39 Easy Tips and Tricks to Remove Vastu Doshas From Your Home

🏡 Home is not only a structure made up of brick and walls but also a place that nourishes our mental, emotional and physical well-being.

You must know tricks to remove vastu doshas from home when an aesthetically good-looking home increases your social status quo and states how affluent you are; a Vastu-compliant home ensures your prosperity from every square of your life.

Whether it is a matter of happiness, peacefulness, healthy life, a perfect balance in between your mind and body, happy relationship equations among members of the family, earning money, savings, marital bonding, children, and to name a few; a Vastu-compliant home is a must-have thing in our lives.

So, today we are on the brink of discussion about a Vastu-compliant home and how to remove Vastu dosh from the home you already live in.


Vastu Tips Or Tricks to Remove Vastu Doshas From Your Home

Remove Vastu Doshas From Your Home


A home is not all about the number of rooms but it denotes more than that. Every corner of a home impacts our life inherently.

So, in this piece of a blog, we will unleash the Vastu tips and remedies for bedroom, kitchen, dining, bathroom, study room, guestroom, and more in a nutshell and how to get rid of Vastu dosh at house.

Let us start with the coziest part of our home – the bedroom.


Tricks To Remove Vastu Doshas From Bedroom/Master Bedroom

Remove Vastu Doshas From Bedroom and Master Bedroom


First of all, make sure the bedroom is designed at the west or southwest corner of a home.

1. The eldest family member or the master of the home should live in the room.

2. Don’t color the wall of your bedroom dark and de-clutter the bedroom as much as you can.

Bedroom Vastu Dosh Removal Tips

3. If your bedroom is designed in the wrong direction in the home then try to place the bed in the south or southwest direction in the bedroom.

4. You can light aromatic or lavender incense stick in your bedroom to reduce the Vastu dosh.

pro tip: Avoid using the wrought-iron made bed to reduce Vashtu dosh from your bedroom.  


Tricks To Remove Vastu Doshas From Kitchen

Remove Vastu Doshas From Kitchen


The direction of the kitchen at your home impacts the mental and physical wellbeing of your family.

If you are going to design a new kitchen in your new or existing home, make sure the kitchen is designed in the southeast corner of the home.

Keep the stove on the east/southeast wall, and never cook in faces south direction as it can cause health issues and money loss.

pro tip: Don’t design a kitchen under or just above the toilet or bathroom.

Kitchen Vastu Dosh Removal tips

5. If your kitchen is built in the northeast or the north then bring a Jupiter crystal pyramid and paste it above the stove or oven. It will minimize the negative effects on your home.

6. Make sure the bathroom and kitchen do not share a common wall. If it is in your case then hang a crystal on the ceiling between two doors of the bathroom and kitchen.

7. Paint your kitchen walls with a bright color like red, yellow, orange, or peach to reduce Vastu dosh from the kitchen and home.


Vastu for Bathroom

Vastu for Bathroom


The best direction to design a bathroom in a house is the northwest corner. It is best to place the toilet seat in the bathroom in the south-west or north-west.

8. Hang a mirror in the north or east direction in your bathroom; you can install the washbasin accordingly.

9. It is not good to construct a bathroom under the staircase.

10. Use colors like light blue, pink, or grey to paint the walls of the bathroom.

Bathroom Vastu Dosh Removal Tips

If you have no way but to keep your bathroom in the southwest corner then here you have the Vastu remedies for southwest corner toilet.

11. You can keep a handful of Vastu salt in a bronze bowl and place it outside the wall of your southwest corner or facing the bathroom to correct Vastu dosh.

12. You should keep a Vastu pyramid on the exterior wall of your toilet to reduce Vastu dosh. Keep the door of the toilet closed when it is not in use.

13. Construct the bathroom one or two feet above the ground. It will reduce Vastu dosh if your bathroom is designed in the southwest corner.

14. To reduce the southwest corner bathroom Vastu dosh, make sure to keep a tap on the north or northeast corner in your bathroom.

pro tip: Your bathroom and pooja/prayer room should not share a common wall. It will harm the positive energy at your home


Vastu for Other Rooms in a Home

Dining Room

Vastu for Other Rooms in a Home


The dining room is one of the important areas of a home where each member of the family seats together, has a meal, and does chat regularly.

15. It is a sacred place and it should be designed in the west/east/north/northeast corner of your house.

16. It should be painted color light and you can place a mirror in your dining room to engage positive energy at double speed.

Remedies & Tips:

17. Don’t paint the dining room with dark color.

18. Don’t buy a round or odd shape dining table.

19. Don’t keep your dining table empty.

pro tip: Don’t keep any broken furniture or decorative piece in your dining or living room. Always keep the fresh and aromatic flower in the living or dining room to allow the free flow of positivity in your home.


Study Room

tricks to remove vastu doshas from Study Room

If you want to have a Vastu-compliant study room then make sure it is built in the west, northeast, or east direction at your home.

20. The study room faces the east or west or north direction is always good according to Vastu.

21. You can keep an idol or photo of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Saraswati in your study room.

Remedies & Tips:

22. Avoid making a study room under the staircase.

23. Don’t place a study table under a beam. It creates a concentration issue.

24. Avoid plastic or metal-made study table.

25. Don’t keep a mirror in the study room.

pro tip: The south of southwest direction is the worst area to build a study room. It puts all the energy to study in vain and produces no result.



tricks to remove vastu doshas from guest room


When you are looking for Vastu remedies for the south west corner to ensure peace and happiness at your home, you can place a cabinet in the northwest direction in the guest room.

It will reduce Vastu dosh from your house and your guest will share happy moments with your family too.

It will strengthen the bond between your family and guests (relatives from maternal or paternal sides who come and live in the guest room).

26. Northwest corner is the best direction to design a guest room in your home. Paint the walls of the guest room with white, green, or blue to engage positivity in your place.

Remedies & Tips:

27. Never place the bed under the beam in the guest room. It induces negativity in the mind and body of your guest.

28. Make sure the bathroom door is not directly opposite the bed.

29. Don’t construct a guest room in the southwest corner of your home. The corner should be reserved for the master or head of your home.


Basic Vastu Dosh Removal Tips for Home

Hope the above-written notes on several rooms of a home can put light on your Vastu knowledge.

Now, we are going to talk about a few common tips and remedies that ensure overall happiness, good health, prosperity, peace, and a flow of positive energy at your home.

Let’s get started,


30. Hang A Picture Faces Main Door

remove vastu doshas from Picture Faces Main Door


Hang on a photo frame of God or Goddess on the wall that a visitor can notice the frame first while entering your home.

The wall should face the main entrance of your home. It is considered one of the great Vastu remedies for peace at home.

Caution: Don’t leave such a wall empty as it can create financial issues.


31. Establish a Sandalwood Statue

remove vastu doshas do Establish a Sandalwood Statue


If your home is suffering family dispute or relationship crisis or mental and emotional peace at home, you should keep a statue made up of sandalwood permanently at your home.

It is good to ensure peace in the family, harmony among members, and reduce conflicts and increase happiness.

Caution: Avoid broken or damaged statues.


32. Sea Salt to Rescue Vastu Harmony

remove vastu doshas use uncrushed sea salt in a bowl


To remove the Vastu dosh from your home, keep a piece of uncrushed sea salt in a bowl in a corner of your home. It will soak the negativity from home.

Caution: Don’t forget to change the sea salt on an alternative day.


33. Clean Floor with Salt

tricks to remove vastu doshas is Clean Floor with salt


Yes, it may sound odd. But, if you add a pinch of salt of sea salt with water and clean the floor with it, it will help to reduce negative energy from your home.


34. Right Placement of Mirror

remove vastu doshas is Right Placement of Mirror


Mirror ensures the flow of positivity at your home if you place it in the right direction. North or northeast is the best direction to place the mirror at home.

You can keep the mirror on the east side or northeast side wall in the bathroom to ensure good health.

If you can place a mirror just opposite the cash box at your home then it doubles the money.

Caution: Don’t place a mirror opposite the entrance door; it reflects the energy outside your home. Don’t keep any broken mirrors at home.


35. Use of Crystal Ball

Crystal balls help to remove Vastu dosh from home. Make sure the crystal ball remains clean its an important part of tricks to remove vastu doshas.

A clean crystal ball offers positivity at home absorbing energy. When the red crystal is good for luck; pink is good for love and orange is good to attract money.

Caution: Don’t keep broken or cracked crystal balls at home.


PRO TIP: You can keep a miniature of the pyramid (made of stone, glass, metal, or cardboard) instead of crystal balls at your home. It reduces Vastu dosh at house. Make sure to place the pyramid opposite the main door of your home.


36. Vastu Shastra & Wind Chimes

The placement of wind chimes at your home confirms the flow of positive energy at your home.

It reduces Vastu dosh from home. Hang the wind chimes in the north direction at your home for the best result.

Caution: Don’t buy wind chimes with less than 6 hollow rods.


37. Horse Shoe in Vastu Shastra

If you want to lock positive energy at your home, hang a horseshoe pointing its end upwards.

It will ensure good luck as well as a good flow of money at your home.

Caution: Keep the open part of the horseshoe upwards not to drain positive energy from your home.


38. Vastu Tips for Home Faces South

Moreover, if your home faces south and you are looking for Vastu remedies for south facing house then you can do with the religious sign.

Just place a Swastika or Trishul or Om sign on both sides of the main door. These pious signs prevent negative energy to enter your home.

Don’t install an underground water tank or bore-well in this direction as well.


39. Vastu Tips for South West Corner

Southwest corner is the best position to build a master bedroom.

But, if you use the corner for a different purpose then try to install a cupboard or wardrobe in this corner and place all jewelry, cash, and financial documents in the same.

It is one of the Vastu remedies for south west corner.  If it is not possible then keep a glass full of saltwater in this corner and lit a red light behind the glass.

Fill the glass with the same when the water gets evaporated.


In The Long Run,

Here, we have come across a slew of Vastu tips and remedies for happiness, prosperity, and peace for a home.

Do try these tricks to remove vastu doshas to continue the course of positivity at home and remove Vastu dosh from home.

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