Dream Places to Visit in India [SEASON WISE]

Dream Places to Visit in India [SEASON WISE]

India, the land with diverse topography, climatic condition and culture, has something to offer to its travelers in every season.

Though the common notion goes that it is best to visit India starting from October and continuing till March, a traveler will find more to explore in India from the span of April to September as well.

Being diverse in the pattern of weather, from time to time, different parts of India experience different climatic conditions in different months.

So obviously, different parts of India demand travelers to visit during a different season.


Always remember that because of the presence of the Himalayas in the North, India experiences milder winter and profuse monsoons.

So if you have been looking forward to visiting the Himalayas during winter, you can expect a soothing climate.

Only places, way high above sea level offers tourist with snow experience in India.


India – Best Places to visit in different season:

Are you planning to travel to India soon? Not sure when would be the best season or time to travel there? Don’t spend too much time thinking about when to travel to India. Just grab your flight ticket; India has something to offer in every season.

Below are the places of travelers’ interest and the best time to see them:

  1. The Himalayan Mountain Range:

The Himalayan Mountain Range

  • Though the Himalayas are is the mountain range offering the highest peak of the world, the foothill areas are accessible all around the year.
  • But if you want to know the best time then it is best to visit the mountains from February through May.
  • This is the season when you can explore the foothills and even the higher altitude places of Himalayas at its best.
  • You get to enjoy your vacation amidst the Rhododendron flowers and pay a visit to the orange orchards.
  • If you are a snow person then try visiting the Himalayas during December and January.
  • It is cold during that time.
  • For milder experience visit during the summer from April to June
  • However, avoiding the mountains during the monsoon time starting end of June to early September can be precarious.
  • Mountains during the monsoon are susceptible to landslides.



  • If you are traveling to the Himalayas, no matter which season you go, hiring a car prior for easy commuting is suggested unless you are into trekking.

  • For the best view of the Mountain peaks during sunset, visit the Himalayas during the winters when the sky is sure to remain clear.


  1. The Golden Triangle – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur:

The Golden Triangle – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur

  • The Golden Triangle and entire Rajasthan offer the ultimate heritage tour of India to all tourists.
  • If you are a history and heritage tour buff then this is your gateway.
  • To enjoy this place at its best you need to visit during the winter from October until February end.
  • Rajasthan and its surrounding places – Delhi and Agra, being mostly dry and arid usually have extreme summers.
  • Tourists hence are definitely suggested to avoid summers.
  • Being a land of sand dunes and deserts, Rajasthan experiences moderate day heat and cool breezy evening in winter.


If you want to see the Taj Mahal at its best then visit Agra during October on a full moon night.

You can expect lesser fog during October; hence the view of Taj Mahal in Full Moon light is even better during this time.


  1. Kolkata:

places to visit in Kolkata

  • If you have a plan to pay a visit to the City of Joy the winters, December to February is your time.
  • This is ideally located on the tropical zone and usually remains humid throughout the year.


  1. Central India:

Places to Visit in Central India

  • When you talk about Central India, you are mainly talking about the major Tiger Reserves of India, exclusive art collage of Khajuraho, the cave painting at Bhimbetka and the Fort of Gwalior.
  • The best to see all of these is definitely the winter season from October to March.
  • But if you are keen to explore the waterfalls here then it is, of course, best to visit in September when they are under full current.


If you are keen to visit the Tiger Reserves then remember that all Reserves and National Parks in India are completely closed from June to October mid.


  1. North East India or the Seven Sister States:

North East India or Seven Sister States

  • Have you ever planned a visit to the Seven Sister States of India?
  • The seven Sisters – Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, and Nagaland, are probably most serene destinations to visit in India.
  • These places, still undiscovered by the majority of tourists, offer the ideal gateway to our Mother Nature.
  • They provide you with mild tropical weather with humid summers and cool winters.
  • All you get here are lush green plains and high monsoon.
  • If you want o experience this place then the main tourist season is September to March.
  • Arunachal Pradesh however, is not accessible thoroughly by tourists during winter.
  • Because of the altitude, Arunachal Pradesh offers tourists with snow experience in January.


  1. Kerala and Tamil Nadu:

Kerala and Tamil Nadu Tour

  • If you want to tour to South India then the major tourist season starts from September and ends in March.
  • But you can expect a humid and hot climate round the year.
  • Days during winter are nothing but less hot.
  • You can expect showers during the afternoon in the month of December.
  • Visiting places like Munnar can be very romantic if you are planning during July and August.
  • This is the major monsoon time here with heavy rainfall.
  • No wonder the climate is perfect for honeymoon gateways like Munnar, the abode of tea plantation and green hills.


  1. Goa:


  • Goa and similar beach destinations of India like Andaman and Lakshadweep are typically crowded by tourists during the winter from October to March.
  • These sandy beaches are generally heated throughout the year.
  • This evening breeze surely offers a cool evening breeze, adding to the party mood in the area.


The sandy beach of Goa can be extremely scorched during summers, making it difficult for tourists to enjoy the beach relaxation.



India has something to offer everyone in every season. One season is not enough to cover India at its best. Decide the vacation and note visiting which places in India suits at that time of the year and plan accordingly.

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