Raksha Bandhan 2022 – Choose Rakhi Color as Per Zodiac Sign of Your Brother or Sister

Raksha Bandhan always comes with the hue of colors, excitement, and lots of moments to become surprised and happy of course. In the Hindu religion, this is one of the high-spirited festivals that every brother and sister loves to observe each year. 

Rakhi Bandhan Tithi

In 2022, Rakhi/Raksha Bandhan Utsav will be celebrated on 11th August (Thursday). The subho muhurta (auspicious timing) of Rakhi Bandhan will start from 10:38 AM and it will remain till 07:05 AM on 12th August (Friday). 


Raksha Bandhan Utsav

Color of Rakhi According to Rashi

We all know why Rakhi Bandhan is celebrated. But, today, we are about to share something different. We will unleash how to choose the auspicious Rakhi according to astrology. We would know which Rakhi color welcomes prosperity, happiness, and good luck for natives (your brother) according to the zodiac (Moon sign/Sun Sign). 

So, let’s get started, 

red rakhi

Aries: If your brother is Aries then choose the cream or red color rakhi to welcome prosperity for your brother. If you can manage to find the golden color rakhi, it would bring fortune for your brother with good health and profit. 


dark blue or sky blue rakhiTaurus: If your brother is Taurus, dark blue or sky blue rakhi would be fortunate for him.  It will ensure success for your brother and bring happiness in life.


multicolor rakhi or green color rakhiGemini: Sister who looks for rakhi for her Gemini brother, multicolor rakhi or green color rakhi is the best choice for him. Multicolor rakhi engages fortune for your brother as well as good health and progress. You can also consider golden rakhi for your Gemini brother. 


dark yellow or red color rakhiCancer: If your brother is a Cancerian, you should tie dark yellow or red color rakhi on his right hand. It will ensure fortune for your brother. If he is about to start a new business, this rakhi brings profit for him. 


pink or yellow or red rakhiLeo: For a Leo, the brother chooses pink or yellow or red rakhi. It will ensure the auspicious effect of the Sun on your brother with happiness. 



light green or cream color rakhiVirgo: If your brother is a witty Virgo, you should go for light green or cream color rakhi. This rakhi welcomes progress and affluence in your brother’s life. 



pink dark cream green colored rakhiLibra: When your darling brother is Libra, tie pink/dark cream/green colored rakhi on his wrist. You can also consider blue rakhi for his good health and happiness. 



red color rakhiScorpio: For a Scorpio brother red color rakhi is the best choice. You can also choose yellow rakhi. Both colors welcome prosperity and bliss for your brother. 



pink or red colored rakhiSagittarius: If your brother is Sagittarius, you can go with pink or red colored rakhi for him. Such rakhi blesses your brother’s life with joy, success, and triumph in business.  



light green color or light blue color rakhiCapricorn: If you are a sister of a Capricorn brother, go for light green color or light blue colored rakhi. it will improve your brother’s study interest and/or impulses brother’s career.   


cream blue light green color rakhiAquarius: When your brother is Aquarius, buy cream/blue/light green color rakhi for him. It brings joy in life and helps to get success in studies and career. 



yellow rakhiPisces: If your brother’s sign is Pisces, buy yellow rakhi for him. It helps your brother to get rid of obstacles and to get happiness and success in life.  


On A Closing Note, 

If you are that sweet who ties rakhi to sisters, you can follow the same rule to ensure luck, glee, and prosperity for your sister. 

Curious Kasturi wishes you all a very happy and prosperous Raksha Bandhan Utsav. 

Thanks for reading!

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