👉 You must be used to applying perfumes and deodorants every day before leaving your house or even at home without knowing how to wear perfume perfectly?

👉 What if we tell you that you had been applying it all wrong?

It can come as a shock but even spraying fragrance has perfect or wrong ways of application.

How long the perfume fragrance will last on your clothing depends solely on how you apply the spritz.

If your fragrance is not lasting long, we have got you covered.

We will share 13 tips on the best way to apply perfume to ensure that it lasts long.

After trying and testing all methods of spritzing, spraying and smelling perfume scents, we have compiled these points.

If you are doing it right, you can end up smelling great, even for a whole day.


13 Easy Hacks of how to wear perfume perfectly




1. Perfume Goes Well with Unscented Deodorants

Most women prefer a deodorant with a floral scent. But when you pair it with your musk-scented perfume, it ends up into an unpleasant combo.

If you are spritzing a deodorant along with a perfume fragrance, we suggest using an unscented deodorant with a musk-fragranced perfume.

It prevents the odd mixing of smells and spares your nostrils.


2. How Much is Your Perfume Concentrated?

Perfume-Concentrated 2


When we ask you to pay attention to the perfume concentration, we basically mean identifying the perfume to alcohol ratio in the bottle.

The presence of alcohol diffuses the perfume scent, ultimately determining the time for which the scent lasts on your skin.

Eau de Perfumes generally have a higher concentration of perfume and hence last for an intense 5-hours.

However, if you choose Eau de Toilettes or Cologne, they have a higher alcohol concentration, leading to fragrance prevalence for not more than 3-hours.


3. Perfume Application Post Using Unscented Body Oil:

Did you know that perfume scent doesn’t last long over dry skin textures?

Oily skin, on the other hand, has a better hold of perfume fragrance.

Hence, if you use essential oils or body oils before using a perfume, we recommend using unscented options.

Body oils will hydrate your skin and give it a glow, whereas perfumes will add fragrance. Plus, making your skin oily will have a better hold of the perfume scent.


4. Perfumes are for Clothes:

Perfumes-are-for-Clothes 3


If you are spraying perfume on your body, you are applying it wrong.

Deodorants are meant for your body, whereas you should spritz perfume over your clothing.

Our skin doesn’t hold the perfume scent as long as clothes do. The fibres in your clothes retain the scent for a longer time, sometimes even after a wash.


5. Spritzing is Better Than Misting for Perfumes:

Never overuse your perfume by spraying it in excess in the air and then walking into the mist. It is a wastage of the product.

Not only your clothes don’t get all the mist, but also the fragrance evaporates in a short time.

It is always advisable to spritz perfume on your clothes or bare skin directly for a longer effect.


6. Apply Perfume on Top of Your Ears:



Did you know the top of ears, especially for people with oilier skin, holds a better scent?

The top of your ears is one of the best places to spray perfume.

We already know that top of our ears is oilier than the other parts of the ears, like earlobes or back of the ear.

Hence, using perfume on your ears can deliver a better effect.


7. Perfumes are Not for Bathroom Storage:

Many of us have a habit of storing our perfumes in the bathroom cupboards. It is a bad concept.

Your perfume gets spoiled when it gets exposed to humidity, light or heat. It reduces the fragrance intensity and quality.

We already know that the bathroom is a humid place; hence, it is not ideal to store your fragrance bottles here.

Keep the bottles safe in your vanity chamber, where they are dry and cool.

Ensure the perfumes are away from windows.


8. Skin Preparation with Vaseline Before Perfume Application:



Did you know that your perfume fragrance can have a long-lasting effect if you apply just a little bit of Vaseline over your pulse points?

Ointment being oils have a better hold of fragrance on your skin.


9. Unscented Lotion Application Before Using a Perfume:

Similar to the previous concept, a lotion moisturizer your skin and makes your skin a bit oilier than before.

Now when you spritz perfume over your skin, the oily lotion holds the scent longer.

However, using a scented lotion can lead to a mixture of fragrances.

To avoid that, we recommend unscented lotions.


10. Use a Perfume After Your Shower:



Your skin has moisture right after a shower, and it acts as the perfect agent for holding fragrance to your skin.

In fact, spritzing perfume right after bath prevents staining of delicate clothes like silk clothing or oxidising your jewellery.


11. Rubbing Your Wrist After Perfume Spritzing is Wrong:

We are all familiar with the concept of dabbing perfume on our wrists and rubbing the wrists together for a better application of the fragrance.

While the wrist is one of the best places to spray perfume, experts say it doesn’t have a good effect when you rub your wrists together thus know how to wear perfume.

Rubbing the wrist together forces the fragrance to disappear or evaporate faster than expected.


12. Pulse Points are the Best Place for Applying Perfume:




If you want your perfume fragrance to last for long, choose pulse points in your body and apply the perfume there by knowing how to wear perfume.

These areas being warm spots helps in fragrance diffusion along the body. The pulse points for perfume in a person’s body are-

      • Wrists
      • Inside elbows
      • Back of your neck
      • Under midriff
      • Behind knees

Note: Applying fragrance on your calves and ankles makes the scent accent around the day.


13. Hair Brushing with Perfume:

If you want your hair to smell nice, try the indirect application of the perfume.

The alcohol in the perfume dries your hair strands when you apply it directly.

Spray the perfume on your hairbrush and run it through your hair to get lightly fragranced and undamaged hair.



We perfume on our daily lives without realising we might be applying it wrong. When you spray the fragrance wrong, it doesn’t last long.

Hence, we recommend following the above tips for a perfect long-lasting fragrance. Know the best places to apply perfume to have the best effect or how to wear perfume.

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