amazed to know the names of coastline weekend destinations nearby Kolkata.

Bakkhali Beach:

Bakkhali Beach

When you want to experience something different but an offbeat beach weekend trip near Kolkata in winter within 150 KMs; Bakkhali beach can be the choice as best holiday destinations near kolkata. The best part of the beach is located on the deltaic island of southern Bengal. The beach is shaped just like a crescent. There are plenty of hotels and resorts nearby the beach and you can find accommodation on your budget quite easily withinn our list of getaways from kolkata. The beach makes its tourists witness the flora and fauna with thrilling vista all around the year.

  • Things To Do: Must-do beach walk (from Bakkhali to Frasergunj), sea bath, watching the sunset, a boat ride from shore to Jambudweep island, watchtower climbing, seafood tasting,
  • Attractions: Visit Jambudweep island, Bishhalakshmi temple, Crocodile Project at Bhagabatpur, Henry’s Island, Fraserganj Wind Park, and Bakkhali Watch Tower tour.
  • How To Reach: You can reach Bakkhali beach from Kolkata via roadways. It will take near 4 hours and 30 minutes drive from Kolkata. You can avail train to reach Bakkhali too from Sealdah to Namkhana.
  • Distance: 125 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: You can visit anytime in the year. But, winter has always its charm to attract visitors.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: You can easily find hotels and resorts near Bakkhali beach if you search online. Visit the website or contact over the phone to know the detail or confirm your booking.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Henry’s Island (Kiran Sea Beach):Henry’s Island

 One of the nearest beach weekend getaways from Kolkata in December for weekend destinations Kolkata. Henry’s island is renowned for the serenity and panoramic beauty of the seashore. The island is located in South 24 Parganas within 126 kilometres from the busiest city, Kolkata. The tranquility of this virgin beach is irresistible for theosophical. If you are one of the thalassophiles then Kiran sea beach can be your next weekend holiday destination near Kolkata and also know for best choise in offbeat weekend getaways from kolkata.

  • Things To Do: Beach hopping, tour to nearby mangrove forest, bird watching, visit nearby bheris, and experiencing fishing and enjoying local seafood delicacies.
  • Attractions: Various types of birds, mesmerising sunrise and sunset, Mangrove forest, and watchtower at Sundari Complex.
  • How To Reach: You can visit the destination via roadways. It will take 4 hours and 15 minutes to reach. You can take public transport from Dharmatala or Joka tram terminus.
  • Distance: 126 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: You can visit the place any time of the year. Though, winter is the best time.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: You can find hotels and guest houses (Hotel Amaravati, Hotel Deepak, and WBTDC Tourist Lodge) to stay here for one day or more than that. Contact the authority to know the detail for booking.



Looking for a beach destination for one or two days of weekend outing near Kolkata? You got it. We are talking about Junput, Midnapur. It is one of the most surged beach destinations in West Bengal. The mind-blowing vista of the seashore, local delicacies, freshly made seafood, and tranquility of nature will not allow you to resist visiting the place for a picnic or outing time and again. It is a good choice for the one-night and two days weekend destination nearby Kolkata in West Bengal and also known for best choise for nearby getaways from kolkata.

  • Things To Do: Strolling on the seashore, playing with cool sea waves, sea bathing, snacking local seafood snacks, and cuisine.
  • Attractions: Confluence of River Ganga and Rasulpur, casuarinas groves on the beach, lighthouse, museum of the fisheries department, gateway to Digha, Mandarmani, Tajpur, and Talshree (all take only 1-hour drive to reach).
  • How To Reach; You can rent a private car or bus to reach Junput. You can take public transport too and drive for 4.5 hours to reach your destination.
  • Distance: 158 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: All round the year. But, winter is preferable.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: Find an affordable hotel nearby Junput and contact them directly to get information on booking, cost, and type of accommodation.

Baguran Jalpai:

Baguran Jalpai

It is one of the beach weekend destinations near Kolkata within 200 KMs. If you want a beach destination for a weekend gateway with your family for 2 to 3 days then Baguran Jaipai can be considerable. The tranquillity and beauty of the beach are beyond explanation. The beach is located under the Contai subdivision of East Medinipur. The best part is that you can reach your destination within 4 and half hours from Kolkata. the golden sand beach is just great to spend quality time with family and friends on weekends also known for best choise for offbeat places near kolkata for weekend.

  • Things To Do: Golden beach hopping, experiencing the casuarinas forest spread widely on the beach, visiting nearby fishermen’s villages, witnessing fishing, and taking part in the same.
  • Attractions: Copious red crab on the beach, sunrise, and sunset amid beach breeze. Chucking freshly fried seafood is also an attraction for seafood lovers.
  • How To Reach: You can rent a cab or private vehicle to reach the place from Kolkata. It takes more than 4 hours drive to reach. You can also avail of the train to reach Baguran Jalpai.
  • Distance: 164 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: You can visit any time of the year. Though, winter is always the best.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: Sagar Niralay is the only resort to stay at Baguran Jalpai. Individual cottages, tents, and rooms are available to stay for one or a couple of days. The accommodation and food in the resort are superb.
  • How To Contact: Do contact at 9434012200/8670547411 to get the detail of the resort. You can visit the official resort too to find information.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore” – Andre Gide

Tajpur – Virgin Beach in West Bengal:Tajpur beach destinations

Sited in between Mandarmani and Shankhapur, Tajpur is the new but adorned beach weekend destination near Kolkata by car. The beach is renowned for the crimson hue that is caused due to presence of hundreds and thousands of red crabs on the seashore. The beach does not encounter too much crowd to date. So, if you are looking for two to three days for the weekend gateway in West Bengal on a tranquil beach, Tajpur is the best call. You can also check baguran jalpai resort.

  • Things To Do: Taking part in adventurous sports like boating, fishing, coastline biking, water zorbing, kayaking, parasailing, and so on. Exploring lifestyle of fishermen visiting nearby villages, and a visit to nearby bheris.
  • Attractions: Local delicious food and dishes, red crabs, dense and lush greenery created by eucalyptus, tamarisk, and casuarinas trees.
  • How To Reach: Book a car or private bus to reach Tajpur via a 4.5-hour drive. You can avail WBSTC run buses to reach the place too.
  • Distance: 172 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: October to February
  • Rooms/Hotels: If you want to stay at this secluded beach for more than one day then many hotels and resorts are there to book accommodation. Choose the best one according to your pocket for getaways from kolkata.

Shankarpur Beach (Twin Beach):

Shankarpur Beach

If you have barely two to three days to spend some secluded time with your family from the chaos of city life then Shankarpur beach can be your next weekend gateway. The beach is widely known as the Siamese twin of Digha beach. Digha beach is just 15 KM away from Shankarpur beach. You can doubtlessly choose the beach for a beach weekend trip near Kolkata in winter. The beach is adorned with palm trees and casuarinas. When your mind is full of day-to-day clutter and you desperately find a few moments filled with peace and natural tranquility; Shankarpur beach is second to none. To date, the beach does not experience too many footprints like other beach destinations near Kolkata in winter or any other time in the year. Thus, the beauty and serenity of the beach remain unspoiled so far. Also known for one of the best offbeat beach destinations in India.

  • Things To Do: Beach strolling, beach sports, and sea bath.
  • Attractions: Beautiful coastline, seclusion, temples nearby the beach, fish boat riding.
  • How To Reach: You can visit the place directly from Kolkata via rented car, bus, or private vehicle. It takes more than 4.5 hours drive to reach.
  • Distance: 175 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: Winter is the best time. Though, you can visit the place anytime excluding summer.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: It is not a hard job to find a hotel or resort in your budget while you are preparing to visit Shankarpur beach with family, friends, and baggage. Contact the hotel authority directly to book your room or cottage as long as you want to stay. best offbeat destination near kolkata

Mandarmani Beach:

Mandarmani Beach

When you want to spend some quality time with your loved one amid the beauty of the beach but nearby a sleepy small village; Mandarmani beach is the last resort of beach destinations. It is one of the popular weekend holiday destinations for people living in Kolkata and nearby. Mandarmani beach is one of the top-rated weekend gateways from Kolkata for couples for many reasons. The amazing scenic beauty at the seashore, beach drive, seafood snacking, nearby fishing villages, boat ride, and scopes to taking part in various activities make the Mandarmani beach destination a pleasurable experience for tourists from Kolkata and all over West Bengal for one to two days weekend holidaying. top offbeat places near kolkata

  • Things To Do: Beach walks, enjoying beach games (beach volleyball, cricket, cycling, parasailing), motor driving, and sunbath.
  • Attractions: Romantic sunset, longest vehicle driving beach in India, and exploring the delta at the end of the beach.
  • How To Reach: You can reach via car. It will take near 5 hours to reach Mandarmani via roadways.
  • Distance: 178 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: Visit any time of the year. But, winter is always the game-changer.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: You can get hotels and resorts to stay in Mandarmani for one or a couple of days. Please contact the hotel directly or tell your agent to do the booking for you.


Digha beach destinations

 One of the most visited beach weekend beach destinations gateways nearby Kolkata is Digha. If you call it a tourist’s heartthrob then you have not mistaken it by any chance. There are plenty of reasons that Digha is one of the most sought-after shoreline weekend destinations near Kolkata within 200 KMs. People love to explore the beach time and again as it is a budget-friendly weekend destination and safe to travel for couple vacation and family outings for two to three days away from bustling city life. You can have two options to move when you choose Digha for your next weekend holiday – Old Digha and New Digha. If you are a bit old school and love rocky sculptures to explore then Old Digha can be your next call. On contrary, the new Digha is the best option for adrenalin junkies and beach bums. One of the best beach weekend getaways.

  • Things To Do: Beach strolling, boating, experiencing the confluence of blue waves with the dunes, snacking readily-made seafood, and exploring the beauty of a golden seashore adorned with palm trees.
  • Attractions: MARC (Marine aquarium cum regional center), new Digha beach, Udaipur Beach, Chandpur Beach, and Temple at Chandaneswar.
  • How To Reach: You can drive in your car or rent a car or bus to reach Digha. It will take more than 4.5 hours to reach. Public buses are also available to reach the place every day.
  • Distance: 183 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: Winter is the best time, from October to February.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: There are many hotels, resorts, and guest houses to stay in Digha for couples, families, and groups. It would be better if you book rooms in advance to avoid crowds or hassle.

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them” – Jo Walton

Talasari Beach:

Talasari Beach destinations

One of the paramount and panoramic beach destinations near Kolkata within 200 KMs. It is one of the expensive beach destinations nearby Kolkata and is widely known as luxurious and laid back beach weekend gateways from Kolkata. From eye-captive hills to greenery, white sand seashore to extended rows of palm trees – everything can magnet your eyes at the very first sight. The name was “Talsari” emerged from two words ‘Tal’ or palm and ‘Sari’ or row. If you are a nature adorer then Talsari sea beach will not be bizarre to you. Quick getaways from kolkata. You can also check baguran jalpai sea beach!!

  • Things To Do: Walk on the beach, take part in beach games, experience sunset amid cool sea breeze, backwater crossing, visit nearby villages to experience the rustic culture,
  • Attractions: Dunes, red crab, cashew trees, fish market nearby, and best and fresh seafood snacking.
  • How To Reach: You can reach the destination via rented car or private bus. It will take more than 5 hours to drive.
  • Distance: 191 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: Winter, from October to February.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: Copious hotels and resorts are there to book your stay at Talsari. Choose the best hotel for food and accommodation according to your budget.


So, guys what are you waiting for! Just pack your bags, book the room at the estimated hotel based on your next beach weekend destination near Kolkata. Curious Kasturi has bundled up a list of 9 beach holiday destinations on weekends near Kolkata that you can pick the best one without wasting time in online research or reading reviews.

Have fun but don’t forget to maintain the COVID – 19 safety measurements to stay safe and keep other safe while travelling.

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