Are You a Single Child Mom – is it a Malice or Gift For The Society

In the modern nuclear family concept, having a single child in the family is a common trend.

When you say single child it is basically meant to represent a child without any sibling, be it adopted or biological. Though all the countries had an initial age-old tradition of having at least 2 kids, the new society witnesses more of a single child.

Like any other social issue, having a single child comes with both benefits and complexity of its own.

Let’s discuss the common notion prevailing about single child issue.

Question prevailing when you choose to parent a single child:

Are you and your spouse planning for a child?

Choosing Between Spouse, Kids and Family – Who's First?

Quite common in today’s world is the decision to go for a single baby.

If you have decided to do so then prepared to face a few questions and comments as below –

  • When are you planning to have a second one
  • Your child will grow lonely if both of you are working

And so the comments from outsiders continue.

Suggestion: Don’t pay much head about outsider comments as it is now a proven fact that only few problems arise because of single child.

A major reason behind such judgemental comments can be a result of their envious behaviour at times.


Some pros behind choosing to have a single child:

Ambitious and loving parents all across the world are now days deciding to have a small family with a single child. They believe this to maintain a better balance between work-life and quality time with family.

Quality time is always needed for better upbringing of a child.

In the modern world of inflation and working parents, probably it is always a better option to have a single baby.

The notion among ambitious parents goes without saying that the more they earn the better future can they provide to their kids.

To add to that if you have only one kid at home you can invest all your earning into good schooling, classy dressing.

Give your child more and spend more time with them for a happy childhood.

In fact, if you would have had more than one kid then there would have been a probability of providing a differential treatment and split attention to your kids.

Remember if your child is getting split attention, he or she is liable to be morose over the issue. Above all pros, it is important to remember the birth-giving mother and her situation.


  • Having one child means some relaxation for the mother, which she deserves.
  • After a hectic day at work listening to different complains and different wishes can be precarious for the lady. Mums, you are saved and provided with a chance for more fun with your kid if you have a single child.
  • To top up the pros, it is very important to refer to certain study data that proves social judgment as a completely wrong though.
  • To many parents, it is common to think that single children are prone to be lonely in nature but studies now proved that a kid feels more secured to get 100% attention from their parents.
  • Many kids, in fact, relaxed that they are not being bullied by their younger siblings like many of their friends in school face.
  • Kids get more fun time with parents with they are alone.


Did you know there are many parents you contribute positively to the socio-natural threats like global warming, by choosing to have only one child?


Well, this is a contribution that goes unrecognized by many.

Many of us even don’t recognize the fact that having one child only can contribute havoc to overpopulated countries and hence help in reduction of poverty.

Countries like China have acknowledged this benefit and have seen the remarkable improvement in its financial condition as well as birth and death ratio.


One last thing to consider is probably the contribution this plan has on a couple’s relationship.

Since both are working nowadays, the couple gets very limited time among themselves to rejuvenate the love. This time gets limited further if they are to return home and spend the entire time meeting children’s demand.

So the best suggestion can be to have a single child and enjoy life more. Live your dreams better and give your child more.


Some Cons that follow the decision to have a single child:

As we already know that having a single child is nothing but a blessing to society and nature, let’s now take a glimpse at the cons related to it.

What can be a better way of knowing it than to refer to interviews and blogs of people who have been a single child?

Going through many such blogs, it has been noted that some kids feel the need of having a sibling to talk to. Of course one can’t express everything happening in life to their parents.

No wonder one might require a sibling in such a situation. So being a single child can leave your child with time when he or she might be need of a friend.

This is probably the most common requirement in adolescents.


Pro Tip: As a parent, if are keen on giving your kid the best childhood with facilities, but also want to have your own quality work-life balance, get your kid a pet instead of a sibling. This can help in developing more sense of responsibility in your child than having a sibling will.


One negativity noticed in case of a single child is the havoc of pressure each kid is exposed to from the parents’ side. If you have a single child, based on human nature, you tend to put all your expectation on one little shoulder. This can be depression for the child.

Common observed that single child, who spend their childhood having fun with parents, find it difficult to mix in the outside world and make friends. If we consider the cons as a parent then you develop a tendency to act overprotective towards your child if you have only one to care for.

This overprotectiveness can build a sense of boredom among kids; some may even rebel at times to break free.



When you plan to have a kid, it is best to discuss with your spouse about all the possibilities and desires. Remember what kind of life you wish your kid to have and plan accordingly. Check on finances and think. No matter if you have a single child or if you want more, the kid’s upbringing matters more to every parent.

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