16 Things You SHOULDN’T DO while Worshiping Mahadev on Maha Shivaratri

Maha Shivaratri is always gets celebrated with full of devotion and enthusiasm all over India as well as outside India. Devotees of Shiva keep counting the days to celebrate this day every year with rituals, beliefs, and positivity to achieve boons from their ardent lord Shiva.

It is said,

  • Devotees take bath very early in the morning on the day of Maha Shivaratri.
  • There are many who take bath in adding black sesame seeds to get purified inside out; from the body to mind.
  • Devotees are many who take bath in the pious Ganges and visit Shiva temple to Abhishek Shiva.

They keep fast for the whole day and do worship Shiva traditionally.

What You [ Should Not Do ] on Maha Shivaratri during Shiva Archana or Puja

We all love Shiva and we do everything to get blessing and boon from Mahadev on this pious day. The year 2020 is not an exception.

Most of us are going to keep fast on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri on the 21st of February 2020.

But, there is something that we should evade while worshiping Shiva on Maha Shivaratri; otherwise, we may end up with the rage of Shiva instead of a blessing.

Let us have a look at what we should not do during Shiva puja on Maha Shivaratri.

  1. Do not use turmeric for consecration (Abhishek) of lord Shiva – Turmeric is used to increase the beauty of women and Mahadev manifests legitimate or paternity. Hence, Shiva gets irritated rather angry if you put turmeric on Shiblinga.
  2. Do not use vermilion during Shiva worshipping – It can cause bad for your husband. Shiva represents annihilation or destruction. Whereas, Hindu married women put on vermilion to pray for a long life of husbands. Hence, putting vermilion on shiblinga can cause you on a negative side.
  3. On Maha Shivaratri, do not offer tulsi to Shiva – Shiva does not like tulsi. So, offering tulsi on this day to Shiva may bring misfortune to you. Rather, do tilak on Shiblinga with sandal and offer Beal leaves to Shiva. He will get pleased with you.
  4. Remember to put the upper leaf surface of the beal leaf on Shiblinga It means the lower leaf surface or backside of Beal leaf will face towards the sky.
  5. Do not offer Ketaki flower to Lord Shiva – As a result, you will end up with the rage of Shiva.
  6. Do not offer coconut water to Lord Shiva – It can give you an adverse result. You can offer green coconut water to Shiva and Abhishek or consecration Shiva with green coconut water.
  7. You should avoid using colorful flowers to worship Shiva and don’t pour these flowers on Shiblinga. Use the white flower to worship Lord Shiva and please him certainly.
  8. Offer stone/wood apple or beal fruit to Shiva to delight him. A beal fruit manifests long life. Hence, worshiping Shiva with beal fruit blesses you with a long and disease-free life.
  9. It is not good to offer conch water or shankh water on Shiblinga – It will obstruct your life with obstacles and you will not get the desired result that you desire from Lord Shiva.
  10. Do not offer black sesame to Mahadev – It will give you an adverse result. According to mythology, black sesame is generated from the anklet or excrement of Shiva.
  11. Do not use broken rice grain to worship Lord Shiva on Maha Shivaratri – It can cause you bad luck.
  12. Never use coconut oil to consecrate or Abhishek Shiva – It can put him on rage and you will end up with curse from him. Use Datura flower, milk and water to worship and satisfy Shiva with your prayer.
  13. While you will take sit to worship Lord Shiva, keep your face towards North. Do not sit facing towards South to worship Mahadev, it will not bring good luck for you.
  14. Avoid using plastic or glass pot while consecrating Shiva. Use a metal pot; otherwise, you will get an adverse result.
  15. Fruits that you will offer to Lord Shiva cannot be intake as prasad.
  16. Keep an earthen or metal lamp lighting the whole night. But, remember to keep the lamp to a distance from Shiblinga. Make sure the heat of the lamp does not contact Shiblinga.

If you really want to make your fasting on Maha Shivaratri successful and you want the grace and blessing from Shiva then try to follow these traditional rules to please Lord Shiva. You will definitely end up with happiness, blessing, and boons from your ardent Lord Mahadev.

God bless you! Om Namaha Shivay!!!

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