Top 9 Haunted Places In Odisha And Their Paranormal Activities

Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, is situated in eastern India and ranks 9th largest state by area and 11th by population. Odisha is a land steeped in art and craft and is renowned for its scenic beauty, captivating sea beaches, remarkable monuments, rich cultural heritage, and distinctive traditions. Adding an intriguing facet to its allure, the region is also home to a collection of spine-tingling haunted places. Nearly everyone has encountered real-life tales of paranormal occurrences in their hometowns. To explore the authenticity of these stories, one can visit the top haunted Places in Odisha. Regardless of personal beliefs, the spine-chilling narratives locals share strongly assert the presence of ghosts and spirits in the region.

9 Most Haunted Places In Odisha


Check out the list of the top 9 haunted places in Odisha that you should visit on your trip to Eastern India. Read along!

1. Rie’s Haunted House : 


Rie’s Haunted House

Located in the Bhubaneswar region of Odisha, this place is said to be haunted by the spirits of former students. According to the legend, the ghosts of students who met a tragic end here wander the premises. The story narrates a series of unfortunate events leading to the students’ suicides, with their apparitions reportedly seen roaming on the roof, especially during the late hours of the night. As darkness falls, the atmosphere becomes eerily unsettling, making it recommended to explore the area before sunset.

2. Jatan Nagar Palace:


Jatan Nagar Palace

The 100-room palace was constructed by Prince Narasingh Pratap Dev, who, unfortunately, subjected his laborers to harsh treatment in designated rooms. Tragically, some even lost their lives during the construction, and it’s rumored that their spirits linger within the palace walls. Today, the once majestic building lies in ruins, earning its reputation as one of the most haunted places in India.

3.Mangalajodi Tree:


Mangalajodi Tree

Mangalajodi Tree shrouded in eerie tales, is said to carry a mysterious aura in Orissa. Legend has it that the tree is inhabited by a spirit, a girl whose possession claims the lives of 21 individuals each year, just before the arrival of the Dussehra festival. Intriguingly, many have reported ghostly occurrences during the late hours of the night. Consequently, access to the area is restricted after sunset, adding an air of caution to those who might be tempted to explore its mysteries under the cover of darkness.

4. State Highway:


State Highway

The State Highway near Bhubaneswar has gained notoriety as one of the most talked-about haunted places in Odisha. Legend has it that the area is haunted by the apparition of a female witch. According to local tales, her spectral presence materializes around midnight, where she is believed to approach passing vehicles, requesting a lift, only to vanish if the vehicle comes to a stop. Numerous travelers have reported eerie voices resonating along the road, sending shivers down the spine of those who encounter them.

5. Chandpur Village:


Chandpur Village

In a small village, a chilling tale unfolds as Shivu and Jhillii find themselves targeted by an evil spirit. Upon delving into the mystery, it becomes apparent that an ancient tree harbors dark, supernatural forces. Determined to rid the village of this ominous threat, Shivu takes the drastic step of chopping down the tree, only to meet a tragic end at the hands of the vengeful spirit. Now, the once-bold villagers steer clear of the accursed tree, paralyzed by fear and haunted by the memory of Shivu’s ill-fated attempt.

6. Haunted House:


Haunted House


The haunted house in Puri is steeped in mystery, believed to be owned by an individual deeply enamored with the location but tragically ending their own life. Prospective buyers have claimed to sense the lingering presence of the former owner. Over the years, this eerie location in Puri has captured the fascination of both locals and tourists alike. Naturally, it has become a focal point for enthusiasts and paranormal experts.

7. Haunted Hostel


Haunted Hostel

The Cuttack hostel, once bustling with the laughter and stories of many girls, now stands alone, a mere shell of its former self—a forgotten, abandoned structure frozen in time. Within its halls, whispers tell of an elderly spirit, glimpsed fleetingly before fading away at the approach of anyone brave enough to venture close. Among the locals, a tapestry of rumors weaves through the air, casting an eerie reputation upon the hostel and solidifying its status as one of Cuttack’s renowned haunted landmarks. The mysteries within its walls persist, shrouded in the unknown and contributing to the enduring allure of this enigmatic place.

8.Ring Road


Ring Road

The Ring Road in Orissa is an eerie stretch, running parallel to a crematorium. Numerous travelers have reported glimpses of partially burnt figures strolling along the road. There are whispers that these spectral walkers mysteriously vanish without a trace after a brief appearance. Regardless of how long these spirits linger, the experience is bound to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

9. Bhoot Bungalow


Bhoot Bungalow

Kansbahal is a sparsely populated enclave, bearing witness to a haunting past. Legend has it that in the late 19th century, the walls of this colony bore witness to tragic and devastating deaths, casting an enduring curse upon the land. Its eerie reputation renders it unsuitable for habitation, inviting the brave to explore its mysteries firsthand. Embark on a solo journey to unveil the untold tales that linger within its forsaken confines.

Frequently Asked Questions about Haunted Places in Odisha:


Q1: Are there really haunted places in Odisha?

A1: Yes, Odisha is believed to have several haunted places with mysterious and paranormal activities.

Q2: Which are the most famous haunted places in Odisha?

A2: Some notable haunted places in Odisha include the Palace of Raj-Niwas in Rajnagar, Chudaili Temple in Bhubaneswar, and the haunted forest of Dibrugarh.

Q3: Can anyone visit these haunted places?

A3: While some places are open to the public, it’s essential to respect local regulations and private property boundaries. Trespassing is not only spooky but also illegal!

Q4: What are the common paranormal activities reported in these places?

A4: People have reported strange sounds, eerie apparitions, cold spots, and inexplicable phenomena in these haunted locations.

Q5: Is it safe to visit these places at night?

A5: It’s not advisable to visit haunted places at night, especially without proper authorization. Safety should always be a priority.

Q6: Are there any guided tours for haunted places in Odisha?

A6: Some local tour operators may organize paranormal tours, but choosing reputable and responsible guides for such experiences is crucial.

Q7: Are there any documented paranormal incidents in these places?

A7: Many locals and visitors claim to have witnessed paranormal incidents, but it’s subjective. Documented evidence may vary.

Q8: Can I take photographs or record videos in these places?

A8: Always check local regulations. Some places may have restrictions on photography or videography due to cultural or security reasons.

Q9: Are there any precautions one should take while visiting haunted places?

A9: Respect local traditions, follow safety guidelines, and avoid disturbing the peace. It’s also wise to inform someone about your whereabouts if you plan to explore such locations.

Q10: Are these hauntings based on myths or actual occurrences?

A10: The stories behind haunted places often have roots in local myths, legends, or historical events. Whether they are based on actual occurrences is a matter of belief and personal experiences.

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