Astrological Predictions Differs – Know Why Changes Happen in Predictions

👉 Do you like to hover in the market purposelessly?

👉 Do you drive a car having no idea of your destination?

👉 Do you study higher to not to do anything?

👉 Do you shop arbitrarily?

Without any surprise, every question will have one answer a Big No.

Everything we do or we desire to achieve in our life; we need a plan to follow. When we proceed with a plan, we can accomplish things better.

Astrology and astrological predictions are those wide-ranging and meticulous ways that make life easier and smoother.


Astrological Prediction – Get It Free

Astrological Predictions leo


Whether it is good or bad, challenging or easy, possible or impossible – astrology has all the answers for each one of us.

For once and all time, accurate astrological predictions show ways to success and returns – everybody yearns for.

Today, with the presence of copious free astrological software, you can avail yourself of semi-accurate astrological predictions free.

As a consequence, if life continuously puts you in denial and you are on the edge of desperation to overmatch the challenges and complications, it is high time to borrow help from an astrologer and his astrological consultation.

A short and snappy astrological prediction provides an indomitable blueprint and helps us to accomplish targets in our lives precisely.

One more thing, software-based astrological predictions are made for all. Thus, it can offer only semi-accurate astrological advice.

To have the custom astrological prediction and remedy, a person must visit an expert astrologer.

Even an online astrology prediction is far preferable and popular these days when people find it hard to manage time to visit an astrologer but want the best and tailored astrological predictions.


Astrology, Its Types & Authenticity in Prediction

Authenticity in Prediction



There are questions raised about astrology many times and in many minds.

Today, we are on the verge of discussing if astrological predictions are constant or not, and on which basis predictions are delivered to the concerned persons.

Before heading on it is of utmost importance to know about astrology and its types.

There are two most popular types of astrology; one is Vedic astrology and the second is Western astrology.

  • Vedic Astrology: Vedic astrology is deep-rooted in Vedas and it is widely known as Indian or Hindu astrology or sidereal (movable) astrology. It believes in Karma and how Karma rules our lives since we take birth.

Vedic astrology goes with the strong belief that our Karma is directly or indirectly connected to the planetary position and stars we have in our birth charts.

Thus, Vedic astrology is all about the understanding of Karma (we have done in our previous lives and we do presently) and its effects in our personal and professional areas.

An astrologer who is unquestionably learned, experienced, and has been practicing Vedic astrology for a long; he or she provides life-changing Vedic astrology predictions and remedies for a better life, carrier, business, marriage, financial status, and so on irrespective of caste and creed, age, and social grade to folks.

  • Western Astrology: When Vedic astrology is sidereal or movable, Western astrology is a fixed system. It is known as tropical astrology. Western astrology measures the motion of planets based on the position of the Sun on 12 zodiac signs. The western astrological calculation counts on the months and dates and begins from the Aries Sign (21st March of each year).

Doubtlessly, Vedic and Western astrology is different from each other in the aspect of calculation and how they consider constellations to provide predictions.

But, both have the motive to reduce sorrow, difficulties, and negativity from human lives and increase happiness, success, and peace.

At a halt, Vedic astrological predictions are considered more accurate as it has written documentations connected to Vedas. Besides, it considers Nakshatra (stars), Dasha, Divisional chart, planets including two shadow planets – Rahu & Ketu, and counts on the movement of Moon which changes with time and movement of Earth on its axis to offer the precise astrological predictions.


Western Astrological Vs Vedic Astrology

Western Astrological Vs Vedic Astrology



Both Western and Vedic astrology provides astrology predictions by date of birth, time, and place. But, they do not share the same way to predict someone’s future.

1️⃣ When Western astrology counts on the placement of the Sun and its movement to provide astrological prediction, Vedic astrology digs deeper to analyze someone’s birth chart.

2️⃣ Western astrology follows the old ecliptic plane; whereas Vedic astrology follows the updated ecliptic plane (in back two thousand years, the ecliptic plane has shifted from its old position).

3️⃣ In Western astrology, the beginning date of the Aries sign is 21st March. But in Vedic astrology, the beginning date of Aries is 14th April each year.

4️⃣ Vedic astrology takes account of Rahu and Ketu as planets while analyzes birth charts and predicts the future. Western astrology considers Rahu and Ketu as nodes of the Moon and nothing more than that.

Moreover, in comparison to the method, Vedic astrology is more complex than Western astrology. But, it comes up with an accurate prediction following the real placement of stars (constellation), called Ayanamsha.


Why Astrological Prediction Do Differs?

Astrological Prediction Do Differs



Taking into account the above-mentioned detail, it is clear that you can experience changes in astrological predictions if you follow Vedic and Western astrology side by side.

It is not about faults in astrology, but it is the method that creates differences in astrological predictions.

Though, you can have different astrological predictions with the same date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth; if you visit an inexperienced astrologer.


      • Astrologer prediction differs from Dasha to Dasha.
      • It differs due to changes in planetary position.
      • The prediction gets changed if planets get retrograde.
      • Prediction gets wrong if you provide the wrong time and date of birth.

Even, solar and lunar eclipses influence astrological predictions for all 12 zodiac signs. Every year moon and solar eclipses take place.

Though, the place (zodiac sign) where the eclipse takes place gets varied due to the rotation of the Sun and Moon with time.

Consequently, lunar and solar eclipse astrology predictions get changed based on the placement of the Sun and moon in the zodiac cycle and influence the natives of 12 zodiac signs accordingly.


Putting It All Together,

Whatever the astrological prediction says, we should not stop doing the Karma that God has destined for us.

If you stay with righteousness and concentrate only on your karma, you will get justice for sure.

At the beginning and the end, your Karma decides your scorecard, and the more you score the more your gain.

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