Beauty Essential Products Everyone Should Have: A Beginner’s Guide

👉 Are you new to the beauty essential of makeup world?

👉 If you feel dazed by the abundance of makeup products, it is quite normal to feel so.

👉 The vastness of products can be confusing for beginners.

👉 To offer a solution to we are providing a detailed insight on makeup essentials for beginners.


Top 10 Beauty Essentials Products to Keep in Your Makeup

The list of makeup items is exhausting. But to keep it simple, we have created a list of the top 10 basic makeup essentials.


1️⃣ Moisturizer:

Moisturizer Beauty Essentials


We all understand the importance of a moisturizer in our daily life. Irrespective of your gender, moisturizing is essential for healthy skin.

For women, it becomes a mandatory beauty product before you apply any makeup.

A moisturizer works as a makeup base that hydrates your skin and maintains the moisture level. 

There are various kinds of moisturizers available around us. Choose a category – oil-based or water-based, depending on your skin condition.

We suggest choosing a moisturizing cream that your skin absorbs in no time.

If you expect sun exposure, it is best to get a moisturizer with SPF protection to prevent hyperpigmentation.

It is essential to remember that the moisturizers blend with your skin and create a smooth canvas for applying flawless makeup.


2️⃣ Primer

Primer Beauty Essentials

A primer is one of the makeup bag essentials that creates a flawless and smooth base for makeup application, especially a foundation beauty essential.

A primer can conceal all pores with a velvet touch blending if your face has bigger skin pores and redness.

The composition of primers has an oil-free, lightweight, and silky formula to mattify your appearance by removing age lines and pores.

It is a Vitamin-E-rich formula that casts a protective shield on your skin from free radicals.


3️⃣ Foundation:

Foundation Beauty Essentials

A foundation is one of the most common makeup items in a woman’s purse. It offers flawless skin every time you apply.

However, the correct application of a foundation is tricky. The basic to choosing the perfect foundation is to match the foundation with your skin tone.

Do the test by applying it along the jawline or on your face before you buy. Currently, the foundation is available in 40 different shades.

While keeping a foundation in the beauty bag, you also need to keep a beauty sponge for perfectly blending it on your face.


4️⃣ Concealer:

Concealer Beauty Essentials


A concealer is a makeup essential that covers all redness, dark circle patches, or blemishes. While you apply makeup, you try the concealer after applying foundation on your face.

When you choose a concealer, consider the below points first-

  • Staying strength
  • Coverage
  • Consistency

Concealers are available in the market as concealer sticks, creams, or liquid. When you have a concealer in your bag, you can even skip foundation.

Concealers contain the perfect formula that helps in covering all fine lines of aging and imperfection on a face.

While choosing a concealer for your under-eyes, consider one that is about 2-shades lighter than the skin tone you naturally have.


5️⃣ Blush:



Do you find keeping a blush in your beauty bag a bit too much?

It is never too much to have a little blush on your cheeks if you know how to apply it perfectly.

Correct application of a blush lifts your face instantly and adds a new glow of youthfulness.

To ensure you have a natural-looking blush on your cheeks, choose your blush shade wisely.

Blush should add colour to your face in a subtle manner.

We recommend purchasing the powder form of the blush of coral, peach, or light pink shed for beginners.

Purchasing a blush isn’t enough. You will need a fluffy brush with tapered sides for correct application.


6️⃣ Eyeshadow Palette for Nude Makeup


Once you have learned you use makeup in proper order on your face, it is time to add glow to your eyes.

A nude eyeshadow palette does the work. However, since you are new to makeup, you need to practice the eyeshadow application.

An eyeshadow palette has a collection of ALL-NATURAL-LOOKING shades that adds versatility to your appearance.

A standard nude eyeshadow palette generally consists of 12 different textures of pigmented shadows.


7️⃣ Eyeliner:

Eyeliner- basic makeup essentials


Eyeliner is the intrinsic part of your makeup appearance. You can try an elaborate brushstroke for a cat-eye look or a thin line that proves a natural appearance.

For beginners, we recommend using a pencil eyeliner until you become a pro in applying it. Once you acquire the skill, you can start using liquid eyeliner.

Eyeline is the fundamental product for insight makeup essentials; hence, keeping both liquid liner and pencil variants in your makeup bag is beneficial.

There are over 46 shades of eyeliner available in the market. The new trend requires you to purchase waterproof yet creamy and long-lasting eyeliners.


8️⃣ Mascara:

Mascara-beauty essentials products


Mascara is the magic stick for amplifying your eyelashes instantly with increased length, volume, and definition.

It is a beauty tool that adds to your glow and gives you a bright appearance.

Beginners should purchase smudge-proof mascara every time. For beautification, we recommend curling your eyelashes after you apply the mascara.

In short, a curler is essential if you are getting mascara for your makeup kit.


9️⃣ Makeup Brushes:

Perfect application of makeup requires a high-quality makeup brush set. If you are new to makeup, it is not necessary to purchase too many brushes.

Your makeup kit needs the basic brushes for applying blush, eyeshadows, etc., contouring, buffing, or concealing.


🔟 Compact:

Compact makeup essential

The compact is a pressed powder block that you require in your bag for a fast touch-up. It is easy to carry around and apply whenever needed.

We recommend purchasing a compact depending on your skin tone for a flawless appearance. It keeps you shining with a natural glow.



The modern trend of beautification requires you to keep natural makeup essentials ready for an instant glow.

Choose natural ingredient-made makeup essentials for your beautification kit. Natural ingredients benefit your skin health.

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