10 Astounding Fact of Independence Day & Our National Flag – You Would Love to Discover!

Discover astounding fact of Independence day & our national Flag as 15th August 1947 – It is not only a date but also an emotion that every Indian holds from the core of their heart proudly. The date reminds us that we are free from all types of bondage, oppression, injustice, and inequality that were imposed on Indian people for more than 200 years. We all know the era of our independence is not lore of happy moments. It’s a age of blood, sacrifices of Indian martyrs and national heroes, and a few names that never came into the spotlight.   

Mesmerizing Astounding Fact of Independence Day & Indian National Flag!!

Akin to the past 74 years, India is about to celebrate its 75th “Independence Day” on 15th August 2022. We are all ready to be a part of the glorious moment with gratitude and joy. Before the day, Curious Kasturi is curious to share some interesting facts about 15th August, Independence Day, and National Flag. Let’s dive into deep,

  1. Evolution of National Flag: Do you know that the Indian flag has come through a long iteration before concluding at the look it holds today? In 1921, the first version of the Indian flag was designed by Pingali Venkayya. There were only two colors – Saffron and Green. It was Mahatma Gandhi’s concept to add a white strip with Ashok Chakra on the center of the flag. The national flag we see today came into use on the 22nd of July 1947, a few days before Independence.
  2. Mahatma Gandhi Missed 1st Celebration of Independence Day: Mahatma Gandhi was not part of the grant celebration of Independence Day as he was fasting to protest the riots (between Hindus and Muslims) in Bengal at that time.
  3. Lord Mountbatten Decided Date of Independence for India: It was Lord Mountbatten who chose 15th August as the Day of Independence for India to honor the 2nd anniversary of Japan’s admission of defeat near the Allied forces.
  4. Wish for Disbanding of Congress Party: Mahatma Gandhi had wished for the disbanding of the Congress party as he thought that goal of this party was met with the achievement of freedom on 15th August 1947.
  5. Borderline Between India & Pakistan: The borderline between India and Pakistan was drawn by British attorney Sir Cyrill Radcliffe.
  6. First Flag Hosting in India: The 1st flag of India was hoisted on 7th August 1906 at Calcutta, presently Kolkata.
  7. Absent of National Anthem: India had celebrated anniversaries of Independence Day without a national anthem till 1949. From 1950, “Jana Gana Mana” is declared the national anthem of India. Though, the song was already published in the year of 1911 in Bengali.
  8. National Flag Producer: Khadi Development & village industries only have the license to fabricate/supply Indian national flags.
  9. India’s 1st Official Language: Hindi was chosen as India’s 1st official language in 1949. It is not the national language of India.
  10. South Korea Shares Same Date Celebrating Independence: Like India, South Korea also celebrates Independence Day on the 15th of August.


We have catered to the most interesting parts that resonate with Independence Day and Indian National Flag. We hope, you enjoyed a lot reading this piece of the blog “astounding fact of independence Day” from Curious Kasturi.

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