[33] Vastu Tips Improving Bedroom Vastu and Removing Vastu Dosh

😲 It sounds like an eye-popping thing but it is beyond truth, that a human being spends one-third of his life in his bedroom.

🛌🏽 The bedroom has its importance in our lives as well as an inherent effect on our subconscious mind.

It is a room where you, he, or I spend a close 7 to 8 hours each day.

Remember one thing straight that a night of good sleep is essential for our mind and body wellness.

It helps to get recharged, ready to function well, and to accomplish each task of our day-to-day life.

According to Vastu Shastra, your bedroom impacts your life and living hood optimistically if it is designed and built in the right direction.

Vastu Shastra for bedroom says the bedroom must be in the shape of square or rectangular, and it should be Vastu-compliant to confirm synchronization between mind and body.


Bedroom & Vastu-Shastra



In every relationship, love is the prime essence.  

Whether you are just married or a parent of grown-up children or it’s been a long time you got married; the warmth of the relationship counts on a properly designed bedroom.

If by any chance your bedroom gets planned and built in the wrong direction at your home then it can cause disaster to the equation of relationship abundantly.

Even, it can cause money loss, health issues, mental restlessness, as well as a dispute in the family.

So, it is better to go by Vastu tips for bedroom when you are about to build a new home, shift to a new home or redesign your home.


Basic Vastu Tips for Bedroom:

master-bedroom-direction-as-per-vastu 2


1. According to Vastu Shastra, the bedroom should be positioned in the south or southwest direction. Avoid planning bedrooms in other directions otherwise, you will end up with bitterness in the relationship.

2. Keep the bedroom design simple and avoid round, oval, or any odd shape.

3. The color of bedroom walls should be light and eye-pleasing. If you can paint the bedroom walls with pink or peach color then it will bring happiness to the relationship.

4. You can use light red/pink lamp-light, quilt, bed sheet, pillow cover, and drape/curtain in the bedroom to revive your love life.

5. Keep the northwest corner of your bedroom clutter-free. You can go with indoor plants to improve the Vastu of your bedroom.

Pro tip: keeping red roses or purple roses in the South-west corner and white flowers in the North corner in the bedroom helps to revive the relationship between couples.

6. Keep the bedroom always tidy and clean to engage positivity and unending love between you and your partner.

7. Avoid keeping decorative items that display a single identity (like a lonely duck or rabbit or bird). Keep items in pairs and lock the love and romance in your life.

8. Don’t place any photo or idol of the deity in the bedroom as it engages negativity.

9. Don’t keep a photo of the deceased person in your bedroom.

10. You can keep a family photo in the southwest direction of the bedroom.

11. A couple of photos in the north direction in the bedroom are considered auspicious.

These tips can be applied to reduce or remove the Vastu dosh from your bedroom.


Vastu Tips for Master Bedroom:

master-bedroom-direction-as-per-vastu 3


12. The master bedroom direction as per Vastu Shastra is the southwest corner of a home. Master bedroom built in this direction ensures good health, success, and long life for you and your partner.

13. To improve the Vastu of the master bedroom paint the walls with the color green, pink or blue. Choose one of any color among these three and reduce Vastu dosh/error from the master bedroom.

pro tip: The master bedroom should be used by the eldest male member of a family (grandfather) or by the homeowner. Even, the elder son can live in the master bedroom with his wife.


Bed Position in Bedroom/Master Bedroom:

master-bedroom-direction-as-per-vastu 4


According to Vastu Shastra, the placement of the bed in the bedroom or master bedroom is equally essential akin to the direction of the bedroom.

When the right placement ensures sound sleep, good health, and positivity; the wrong placement of the bed in the bedroom causes turmoil in life.

Here are the tips for bed placement according to Vastu Shastra that each one of us should follow.

14. Place bed in the south direction or south-west direction at your bedroom or master bedroom.

15. Don’t position your bed directly under the beam. If it is not possible then go for a false ceiling to cover the beam.

16. Don’t place your bed attached to the walls. There should be space between the bed and the wall.

17. Don’t place your bed in front of the door or in between two doors.

18. It is strictly advised not to sleep heading towards the north direction.

pro tip: It is good to sleep keeping your head towards the east or south direction. It helps your body to get a good vibe and to enjoy a sound sleep. 


Additional Vastu Tips for Bedroom

master-bedroom-direction-as-per-vastu 5


Apart from the placement of bed and bed direction according to Vastu Shastra, there are a few more things to be taken care of to ensure a peaceful sleeping experience.

19. Make sure, your wife would sleep on the left side of you on the bed. It increases love and makes relationships smoother according to Vastu.

20. If you want to keep a mirror with or without a wardrobe then place it adjacent to your bed. Make sure, the sleeping self-image does not reflect in the mirror.

21. Try to keep a small mirror in your bedroom. If it is large then try not to keep it in the bedroom or cover it with a simple cloth before going to bed.

22. If there is an attached bathroom in your bedroom then keep the door of the bathroom close always. The door of the bathroom and bed should not be in a line.

23. If possible then use only wood made a bed for your bedroom.

24. Use only rectangular or square shape bed for bedroom.

To avoid Vastu dosh and to make your bedroom Vastu compliant, please avoid keeping television, laptop, computer, or heavy electronic equipment in your bedroom.

A bedroom is a place where a couple spends quality time, shares feeling, and drafts new plans to spend the rest of their life.

Thus, if it is designed according to Vastu rules then the love and bonding between couple get increased without any doubt.


Bedroom Vastu for Guests, Kids, Students



      • Guest’s Bedroom: If you frequently welcome guests at your home and you have a plan to build a bedroom for guests then the northwest direction is the best. It will create a good impact on your guests.
      • Kid’s Bedroom: If you are planning to make a bedroom for your kids then plan it in the west direction. Don’t allow the wrought-iron made bed to reduce Vastu dosh from the kid’s bedroom.
      • Students’ Bedroom: If there is a student at your home and they are preparing for exams then a bedroom in the north direction is good for him or her. It will increases concentration and ensures success in exams.


Easy Tips to Correct Bedroom Vastu



Whatever the reason is; if your bedroom is built in the wrong direction (in northeast or southeast direction) or there is something wrong then a few remedies are here to your rescue.

The remedies certainly help to reduce or remove Vastu dosh from your bedroom.

Let us have a look,

25. You can light lavender incense in the bedroom to reduce Vastu dosh.

26. Fill a bowl with sea salt and place it in your bedroom to offset the Vastu error or dosh.

27. If you can put a photo of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laksmi in your bedroom then your bedroom gets filled with positivity.

28. Use single mattresses instead of pairing separated mattresses for your bedroom.

29. If there is a beam in your bedroom then cover it with a false ceiling.

30. Avoid dark color paint for the bedroom.

31. Keep the place under your bed clutter-free. Don’t place a broom or shoe or any iron-made things under your bed.

32. Don’t design your bedroom at the center of your home.

33. If you cannot avoid keeping the television in your bedroom then keep it in the southeast direction.


Overall, It May Be Said…

Vastu tips for the bedroom ensures good life, positivity, and a good source of energy for every member of a family.

You are just one step away to implement changes in your present bedroom and let the change happen in your life for goodness and lifelong happiness.

Do give it a try. You will be benefited for sure.

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