Secrets Revealed For Getting More Subscribers For Your YouTube Channel

Do you want to know secrets for more subscribers to YouTube channels?

Have you taken up the career of being a YouTuber?

Or are you getting sad with the slow growth of your YouTube Channel?

No need to worry, You don’t need to worry, as we have revealed how to increase your YouTube channel’s subscriber count and popularity.

Before we get into the main topic, let’s go through a very brief intro about YouTube.


Video Sharing Platform

YouTube is now the most popular online video-sharing platform where you can earn by sharing videos. Many people have found it to be a very productive way of earning and is now a career option for many. You need to have an account on YouTube and create a channel to share the videos. Based on some of the features like the number of subscribers, engagement time, view time of the videos, likes, and many more.

4 Top Secrets for More Subscribers – You May Need to Look Again

Now let’s reveal the billion-worthy secrets of getting more subscribers to your YouTube channel:

  • Break Down The Goal Into Smaller Chunks

Are you targeting 1000 subscribers? Well, that is a quite tough task and you need to be focused on that. But often many YouTubers get discouraged and go off route. So here is a quick tip to gain the 1000 subscribers’ plan. 

Break it down into smaller goals that are much easier to achieve.

For example, you can target 100 subscribers in 6 months. But set the goal like this:

  • Get 100 subscribers within the first month.
  • Get another 150 subscribers within the third month.
  • Set the target for another 250 subscribers for the fourth month. 
  • Set the target of more than 250 subscribers in the next fifth month
  • Achieve the rest of the 250 subscribers in the sixth month. 

Plan out the strategies in the right way to get these targets fulfilled. But when you break it down into smaller chunks it is much more accepted than any higher goals. 

  • Identify The Video That Attracts the More

This is a secret that is often skipped but is greatly useful for getting more subscribers. You have to check out the videos and watch out for the analytics which has more views. Check out the concept of the video and choose similar kinds of videos to attract more visitors. 

Ask the viewers to watch out for more such videos. This would make them interested and subscribe to your channel.

For checking out the analytics of the channel, visit the YouTube Studio, click analytics and click out the view more options. Then select the Subscribers By Video and check out the analysis. 

  • Promotion Of Other Videos at The End Of The Current Video

Do you know, that the more people watching your video, the higher the chance of getting a higher subscriber? 

So, open up scopes by which viewers can open more of your videos without many toils. It is best to promote the videos at the end of a particular video which will help them to know about your other content too. 

This is also a secret strategy for getting more subscribers quickly to your YouTube channel.

  • Replying To Every Comment

When a video is getting more comments, that means more and more people are watching out. When the viewers want to interact with you, you also need to interact with them. Replying to comments is the best way to get this done. 

Also, when there is an interaction between the viewers and the Youtuber, naturally there is a greater chance of getting more and more subscribers. 

It has been found that most YouTubers don’t reply to the comments. And that is the thing that has made you unique from the other YouTubers. 


Most of us know about these things but don’t focus on them. But a little bit of change in your strategy and planning can fetch you 1000 subscribers and more in easy ways. Besides, dedication and patience are also very important. You need to produce the best of yours with good video quality, perfect editing, and also the sharing of the videos. 

Hopefully, this blog is helpful. We will share more such strategies for the growth of your YouTube Channels. So, keep reading our blogs.

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