30 Picnic Spots Near Kolkata – You Must Visit In 2024!

Seclusion seems like blessing and bliss whilst you wish nothing but a break from the daily hustles and bustles of city life. Just a walk in a park or a cup of coffee in a cafeteria cannot quench the thrust of wondering once your heart wants more. With that in mind, we are going to scribble down a list of the best picnic spots in Kolkata that are beyond perfect for a one-day outing or fun trip. This list of picnic spots near Kolkata can be a handy go-to directory for the travel wonderers who are planning to visit Kolkata, the City of Joy soon.

From well-off heritage buildings to classic Bengali cuisines, royal historic places to dynamic markets, hand-pulled rickshaws to fairy-tale like tram system, and to name a few โ€“ Kolkata, the โ€œCity of Joyโ€ has so many things to tender for its locals and for the people who love to visit the city for one reason or another. And when it is all about a one-day picnic spot near me Kolkata; the city has never been bizarre to its populace and wonderers for years either way.

Nearby Picnic Spots Kolkata โ€“ You Find Irresistible to Explore

So, without adding much ado, let us explore the names of picnic spots nearby Kolkata and spot one to escape the city rush for your next fun day out.


Picnic Spot Near Kolkata Within 20 KM

1. Nuner Bheri Picnic Spot

Nuner Bheri Picnic Spot



Nuner Bheri: ๐Ÿš— (Nuner Bheri Picnic Spot) It is one of the nearest picnic spots in Kolkata situated just opposite EM Bypass Dhapa, Kolkata. The picnic spot is surrounded by greenery and water bodies. Eight to nine separate spots are available to book for a picnic or other fun activities from 7 am to 6 pm. Each spot has an individual washroom and cooking area. Good fit for large to small groups. Ample space is available for parking.

  • Things to Do: Boating is available. You can plan various activities to have fun with your group.
  • Attractions: Scenic beauty of nature, bird watching, and boating.
  • How To Reach: You can book a private car to reach the spot with family and friends within 30 minutes.
  • Distance: 11.5 KM
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: Restrooms and huts are available with open areas. The cost is not fixed.
  • How To Contact: You need to reach a place to book your picnic spot in an advance, or contact local tour setters to arrange a picnic in the spot for you.
  • How To Pay: Need to pay in cash.

2. Geetanjali Picnic Spot

Geetanjali picnic spots

Geetanjali Picnic Spot: ๐Ÿš— (Geetanjali Picnic Spot) One of the great and affordable picnic spots in Madyamgram, Kolkata. Good for a farmhouse tour. For people who are looking for a safe and nature-surrounded farmhouse for picnic near Kolkata, the Geetanjali picnic spot can be the answer. A Group of 30 to 35 people can be easily accommodated in this picnic spot. The place is really good for one-day fun activities with family, friends, and colleagues.

  • Things To Do: It is a good place for amusement with family and friends. Good to play cricket, badminton, musical chair and to name a few. Even, you can play indoor games inside the farmhouse.
  • Attractions: Childrenโ€™s park inside the farmhouse, flower garden, amazing picturesque, and you can have a walk around the garden and vicinity of the farmhouse that is totally covered with greenery and seasonal flowers.
  • How To Reach: Hire a cab or private bus to reach the place from Kolkata.
  • Distance: 11.6 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: During winter.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: Negotiable
  • How To Contact: Need to visit the spot before setting a picnic for booking.

3. Bhowmik Picnic Garden, Badu


Bhowmik Picnic Garden, Badu

Bhowmik Picnic Garden: ๐Ÿš™ (Bhowmik Picnic Garden, Badu) Picnic enthusiasts who are looking for a one-day picnic spot near Kolkata within 20 KM for a fun outing, Bhowmik Picnic Garden can be the best one. The place is covered with greenery and there is ample area to have fun with family and friends. The picnic spot is located at Madhyamgram, Badu; just 11 KM away from Kolkata. The spot is easy to reach from Madhyamgram Chowmatha Road and easy to locate. The area is enclosed and it has a pond inside. The scenic beauty is beyond explanation and worthy for a relaxing one day outing far away from madding city life. The place is good to arrange a picnic for a group of 50 to 60 people. You can arrange food on your own and hire the caterer service provided by the authority.

  • Things To Do: You can roam in the spot all day long and enjoy the tranquility of nature amid beautiful flowers, birds, and gardens. You can play games according to your wish.
  • Attractions: Park for children, attractive views of mother-nature
  • How To Reach: Book a car or hire a private bus to reach the place.
  • Distance: 11 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: During Winter or the beginning of Winter.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: Contact the authority for rate.
  • How To Contact: Visit the site or give a call to 98306 74752.
  • How To Pay: Contact the authority for more information.


4. Santragachi Jheel Pakhiralay, Santragachi Jheel

Santragachi Jheel Pakhiralay, Santragachi Jheel


Santragachi Lake: ๐Ÿš™ (Santragachi Jheel Pakhiralay, Santragachi Jheel) The place is well-known for a one-day outing with family and friends. It is locally known as Pakhi Jheel and a popular one-day picnic spot in West Bengal for nature lovers. The place is one of the best picnic spots near Kolkata to witness various species of birds during winter. The place is located in Howrah and is easy to reach. Though, you need to do all the arrangements for your food and snack. You can carry cooked food and cook on the spot with your group.

  • Things To Do: Watching the scenic beauty of the place and the lake. Great place for amusement with family and friends.
  • Attractions: Witness over 4000 to 5000 migratory birds during winter each year including aquatic species like Comb Duck, Swinhoe’s Snipe, Northern Pintail, Cormorants, Whistling-duck, and to name a few. Amazing to watch sunrise and sunset in the place.
  • How To Reach: You can reach the place via private car or bus. It takes 36 to 40 minutes of drive from Kolkata.
  • Distance: 9 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: Obviously during winter; from November to February.
  • Room/Place Cost: Free


Picnic Spot Near Kolkata Within 30 Km

5. Sonargaon Picnic Spot

Sonargaon Picnic Spot


Sonargaon Picnic Spot: ๐Ÿš— (Sonargaon Picnic Spot) A nice picnic spot near Kolkata within 30 KM. It is an amazing picnic spot as well as budget-friendly, located just opposite of Das Para Road Petrol Pump in Badu, Madhyamgram. A complete enclosed place along with a park for children, a beautiful garden, ample open area, a pond, and a small cottage with electricity and running water. You can carry your catering service for cooking or talk to the authority to hire local catering for food and snacks.

  • Things To Do: You can play group games, children can play in the park (maintained properly), and enjoy a sitting or work amid nature and freshness all day long.
  • Attractions: Tranquil scenic beauty, garden, and birds.
  • How To Reach: Book a private bus or car to reach the place. It is a 1 hour and 10-minute drive from Kolkata.
  • Distance: 6 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: Winter
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: Negotiable.
  • How To Contact: Visit to get contact detail.
  • How To Pay: Call 9836083700 to know in detail.


Picnic Spot Near Kolkata Within 40 Km


6. Mangal Pandey Park

Mangal Pandey Park


Barrackpore: ๐Ÿš— (Mangal Pandey Park) Nearby place from Kolkata to exit the tussle of city life. Best place to arrange a picnic during winter for family and friends. It is one of the one day picnic spots near Kolkata that is endowed with historical significance. The place proudly bears the footprints of struggles and tangible assets used to bring independence and it is an amazing experience for tourists. Folks who are looking for a riverside picnic spot near me Kolkata; Barrackpore is the answer.

  • Things To Do: You can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature along with luxuriant gardens beside the bank of the Hooghly River.
  • Attractions: Visit Mangal Pandey Garden, Gandhi Ghat, Jawahar Kunj, and Annapurna Temple
  • How To Reach: You can visit the place via train (available from Sealdah) or book a private bus or car to reach the place. Due to the well-coordination via roads, Barrackpore is easy to reach. It is hardly a one-hour drive from Kolkata.
  • Distance: 33 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: From October to March.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: No cost is required.


7. Jawahar Kunj

Jawahar Kunj


Jawahar Kunj: ๐Ÿš— (Jawahar Kunj) It is an amazing and the best picnic spot in the Kolkata riverside and at the same time affordable too. The place is located in Cantonment, Barrackpore. It is one of the best picnic spots to enjoy the picturesque beauty of nature. Beautiful birds and blooming flowers can magnet eyes easily and create a gripping ambiance for nature lovers. The area is not too large or small; it includes a children’s park and arrangements to sit and enjoy the beauty of the bank of Hooghly.

  • Things To Do: You can enjoy the scenic beauty of nature amid serenity beside the bank of Hooghly. Experience the exquisiteness of sunset sitting at the park while the breeze from Hooghly is blowing your mind and soul away from the tussle of daily life.
  • Attractions: Various birds, a lush garden, children’s park, Mangal Pandey Garden, Gandhi Ghat, and Annapurna Temple, and a ferry ghat.
  • How To Reach: You can reach the place via private car or bus. Even, you can avail train from Sealdah to reach the place.
  • Distance: 35 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: During winter
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: 35 for each person and Rs. 800 for spot booking for a picnic.
  • How To Contact: Do call at 09732994082 or 033-25602866.

8. The Rajbari Bawali

The Rajbari Bawali


Bawali: ๐Ÿš— (The Rajbari Bawali) If you are looking for something royal and luxurious farmhouse or resort for a picnic near Kolkata then Rajbari Bawali is the answer. Located in Budge Budge, South 24-Parganas, Bawali is an invariable attraction for tourists from Kolkata and all over West Bengal as an offbeat picnic spot. Visit the place in groups with family and friends for one day picnic. Bawali Palace or Rajbari Bawali is suitable as a night-to-night picnic spot in West Bengal. You can book rooms at the palace if you want to stay there for two to three days, or you can enjoy a whole day long in the open place of the palace with royal cuisine for one day picnic. Even, you can head towards the village for a fun day outing or a picnic. One of the best riverside picnic spots near me Kolkata, situated beside the bank of Raipur River.

  • Things To Do: Sightseeing, a walk in the vicinity of the Bawali palace, or a sidewalk on the bank of the Raipur River. Take a tour to the nearby village to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature, and you can try your hands for fishing.
  • Attractions: Old Chinese Colony, Achipur, Boro Kachiari Temple, Navratna Gopinath Temple, and outing within a 10KM radius.
  • How To Reach: You can take public transport like bus or train to reach the place. Even, you can book a private car or bus. It is a near 2 hours drive from Kolkata.
  • Distance: 35 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: any time of the year.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: For room rent, please call the authority of the palace.
  • How To Contact: Visit the official website of Bawali Palace to get contact detail if you want to do a picnic in the open area of the palace.
  • How To Pay: Visit the official website or contact the authority for the payment option.


Picnic Spot Near Kolkata Within 50 KM


9. Babur Haat

Babur Haat


Babur Haat: ๐Ÿš— (On google) Babur Haat is well-known for producing tasty fish in West Bengal. Swaddled with numberless lakes (bheris), Babur Haat is one of the sought-after rustic picnic spots near Kolkata. Folks who want to add a rustic flavor to the boring life, this place has lots of things to offer. From village sightseeing to fishing, sifting rice to casting fishnets on the lake by fishermen โ€“ you can experience so many things while you are about to plan a one-day picnic or outing in Babur Haat. If undergoing the rustic spirit is your new inclination while planning a picnic nearby Kolkata, Babur Haat should be the first one.

  • Things To Do: Outing amid nature in Babur Haat. Visit bheris or lakes to experience fishing by local fishermen live, exploring the scenic beauty of the nearby village, paddy farmland, vegetable orchard surrounded by mango and palm trees.
  • Attractions: Fishing in bheris, basket, and broom weaving by local women, a walk amid the greenery
  • How To Reach: You can book a car or bus to reach the spot from Kolkata. it takes a 2-hour drive to reach the spot.
  • Distance: 48 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: End of Winter and Early Summer


10. Roychak Picnic Area

Roychak Picnic Area


Raichak: ๐Ÿš— (Roychak Picnic Area) One of the popular one day picnic spots near me Kolkata is Raichak. It is a small town and one of the famous tourist attractions nearby Kolkata to pay a visit during winter. Picnic enthusiasts who are searching for serene picnic resorts near Kolkata to say adieu to city life for one or two days, Raichak is the best Hooghly-Bhagirathi riverside town to head towards. You can book rooms at Radisson Fort (Raichak Fort) resort for luxurious living for 1-night and 1-day if you are planning for a short outing plus a picnic with family and friends. If you want then you can extend the stay according to your wish. A long list of hotels in Raichak is there to host a picnic with fun-filled events and dining for guests these days.

  • Things To Do: Witnessing the spectacular view of Hooghly River that is enhanced by the floating boats, greenery, experiencing the beauty of the bank of Ganges during sunrise and sunset, visiting Diamond Harbor to watch sea fishing, and boat or jetty riding in Hooghly River.
  • Attractions: Radisson Fort, visit Diamond harbor, Lighthouse, Chingrihkali Fort, Joynagar, Ramkrishna Mission Aashram, Gadiara, and Hooghly River. Boat rides or ferry rides from Raichak or Nurpur jetty to eye-witness amazing vista of river stream connecting to the Bay of Bengal.
  • How To Reach: You can reach Raichak via private car or bus and it takes near 2 and half hour drive from Kolkata.
  • Distance: 50 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: Winter, October to March is the best time. But, if you donโ€™t mind rain then you can visit Raichak from July to August.


11. Falta Picnic place

Falta Picnic place


Falta: ๐Ÿš— (Falta Picnic place) When you are searching for a unique but beautiful spot for one day picnic near Kolkata, Falta is the answer. Falta, a confluence of the River Damodar, Rupnarayan, and Hooghly is one of the best choices for people who wish to escape the city fracas for a day with family and friends. The place is easy to reach via public and private transportation. Nature lovers who want to spend quality time far from city hustle and bustle and desire to have a walk on the bank of Hooghly River; Falta can be the next call for them. It is one of the most sought-after options for people who are searching for a farmhouse for a picnic near Kolkata. If you search a little then you can find a long list of a farmhouse in Falta that are available for rent out.

  • Things To Do: Boat riding, strolling on the bank of Hooghly river, an outing at nearby places and farmhouse (if you rent one for a picnic or stay), ferry rides, and to name a few.
  • Attractions: Picturesque beauty of the place at the confluence of Damodar, Rupnarayan, and Hooghly, visiting Falta dam and experiencing water flowing down the lock gate. Take part in activities like fishing and boating just to have fun.
  • How To Reach: You can reach the place by private bus, car or cab. It takes near 2 hours and 15 minutes drive to reach Falta from Kolkata.
  • Distance: 50 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: You can visit Falta any time of the year for a fun day outing or family gateway.


Picnic Spot Near Kolkata within 60 KM


12. Chinsurah

Chinsurah Picnic Spot near kolkata



Chinsurah: ๐Ÿš— (On google) One more popular picnic spot near Kolkata is Chinsurah. It is situated at the bank of Hooghly River and an amazing place for a one-day gateway with family and friends. Several places spots are there at Chinsurah to arrange a picnic. It is one of the beautiful cities in West Bengal and sought-after places to experience architectural excellence including churches, sculptures in gardens, clocks, towers, and mosques. It is a one-day picnic spot near Kolkata within 60 KM.

  • Things To Do: Sightseeing and hopping in the city. Various historic places to visit with family and kids.
  • Attractions: Edwardian clock tower, Dutch cemetery, St. John Baptist Church, Bandel Church, Hoogly Imambara, Bankim Bhavan, and lots more.
  • How To Reach: You can avail train to reach Chinsurah. If you are comfortable traveling via roadway then a private car, bus, or rented vehicle can be your help.
  • Distance: 53 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: You can visit Chinsurah during winter, from October to March.


13. Diamond Harbour Rd

Diamond Harbour Rd


Diamond Harbor: ๐Ÿš— (Diamond Harbour Rd) Best picnic spot for the one-day family gateway at the bank of River Hooghly, just nearby the largest delta of the World. It is the place where the river Hooghly meets with the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the best and popular farmhouses and riverside picnic spots near Kolkata and within 60 KM. the place is full of life and fun due to the vista formed with the beauty of lush greenery, cool breeze from Hooghly River, and mesmerizing view of fishing and boating all day long. It is a place next to heaven for people who love to stroll on the bank of River Hooghly. You can experience the mesmerizing view of confluence made by Hooghly, Damodar, and Rupnarayan while paying a visit to Diamond Harbor for a one-day outing or picnic.

  • Things To Do: Sightseeing, riverside hopping, experiencing fishing or fishing on your own, boating, city tour, and watching the sunset on the bank of Hooghly River.
  • Attractions: Radisson Fort (Fort Raichak), Lighthouse at Diamond Harbor, Ramakrishna Mission Aashram, Chingrihkali Fort, Bakkhali beach, and Joynagar. If you wish to have a boat or ferry trip to roam around the region to Haldia, you need to pay Rs. 50 for one. donโ€™t forget to try Sea fish including Hilsha.
  • How To Reach: You can reach the spot via rented car, private bus, or any vehicle. Trains are available from Sealdah to reach Diamond Harbor.
  • Distance: 58 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: From October to March.


Picnic Spots Near Kolkata Within 80 KM


14. Deulti Picnic Spot

Deulti Picnic Spot


Deulti: ๐Ÿš— (Deulti picnic spot) Located on the bank of the Roopnarayan River, Deulti is one of the adored picnic spots near Kolkata. The place is adorable near rustic adorers for various reasons. From scenic beauty to the tranquility of nature, copious tourists attractions, and the hometown of Katha Sahittyik Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, Samtaber draws more and more footprints each year. It is an attractive riverside picnic spot near Kolkata for bird lovers. For individuals who are looking for a one day picnic venue near Kolkata amid lush greenery but the fully rural landscape, Deulti is the answer. Weaving coconut trees on both sides of clay-covered tracks, thatch-covered huts, crystal-like fishing ponds, and local delicacies can win the heart of millions in a split-second.

  • Things To Do: Enjoy the beauty of mother nature during your one-day picnic trip to Deulti. Serenity and simplicity of village life and local cuisine, and hopping inside townships near Deulti.
  • Attractions: Samtaber, the temple of Madangopal and Radha adorned with Terracotta ornamentation, pond fishing by locals, chirping of birds, a walk through the winding clay tracks, and visit Kolaghat, Garchumuk, and Gadiara.
  • How To Reach: You can take the train to reach Deulti from Howrah station. If you take roadway then it takes 1 hour and 25 minutes to reach out.
  • Distance; 63 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: Anytime in a year


15. Taki Picnic Spot

Taki Picnic Spot


Taki: ๐Ÿš— (Taki Picnic Spot) Sited on the bank of Ichamati River, Taki has been a constant attraction for people as a one day picnic spot near Kolkata. The small but beautiful hamlet is separated from Bangladesh by the Ichamati River. Thus, a boat ride from Taki on the river Ichamati gives you a chance to have a quick look at Bangladesh situated on the other side of the fence from our land, India. If you want to stay at Taki for more than one day, you easily get affordable hotels or guest houses at Taki.

  • Things To Do: Visit nearby places like quaint buildings of zamindars, temples, Machranga Island, and visiting the mini Sundarban โ€“ Taki Golpata Forest.
  • Attractions: Boat riding on the Ichamati River and watching neighbor country Bangladesh during the boat ride. Puber Bari, Taki Eco Park, Taki Golpata Forest, and Taki Rajbari Ghat,
  • How To Reach: You can avail local train from Sealdah to reach Taki. By roadways, you can rent a car to reach the place within 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Distance: 67 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: From October to March
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: Affordable hotels and guest houses are available. Contact hotel/guest house directly for a price.
  • How To Contact: Over the phone or via the website.
  • How To Pay; Not specific.


16. Piyali Island


Piyali Island

Piyali Island: ๐Ÿš— (Piyali Island) When you are hovering online to find the best picnic spot in West Bengal but nearby Kolkata; Piyali Island can be the best call. The lush greenly island is nothing but a treat to your eyes during winter. Located on the confluence of Matla and Piyali rivers, the place is heaven for birdwatchers. The surreal beauty and tranquility of the place create a relaxing and peaceful ambiance for nature lovers who love to spend some quality time amid nature with family and friends. Several hotels and guest houses are available in this riverside picnic spot near me Kolkata.

  • Things To Do: Pay a visit to Sundarban Tiger Camp sited nearby, watching several species of birds during one-day picnic trip, pedal or motor boating, small tour to surrounding villages to experience rural lifestyle, take a walk through paddy fields surrounded by mangrove forest, the Best place for bird watching and photography.
  • Attractions: Avifauna diversity, mangrove forest, boat rides on Piyali River, Piyali Dam, Netidhopani Watch Tour, and Sundarban National Park.
  • How To Reach: You can visit the place via train. Though, you need to reach South Barasat railway station first and then avail of car or auto to reach the island. If you hire a rented car or private vehicle from Kolkata then it takes 2.5 hours drive.
  • Distance: 72 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: From October to March
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: Hotel, resort or guest house rent cost is not specified. Contact the authority of the place you choose to stay for more information.


17. Dhamakhali

Dhamakhali picnic spot


Dhamakhali: ๐Ÿš— (On Google) A quick escape from the hustle and bustle of city life is to reach Dhamakhali, a popular picnic spot in West Bengal. It is the gateway to the delta, Sundarban. The perfect picnic spot near Kolkata attracts numerous people every year during winter. Amazing place to experience the charming beauty of nature with boat and ferry rides.

  • Things To Do: Experience the serenity of nature, boat rides, an adventurous walk through the dense forest under the guidance of local guides.
  • Attractions: River View Point, Dhamakhali Ferry Ghat, Confluence of Kalagachhia River and Rampur River, Dhamakhali Vessel Ferry.
  • How To Reach: Via rented bus or private car through Basanti Highway. It takes near 2.5-hour drive.
  • Distance: 74KM
  • Best Time To Visit: During Winter.ย 


Picnic Spot Near Kolkata Within 100 Km


18. Machranga Island

machranga island picnic spot

  1. Machranga Dwip/Dweep/Island: ๐Ÿš— (Machranga Island) Machranga Island is named after the bird Kingfisher as plenty of kingfishers are found here all around the year. People who love to explore nature, chirping of birds, and watch ripples of water for hours; Machranga Island is the perfect pick for one day picnic spot near Kolkata within 100 KM. One can choose the place for one day gateway from the tussle of city life. The mesmerizing view of Sunset on the bank of River Ichamati is icing on the cake for nature adorers. The one-day off-beat picnic spot in the Kolkata riverside provides a sneak-peak of Bangladeshi rural areas during boating on the Ichamati River or a walk through the green fields in Machranga Island.
  • Things To Do: Exploring the beauty of mother nature via a walk, boating, and hopping nearby areas, swimming on the river Ichamati, testing dishes made of freshly caught fishes, and observing neighbor country, Bangladesh from a little distance while doing picnic in the island.
  • Attractions: Boat riding, sunset on the bank of river Ichamati, Taki, Hasnabad, bird watching, and experiencing the beauty of the Island.
  • How To Reach: To reach Machranga Island, you need to avail of private or public transport to Hasnabad, or you can take a train from Sealdah to reach Hasnabad station. Then, you need to take a van to reach the ferry dock, and next, you need to avail of a motorboat to enter the Island.
  • Motorboat Fee: You need to pay Rs. 30 per head to avail motorboat to the island and Rs. 600-800 for a full boat.
  • Entry Fee: 5 per person.
  • Distance: 75 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: You can visit any time of the year; especially during Winter. Avoid rainy sessions.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff; There are hotels, lodges, and guesthouses available in the nearby area. Contact the place directly to know the tariff.


19. Gadiara Picnic Spot

Gadiara Picnic Spot

Gadiara: ๐Ÿš— (Gadiara Picnic Spot) One of the desired but small hamlets Gadiara is renowned for its one-day tripping or picnic spot in the Kolkata riverside. The hamlet is located at the convergence of three rivers โ€“ Hooghly, Roopnarayan, and Damodar. The hamlet is loved by tourists for its scenic vista, local food, and especially freshly cooked seafood.

  • Things To Do: Snacking local delicacies, leisure walk through village tracks, boat trip, and visit nearby places.
  • Attractions: Boating, bird watching, sunset river cruise, Fort Mornington, Geonkhali, Garchumuk, and Joynagar.
  • How To Reach: You can reach Gadiara directly by private car or rented vehicle from Kolkata. Buses from Dalhousie to Gadiara are easy to avail of. It takes near 2.5 hours from Kolkata.
  • Distance: 78 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: October to March is a favorable time. Though, you can visit the place any time of the year.
  • Entry Fee: Pay Rs. 10 per head to pay a visit to Gadiara Riverside.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: Resorts and hotels are available but you need to contact them directly to know the price and mode of payment.


20. Bibhutibhushan Wildlife Sanctuary

Bibhutibhushan Wildlife Sanctuary picnic spot

Parmadan โ€“ ๐Ÿš—(Bibhutibhushan Wildlife Sanctuary) One of the sought-after picnic spots near Kolkata within 100 KM. The sanctuary was formerly known as Parmadan Forest, sited on the bank of the Ichamati River. It is an abode of near 300 dear and many trees including Shishu, Minjiri, Arjun, Shimul, Tut and to name a few. Plenty of migratory birds visits the sanctuary during winter. Located nearby the Indo-Bangladesh border, the place attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists and picnic enthusiasts each year. An entry fee is required to enter the sanctuary for a tour or picnic. You can take picnic gear but no outside food. An ample place for car parking is available.

  • Things To Do: Strolling in the jungle, watching birds and deer, boat ride on Ichamati River, experiencing deer prancing with a glance of money moving one branch to another. Night stay is not allowed.
  • Attractions: Heaven for birdwatchers and nature photography, wildlife, lush greenery of the sanctuary and mesmerizing vista of Ichamati bank, Childrenโ€™s Park, Chital deer.
  • How To Reach: You can visit the place via roadways and it will take near 4 hours drive from Kolkata via National Highway 34. You can reach the place via train from Sealdah to Bangaon and then rent a vehicle to reach the sanctuary.
  • Sanctuary Entry Fee: 60 per head.
  • Distance: 97 KM
  • Best Time To Visit: All around the year, though, Winter is always preferable.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: Rooms to rest during your one-day picnic can be rented in Champadali DFO Rest House and Dormitory situated on the Ichamati bank.
  • How To Contact: Contact divisional forest officials for booking at 033 25520968.
  • How to Pay: Pay in advance.

21. Bonolata Farm

Bonolata Farm picnic spot

Bonolata Farm: ๐Ÿš—(Bonolata Farm)ย People searching for a day trip or a picnic place near Kolkata can visit Bonolota Farm this year. This farmhouse is within a half-hour drive from Ruby or Science City. With over 25 bighas of farmland and water bodies, this is the ideal spot for a day out with your loved ones or a relaxing weekend trip with your friends and family. Here you can walk on the green field, spend quality time fishing or watching birds, and enjoy a bonfire along with delicious Bengali cuisine. You will definitely experience wonderful village life with scenic beauty if you visit the location.

  • Things To Do: At Bonolota Farm, you can enjoy quality time playing with kids at the childrenโ€™s park. Apart from that, you may walk towards the local village, enjoy fishing and experience the organic farming procedure inside the farm. During winter, you can also enjoy a bonfire with family and friends.
  • Attractions: Fishing, Organic farming, childrenโ€™s park, a walk towards the local village, etc.
  • How To Reach: It’s around 12 kilometers from the Ruby Hospital Crossing in Kolkata. To begin, drive towards Kheyadaha and then drive another 6 kilometers to Ganga Joara Road, Harapur Stop. You may alternatively come down the Basanti Highway and turn right from Jalopath Crossing to reach Kheyadaha, then turn left for another 6 kilometers.
  • Distance: 23.1 KM via Basanti Highway
  • Best Time to Visit: Winter
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: Visit the official website at to get contact information as well as terms and conditions for booking the picnic spot or accommodations.

22. Chunakhali Farm

Chunakhali Farm

Chunakhali Farm: ๐Ÿš—(Chunakhali Farm) Chunakhali Farm is a perfect venue for anyone who loves fishing and wants to enjoy a day out or picnic in the lap of nature with colleagues, friends, or family members. Chunakhali is a small riverside village in the Sundarbans area of West Bengal, approximately 18 kilometers from Canning in South 24 Parganas’ Basanti district. River Hana is a branch of the Bidyadhari River that flows just in front of the farm. This property spans 16 bighas of land and has two big ponds, an organic garden, and one temple. If you stay overnight here, you may also enjoy a leisurely journey down the Hana River in a motorized boat.

  • Things To Do: Here you may enjoy quality time during winter with family, friends, and colleagues in a day picnic. You may also book a motorboat to enjoy a journey down the Hana River, observe fishing, and birding along with the beauty of nature. You may also book a cottage to stay one night at this farm and enjoy delicious lunch and dinner prepared with fresh vegetables and fish.
  • Attractions: Fishing, boating, birding photography, nearby Bheri visit, the taste of local saltwater fish, and enjoying the green scenery surrounding the farm.
  • How To Reach:
    By Rail: At first, you need to reach Canning railway station. From Canning Railway station, the Chunakhali farm is only 18 KM away. Outside of the railway stations, cabs are also available to reach Chunakhali. Just book a cab and reach the destination easily.
  • By Road: You could reach the place by car from Science City via Ghatakpukur, Malancha, Basanti Highway within 3 hrs.
  • Distance: from Canning railway station to Chunakhali distance is 18kms. On the other hand, from Science City via Ghatakpukur, Malancha, Basanti Highway the distance will be 77 km.
  • Best Time to Visit: Winter
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: For Picnic, the food cost will be Rs. 1200 per head. For room tariff please contact at 9830011715.
  • How To Contact: For booking or other inquiries call 9830011715. You may also visit

23. Neeldeep Garden Picnic Spot


Neeldeep Garden Picnic Spot

Neeldeep Garden Picnic Spot: ๐Ÿš— (Neeldeep Garden, picnic spot near kolkata) Within Kolkata, if you are searching for a picnic spot, then you can visit Neeldeep Garden Picnic Spot this year which is just 30km away from the Jadavpur area. This place is perfect for office, school, or family picnics. You can rent the garden area for a picnic from 6 am to 6 pm. The garden is sprawled over an area of 32 Katha and here you can find various types of trees (including Litchi, Nutmeg, Coconut, Mango, Guava, Papaya, etc.), butterflies, and birds. After visiting the location, capture beautiful photographs of the surrounding nature to make the day memorable in your life.

  • Things To Do: Relax under the tree or enjoy the view from the rooftop seating arrangement and spend quality time with friends or family members.
  • Attractions: A big garden area with an amazing collection of exotic colorful seasonal flowers and fruit trees.
  • How To Reach:
  • By Train:ย From Baruipur Station, take an auto to reach Jogailpur More near Neeldeep Garden Picnic Spot.
  • By Bus: From Baruipur Padmapukur more, take an auto to reach Jogailpur More near Neeldeep Garden Picnic Spot.
  • Distance: 30km away from the Jadavpur area
  • Best Time to Visit: Winter and Spring
  • How To Contact: For booking call 9674477044. Also, you may visit to collect more information about the spot.

24. Junput Sea Beach


Junput: ๐Ÿš— (Junput Sea Beach) Junput is an offbeat tourist spot in Purba Medinipur District (West Bengal). This sea beach is still unknown to the maximum number of people; hence you can enjoy your day trip here with peace and safely swim into the clean water. Enjoy the sunset and spend quality time with your loved one in the afternoon by listening to the waves calmly. The distance from Kolkata to Junput is approximately 156 km. You may stay at the nearest hotel or resort to visit some tourist spots near Junput.

  • Things To Do: Swimming in the sea, enjoying excellent dishes prepared from freshly caught fish, shopping for handcrafted carpets, rugs, woolen shawls, and so on.
  • Attractions: Junput sea beach, forest department museum, Kapalkundala Temple, Dariapur Lighthouse, Old Jagannath Dev Temple.
  • How to Reach: From Kolkata by car, you may reach the place within 5 hours (Approx). From Howrah, you may travel by train to reach Contai Railway station. From the Contai bus terminal travel by bus to the Junput market. From here book a cycle van to reach the Junput sea beach.
  • Distance: Kolkata to Junput by car distance is approximately 156 km
  • Best Time to Visit: Between October to March
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: There are some hotels available near Junput sea beach. Contact that hotel directly to know the tariff.

25. Kalyani Lake Park

Kalyani Lake Park





Kalyani Lake: ๐Ÿš— (Kalyani Lake Park)ย This is a popular tourist attraction in Kalyani, located along the B-15. The Kalyani Lake Park is a famous destination known for its scenic beauty, and it provides a range of entertainment as well as outdoor activities including boating, fishing, and so on. Furthermore, an open-air restaurant called Magic Ladle serves tasty and genuine Indian, Chinese, and Tandoori cuisine to make your trip even more unforgettable. A water body near any picnic spot always offers a thrilling experience. You may not only spend precious time fishing in this lake, but you can also witness both permanent and migratory birds such as Purple herons, lapwings, common egrets, many different species of kingfishers, Indian pond herons, and so on.

  • Things to Do: Engage in outdoor activities like boating and fishing, and refresh your mind by observing the species of permanent and migratory birds which live in the lake area. There are also several exciting rides available for both children and adults, such as the Revolving Tower, Bullet Train, Break Dance, and so on.
  • Attractions: Green landscape, sunrise and sunset views from the Kalyani Lake, boating, fishing, observing different types of birds, etc.
  • How to Reach: To reach the Kalyani Lake picnic spot, take a train from Sealdah Station and get down at Kalyani Station. From Kalyani station, buses and auto rickshaws are available to reach the ‘Kalyani Municipality’ stopping. From there you need to walk a few minutes to reach Kalyani Lake Park. By road, the distance from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport to Kalyani is 35 kilometers, which can be covered within 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Distance: By train, the distance between Sealdah and Kalyani Station is approximately 48 kilometers. By car, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport is 35 kilometers away from Kalyani.
  • Best Time to Visit: from October to March
  • Entry fee: 30 rupees
  • Payment Mode: Cash

26. Sabuj Deep

Sabuj Deep: ๐Ÿš— (Sabuj Deep) Sabuj Dwip is an island located 75 kilometres away from Kolkata at the confluence of the Behula and Hooghly rivers. Hooghly Zila Parishad and Fisheries Departments of West Bengal initiative have made this location as lovely as a paradise. Sabuj Deep got its name from the presence of pine, palm, eucalyptus, teak, mahogany, betel nut, coconut, and other trees. A children’s park, a flower garden, a cafรฉ, and a view tower are all part of the picnic area. Without a doubt, you will feel refreshed in the center of a lush green landscape. Furthermore, it is a great place for a picnic or for spending quality time with the entire family.

  • Things to Do: Observing various bird species, boating, relaxing in nature, and snapping photographs
  • Attractions: The opportunity to explore the river by boat, vegetation, and, most significantly, migrating birds.
  • How to Reach: Start your journey by riding the Katoa local from Howrah, Sealdah, or Bandel stations. After arriving at Balagarh or Somrabazar railway stations, take a van towards Sukhriyagram Pherighat. Finally, take a motorized boat from there to reach Sabuj Deep.
  • Distance: 75 Kilometers from Kolkata.
  • Best Time to Visit: November to March
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: The boat fee is Rs. 50/- per person. Construction of a cottage inside Sabuj Deep is currently ongoing. However, there are a few hotels and resorts in the surrounding areas. To obtain the rate, please contact the establishment directly.

27. Gopegarh Ecopark

Gopegarh Ecopark

Gopegarh Eco Park: ๐Ÿš— (Gopegarh Ecopark) Gopegarh Eco Park is a popular tourist destination in Medinipur that is managed by the West Bengal Forest Department. If you’re searching for a picnic spot with historical value as well as the opportunity to go on a short mountainous trek into the forest, then Gopeghar will be an ideal destination for you. The park includes a well-maintained Flower Garden, different types of trees, a Children’s Park, two Cottages (for rent), a Canteen, and a remaining structure of an ancient fort. In addition, there is a watch tower within the park that provides a bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

According to local people, this location was originally part of King Birat’s dominion in Mahabharata, and the fort located within the park is known as Gopegriha.

  • Things to Do: You may experience hilly trekking all across the jungle. Aside from that, you might organize some interesting activities to enjoy quality time with your family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Attractions: Nature’s scenic beauty, beautiful flowers, and jungle trekking
  • How to Reach: You can reach Midnapore Station by train from Howrah. From there, hire cars or auto rickshaws to reach Gopegarh.
  • Distance: Gopegarh Eco Park is approximately 135 kilometers away from Kolkata.
  • Best Time to Visit: December to March.
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: To know the booking procedure for picnic spots or cottages, please click on the link

28. Benapur Picnic Spot

Benapur Picnic Spot

Benapur Char: ๐Ÿš— (Benapur picnic spot) Instead of going to the same old picnic locations, consider visiting Benapur Char or Benapur Beach this year if you want to experience something new and different. This beach was produced by the Rupnarayan river’s erosion, and its natural beauty is magnificent and eye-catching. This location is only a few kilometers away from the Bagnan train and bus stoppage and has grown in popularity over the last several years. Take a deep breath of clean oxygen and walk on this green grass to relax during your weekend or picnic.

  • Things to Do: Walk on the lush grass, breathe in the pure air, and explore the nearby village to understand kilometersvillage life and culture.
    Attractions: The tranquil natural beauty and lack of crowds undoubtedly help you enjoy your visit.
  • How to Reach: It will be best for you to reach the place by car from Kolkata. Driving from Kolkata to Benapur takes about 48 minutes.
  • Distance: 51 KM
  • Best Time to Visit: December to February
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: No cost is required to arrange a picnic at this place.

29. Kankana Binodon Park

Kankana Binodon Park


Kankana Binodon Park: ๐Ÿš— (Kankana Binodon Park) This is a great spot for a picnic with friends and family. The entire green atmosphere is quite pleasant. Gobardanga Baor (lake) added to the allure of this location. The boat trip and the children’s rides are excellent. The park is little in size, yet the beauty inside it is stunning. There are several sorts of flowers, trees, and birds that can be seen at that location.
Things to Do: Enjoy nature’s beauty and the sunset over the lake during your one-day trip or picnic. You may also enjoy all of the rides available at this park along with the children.

  • Attractions: Gobardanga Lake, beautiful landscape, and decorative garden area.
  • How to Reach: Start your journey by riding the Bongaon local from Sealdah and arrive at Gobardanga railway station. From there take a Toto to reach the place easily.
  • Distance: Approximately 70KM away from Kolkata
  • Best Time to Visit: You may visit at any time of the year to relax from your hectic work schedule. For a picnic ideal time to visit the place is from November to February.
  • Entry fee: 20 Rupees
  • How to Contact: To book a picnic spot, you need to contact Gobardanga Municipality by dialing the number 6296018310 directly. You may visit further at to collect more information about the terms and conditions.

30. Nirala Resort

Nirala Resort

Nirala Resort: ๐Ÿš— (Nirala Resort) If you’re looking for a well-maintained picnic spot near Kolkata, Nirala Resort may be the perfect choice for you. This resort is around 60-65 kilometers from Kolkata. It’s a fantastic picnic place as well as a weekend away with an affordable pricing label. There are numerous amenities available, such as a swimming pool, a banquet hall, a fitness center, big playgrounds, and so on. The grounds are beautifully decorated with seasonal flowers, a peaceful environment, and the lush green landscape will undoubtedly attract your heart.

  • Things To Do: Sightseeing, a sidewalk on the bank of the Rupnarayan River. You may also enjoy the resort’s scenic beauty and hear many species of birds buzzing.
  • Attractions: The house of Sri Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, Rupnarayan River View Point.
  • How To Reach: The resort is around an hour and a half drive from Kolkata through Bombay Road. You could reach the location via bus from Esplanade or by train from Howrah.
  • Distance: 62KM
  • Best Time to Visit: Any time of the year
  • Room/Place Cost/Tariff: Visit the official website at to get contact information as well as terms and conditions for booking the picnic spot or accommodations.

Putting Things All Together,ย 

It can be said that picnickers who are looking for the best picnic spots near Kolkata for one day fun outing; Curious Kasturi has tied a list of 25 picnic spots near me Kolkata via this blog post. Just pick the right place for you, form the group, pack your picnic case and brace yourself to say adieu to the ghastly city life, and allow mind and soul to disband in the lap of Mother Nature.

Donโ€™t forget to take medications and COVID safety precautions while heading towards the picnic spot in West Bengal with your kinsmen.

Happy Journey!


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