10 Luxury Resort in Mandarmani near Sea Beach (with Prices)

Mandarmani, with its pristine beaches and serene ambiance, beckons travelers seeking a coastal haven. Choosing the right hotel is pivotal for an unforgettable experience. In this guide, we unveil the Best resort in Mandarmani, promising a blend of luxury, comfort, and breathtaking views.

Connecting the reference that justified the necessity of a break from our everyday life, today Curious Kasturi is going to tie up a few names of Luxury resort in Mandarmani near sea beach by car that are a few kilometers away from the Mandarmani. You can take the list of Best resort Mandarmani as your go-to when out of the blue you have parked yourself to plan the nearest weekend tour from Mandarmani to beat the boredom beckon with our list of Mandarmani weekend getaways.


Anutri Beach Resort


Anutri Beach Resort

Situated near the Mandarmani Mohana region, Anutri Beach Resort is a highly coveted destination along the Mandarmani Beach Resort. The elegantly adorned rooms provide a luxurious accommodation experience. The resort features an outdoor pool, a spa and wellness center, as well as its own multi-cuisine restaurant. Anutri also boasts a private beach area for guests to enjoy.

Location: Mandarmani Beach Access, Mandarmani, West Bengal 721455

Price: Starting from Rs. 3,200/- per night

Amenities: Spa, Jacuzzi, Free Wi-Fi services, Private Beach Access, Free Car Parking, Café, Gym, Indoor and Outdoor Game facilitates


Debraj Beach Resort


Debraj Beach Resort

An ideal fusion of comfort and contemporary style, Debraj Beach Resort provides roomy accommodations for your stay. Overlooking the central pool, the resort presents a cottage living experience and a luxuriously adorned exclusive housing unit known as the Sixth Sense.

Location: Railway Station, Digha Road, Near Contai, Mandarmani, West Bengal 721423

Price: Starting from Rs. 2,912/- per night.

Amenities: Free parking service, Free Wi-Fi Service, Complimentary Breakfast, Outdoor Pool, Airport Shuttle, Private Beach Access

Distance from Mandarmani Beach: 1.7 kilometers


Dolphin Beach Resort


Dolphin Beach Resort

Presenting breathtaking vistas of the adjacent seas, Dolphin Beach Resort seamlessly blends luxury with a touch of rustic allure. The expansive rooms, adorned with tasteful furnishings, are enhanced by the verdant lawns that grace the hotel grounds. Additionally, this Mandarmani beach resort features an inviting outdoor pool and a dedicated on-site restaurant.

Price: Starting from Rs. 2,500/- per night.

Amenities: Free Wi Fi services, Fee parking services, outdoor pool, room service, laundry service

Distance from Mandarmani Beach: 6.5 kilometers from the main beach entrance.


Mallickaa Resort


Mallickaa Resort

Nestled just a brief drive from the bustling city, Mallickaa Resort aims to craft a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts. Spanning 10 hectares, the resort grounds are adorned with casuarina plants, akashmina plantations, and an expansive mango orchard. The charming cottages at this Mandarmani retreat provide an ideal blend of opulence and coziness for its visitors. Notably, it stands out as one of the few pet-friendly beach resorts in Mandarmani.

Location: Post Office- Balisai, PS, Ramnagar, Tajpur, West Bengal 721656

Price: Starting from Rs.2300 Per Night

Amenities: Bonfire arrangements, Free Wi-FI Services, Free parking services, laundry services, room service

Distance from Mandarmani beach: Around 4.4 kilometers.


Bombay Beach Resort


Bombay Beach Resort

Nestled in a tranquil and romantic setting, Bombay Beach Resort stands out as a sought-after beachside retreat in Mandarmani. The luxuriously adorned rooms, equipped with modern amenities, are designed to offer unparalleled comfort. The expansive green lawns, framed by the picturesque sea, further enhance the allure of this idyllic destination.

Location: Mandarmoni, Dadanpatrabar, Mandarmani, West Bengal 721455

Price: Starting from Rs. 2,500/- per night.

Amenities: Bonfire arrangement, sea-facing swimming pool, baby pool, barbecue facilities, children’s park

Distance from Mandarmani Beach: Approximately 8.4 kilometers away from the main beach entrance.


Oasis Beach Resort


Oasis Beach Resort

A short walk away from the beach area, the Oasis Beach Resort makes the best out of a budget stay experience. The air-conditioned rooms here are well furnished and comfortable, with each room fitted with a private balcony of its own. The Resort also has an in-house restaurant of its own.

Location: Mandarmani Sea Beach,Mandarmani,Midnapore

Price: Starting from Rs. 1,000/- per night.

Amenities: Free Parking, Laundry Service, Room Service, Doctor on-call

Distance from Mandarmani beach: About 100 meters.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Are these resort suitable for families?

  – Yes, all the mentioned resort cater to families with spacious accommodations and family-friendly amenities.

  • Do these resort offer beach access?

   – Absolutely, each hotel provides direct or easy access to the beautiful beaches of Mandarmani.

  • What dining options are available at these resort?

   – The resort feature a diverse range of dining options, from local specialties to international cuisines.

  • Are there water sports facilities available?

   – Yes, several resort offer water sports facilities for adventure enthusiasts.

  • Do these resort follow eco-friendly practices?

   – Many of the listed resort are committed to sustainability, implementing eco-friendly initiatives to minimize their environmental impact.


Embark on a journey of luxury, comfort, and natural beauty with the best resort in Mandarmani. From The Seaview Retreat to Azure Sands Inn, each hotel offers a unique experience that lingers in your heart long after the waves have whispered their goodbyes. Book your stay and let Mandarmani cast its spell of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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