Saturn Enters Capricorn on 14th of January 2020 – Find What is In Your Card from Taskmaster (Saturn)

“Saturn Enters Capricorn” – this astrological phenomenon marks the beginning of a significant transit that impacts all zodiac signs. From the core of astrology, Saturn is the lord of the 10th and 11th houses in the zodiac wheel. Saturn occupies Capricorn or Makar and Aquarius or Kumbha. He is the son of Lord Surya (Sun) and Chaya (Shadow).

Saturn is known for delaying but not denying, and its effects can be seen in our lives during this transit. As a head-strong teacher, Saturn rewards us according to our karma (good or bad deeds). Saturn serves as a reminder that we can acquire our rewards only when we live life with morality, work with the course of righteousness, and believe in unremitting work. The transit of Saturn in Capricorn brings a period of hard work, discipline, and responsibility. Are you ready to face the challenges that this transit brings?

Saturn is a head-strong teacher and he rewards us according to our karma (good or bad deeds). Saturn is a teacher to make you understand that you can acquire your rewards only when you live life with morality, work with the course of righteousness, and believe in unremitting work.

Saturn’s Homecoming Event

After long 30 years (on 15th December 1990 Saturn last visited Capricorn), Saturn is going to visit his own house Capricorn. It is not wrong to call a grand transit for Saturn; a homecoming phase for taskmaster Saturn. During this period Saturn will keep moving back and forth from Capricorn to Aquarius since 2023, and he will move to Aquarius finally on 17th January 2023.

Impacts of Saturn Transit Notwithstanding Zodiac Signs & Ascendants

From the 24th of January 2020 to the 17th of January 2023, natives of different zodiac signs will experience the topsy-turvy situation to gala moments in life. Being a stickler for discipline Saturn will teach so many things to us when he returns to Capricorn. The transit into Capricorn is not the same for every zodiac sign. When Saturn will turn life towards happiness for a number of zodiac signs and ascendants, and a few zodiac signs including ascendants may experience topsy-turvy in their lives.

Let us see according to our zodiac signs & ascendants which pole you and me will belong during this Capricorn transit of Saturn:

Aries (Moon sign/Ascendant):


Saturn is the 10th and 11th lord of Aries natives irrespective of zodiac signs and ascendants.

It is the best time to achieve goals in life while Saturn will reach your 10th house, the house of Karma.

Aries natives need to work more efficiently and to take care of their energy level as they need to carry out responsibilities at the work front. Saturn will give a positive and profitable phase in business for Aries people. You need to be more focused on planning and evade taking rush decisions.

  • Your financial condition will be stable and you can experience sudden gain and reward in this period.

  • Your married life and love life will be full of happiness, excitement, and romance as well.

  • Your partner will enjoy a strong bond with you and you will spend quality time in every manner.

Keep a toll on your life with adequate food, a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep. Otherwise, you will fall in trouble.

Taurus (Moon sign/Ascendant):

Saturn rules 9th and 10th house of Taurus natives. Definitely, you people will undergo spiritual changes in life with the placement of Saturn in the 9th house.

You can able to maintain a good bond with people surround you. You will learn to handle pressure and stress in the workplace with patience and strategies as Saturn enters the 9th house at your birth chart. You can find growth and prosperity at work front and be rewarded for your efforts. Though, friction with hierarchies in your organization is foreseen.

To gain profit in business you need to provide extra effort than before. You can experience growth in business in every sense. You can earn profit from the investments you have made earlier.

Your married life will go happy. The understanding between you and your partner will increase. Your love life will blossom as well.

Due to excessive work and busy work schedules, your health will suffer if you do not take rest in a proper manner. Do yoga and go for regular medical checkups to stay fit.

Gemini (Moon sign/Ascendant):

Saturn governs 8th and 9th houses for Geminians.

For Gemini people, it is time to sit for tests as Saturn will enter the 8th house. Saturn will check your determination as well as patience. You will see your life with an analytical magnifier glass. Your previous deeds will pay you at this period and you will be self-sufficient to achieve your goals regardless of challenges. the excessive workload will make things harder to manage and you will fail to maintain a balance between private and professional life.

If you have been engaging in business then this period is for you.

You can secure profit with the best endeavor in business and get help from people. You will feel happy in doing donation for charities and spending times in pilgrimage. You will be at the good company of people working as well as personal front. Your spouse will seek your attention and you need to find time for him/her. Your health will suffer due to heavy mental stress. You should take care of your diet at this time and consult with your doctor if necessary.


Cancer (Moon sign/Ascendant):

Saturn is the lord of your 7th and 8th house.

When you will find achievements in career, your personal and married life need attention at this phase. You can undergo job change in this phase.

Saturn will toll your 7th house, the house of marriage and partnership.

No doubt, you will undergo success and reward at this time with lots of hard work. The chances of promotion seem brighter.  The period can make you undergo job change for longer run as well as with positive hues. Notwithstanding, you can face a hard time coordinating with your seniors which is certainly not expected for your career.

It is high time to review your past deeds and learn lessons from it.

If you are a businessman/women then it is time to experience huge growth. Growth in business will come up with loads of pressure and long working hours. You need to manage them single-handedly as no one is there to help you.

The financial benefit is foreseen at your card and you are advised to save money for the future without spending them buying luxurious things.

Workload and stress at the workplace will create a gap between you and your partner. Try to handle things patiently and you can manage if you try.

Your health will suffer from low energy level and mental stress. Hence, try to get adequate sleep and healthy food to overcome mental and physical hazards coming in your way.

Don’t indulge negative thinking and stay focused with a positive attitude towards the goals of your life.


Leo (Moon sign/Ascendant):

Saturn is the lord of the 6th and 7th house in your birth chart. Saturn is about to enter your 6th house.

It indicates hard work, dedication, discipline and an honest approach in your life to win over your opponents and obstacles.

You can experience unexpected expenses during this Saturn Capricorn phase.

Be cordial in your attitude and maintain a healthy relationship with your superiors at home as well as at the workplace. If you can maintain a calm and cool attitude at your workplace then you can win over annoying situations as well as cross the stumbling blocks come in your way.

Though, you will find improvement in your professional life as time passes. If you are in business then you need to have the patience to find out the loopholes. You need to work on strategies to do well in business. Financially you will have a good time, though expenses are foreseen.

Your love life or married life seeks your full attention to blossom. Try to make a bridge between you and your partner that you can communicate well and create harmony in the relationship. Evade junk and oily food from your food regime, else you will find adverse effects on your health.  If you want to stay fit during this period then take good care of your food and hygiene.


Virgo (Moon sign/Ascendant):

It is time to get rid of the Dhaiya effect as Saturn is going to leave your fourth house and enter into the 5th house.

Saturn rules your 5th and 6th houses according to the birth chart. You need to keep your eyes on mental issues, love affairs, nuptial life, and name, fame, and creative matters. Everything you need to handle with more care to get benefic results.

You will experience better results in your work front if you work with dedication and maintain a good relationship with your seniors and boss. Your work will be rewarded. The work that has been stopped due to the known or unknown issue will start to get resolved.

If you are in business then this is the time to work hard. You need to think strategically to bring success to your work. Certain expenses are foreseen. Though, you can restrict unnecessary expenses and maintain your budget.

You will experience differences between you and your spouse regarding opinions. Try to be calm and cool, and listen to your spouse to maintain a healthy relationship. Your health matter will remain average. Don’t let negative thoughts and metal stress toll on your health.


Libra (Moon sign/Ascendant):

Librans are going to undergo Dhaiya as Saturn will pass through 4th house.

Saturn rules 4th and 5th houses of Librans and you people will feel a little hinged on something unknown. You will find a little downtime at your professional front. Though, you can overcome the issues with strengths and inner-abilities. You need to remain tactful and strategically correct to overcome obstacles in your professional life whether it is a job or your business. You tend to spend a lot of luxurious things and it can cost you a lot. Hence, think twice before you are going to spend.

You can invest in property if you want, and it will incur your profit. You are about to get the result of Karma in this period, and it will help you to enjoy a stable financial position.

When it is all about love life or married life, you need to be careful. You may face lacking in understanding your partner and it can ruin your love life. If you are facing any issue in your married life then consult with your superiors in the family to resolve the matter with a positive approach.

Mental stress can take a toll on your health. You need to go for a regular checkup to avoid health issues. Your mother’s health seeks good care at this time.

Do yoga and pranayama to evade health issues.


Scorpio (Moon sign/Ascendant):

You are going to get rid of the last phase of Sade Sati on the 24th of January 2020. Being the 3rd and 4th lord of your birth chart Saturn will experience something pleasant at this phase.

You will come out of clichés after the long seven and a half years as Saturn is moving towards the third house according to the moon chart.

The Saturn transit will help you bring success and achievement in your work front.

  • You can undergo promotion and reward in your professional life.

  • Your boss will be happy with your work. You can experience certain growth in your business with an increment in production and profit.

  • You can enjoy a healthy and positive environment in your commercial place.

  • Workers will be with you and they will work according to your wishes.

  • Your business graph will rise higher.

  • You can experience a stable financial condition with a good return and long-term investments.

You are going to have a stable social life. Though, your love life or married life will get affected due to your busy work schedule. You will find it difficult to maintain a balance between your professional and personal life. Planning short trips during this phase can make a balance in your love or married life. Your health will not remain strong. You need to take care of your food and hygiene to maintain a healthy life.


Sagittarius (Moon sign/Ascendant):

Sagittarius moon natives are going to enroll for the third and final phase of Sade Sati.

Whereas Sagittarius ascendant people will undergo a suitable phase related to accumulating wealth. Saturn is going to enter the 2nd house, the self house of Saturn and it will bring opportunities to secure wealth and financial resources with self-effort.

Saturn rules the 2nd and 3rd house of Sagittarius people. The period is not so suitable to gain success easily in the professional front. You need to be calm and sincere at your attitude to tackle hurdles at your work front. Your choice of words in communication will impact you a lot. Though, you will get a reward if you work hard.

If you are doing business then you need to go on with a calm and positive attitude. You are not able to get any quick results. It is the time when Saturn tests your skill regardless of management and time. Though, you can expect growth gradually as time passes.

You will hardly get any financial support from your family this time. Your financial stability depends on how you will maintain your expenses. Hardship is required to experience a good financial condition this time.

  • You need to be careful if you want to maintain a healthy relationship with your soul mate.

  • If you are married then take extra care of your spouse and do listen to him or her to maintain a happy and healthy married life.

  • Take care of your family and don’t behave harshly.

  • If you are in a relationship then be honest all the time and never hide anything from your partner. Otherwise, you may fall in trouble in the near future.

Your health needs proper care and diet in this phase. You will undergo energy lacks and laziness due to Saturn transit. Do careful while driving a car or walking; you may experience leg or ankle injury. Take proper rest to maintain a healthy work and personal life.


Capricorn (Moon sign/Ascendant):

Saturn is the lord of 1st and 2nd house of Capricorn natives.

As Saturn is about to enter into his own sign Capricorn this phase will be favorable for Capricorn natives beyond a shadow of doubts.

  • Capricorn moon people will undergo emotional upheavals in-spite of having super self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Capricorn people will undergo positivity in perceptions.

Don’t let negative thoughts rule your mind and emotion.

You will undergo a tough phase at your work front and you need to put double effort to get the desired result. A job change is seen in your card though you will find it a little difficult to adjust in the new workplace.

If you have been doing business then you may incur manpower loss suddenly. Hence, you need to pay your staff higher than usual to keep them working at your organization.

Don’t get over-ambitious and keep your goals straight as well as practical. You will hardly get any financial help from your family. Though, don’t lose your mind and hope. Your willpower takes you long and you can certainly make your financial condition stable in this challenging phase.

Family matters a lot for you and you will maintain the same in this phase too. You will certainly get success to maintain your good image with lots of understanding and calmness. The same understanding, bonding, and patience are required to maintain a balance in your married life. If you are in a love relationship then you need to bridge the gap between you and your partner. Don’t underestimate health issues and go for regular checkups during this period. If you love listening to music then take them as your mood booster.


Aquarius (Moon sign/Ascendant):

Saturn is the owner of Capricorn and Aquarius. For Aquarians, Saturn governs the 1st and 12th house as well. It is the first phase of Sade Sati for Aquarians according to the moon chart.

Challenges in the work front and personal life are waiting for you. You need to deal with them wisely and rather with patience. You can understand people better than before with sympathy.

You will find your colleagues not as supportive as before.

  • You need to work more precisely in a strategic way to earn your success.
  • Don’t argue with your boss and seniors as it may end up with a bitter outcome.
  • Stay focused on your work, and do try to present your work in a unique way.

If you are doing business then it is time to undergo topsy-turvy conditions. Though, don’t lose your heart, work with strategies, and be clear on your goals; you can achieve your success. You may find it hard to accumulate money due to unnecessary expenses. Hence, you are advised to keep a record for your expenses and don’t go beyond your budget.

Your love life will lack the essence that you desire for. You need to pamper your partner if you need your love life to flow as before. If you are married then you should spend quality time with your partner that he or she feels secure with you. Your health-related issues should not be ignored. If you love to do jogging and exercising on a regular basis then it will add a positive vibe to your health.


Pisces (Moon sign/Ascendant):

Saturn rules 11th and 12th houses for Pisceans.

When Saturn is about to transit into Capricorn, the certain gain is expected by Pisceans during this period. Pisces natives will experience a strong bond with colleagues at the workplace. They will tend to be hardworking as well as enthusiastic due to the transit of Saturn in 11th house; Saturn’s own house.

Saturn is moving towards your way with a bunch of gifts and how you will open those gifts that totally up to you.

  • You will work under a favorable ambiance at the workplace.

  • Colleagues, as well as boss, will support you, and you will see your dream come true in reality.

  • You will be rewarded for your work and rewards boost your energy to work harder.

If you are engaged in the export-import business then you will see success. All of your business goals will be fulfilled. Though, hard work is the only way to achieve all these during this period. The deity of wealth will shower you with money and gain. You will undergo a heavy flow of money from various sources. Nonetheless, you will configure a strong financial status in your life at this phase.

Pisceans will experience sweet and happy love life.

If you are in a relationship then you will spend quality time with your partner. You can experience a good time with your spouse if you are married. Just you need to be calm and patient, and maintain a soft attitude towards your partner to enjoy a hale and hearty married life.

Taken as a whole, your health issues will be sorted if you maintain a healthy diet and avoid junk food. If you are aged then do go for regular medical checkups and keep a toll on your stomach. It will be better to take a liquid diet if you are undergoing stomach ailment. Regular yoga and exercising keep you healthy and sound.

Bottom Line……………

Saturn will enter his own house after a long 30 years. Hence, we can expect changes and reformations in diverse ways but in a positive and worthwhile manner. Natives of all zodiac signs will undergo changes in their lives according to their moon signs and ascendants. Don’t lose your heart if time is testing you. You will certainly see success as we have already said “Saturn delays but not denies”.

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