Dreadful Yet Truth – Kaliyuga is About to End! Know What Bhavishya Malika Says!

Is not it scary to listen that we are on the verge of the end? Kaliyuga ends! We are up to 2022, 2025, or a maximum of 2030! We, meaning the whole world, the entire population! Even the powerful continents like America and Europe also cannot escape the catastrophe instead of being so powerful in every aspect.

Age of Kaliyuga! Why It Gets Decreased?

Said it is, Kaliyuga consists of a period of four lakh and thirty-two thousand years; whereas around five thousand years are passed away. So, we are supposed to have 42700 years to go more. But, things went wrong. According to Bhavishya Malika, the arbitrary hunting of cows and slaying of saints, increasing rate of crime, random involvement of adultery, and other sins are the reasons that the age of Kaliyuga seems to get diminished.

Nonetheless, the truth is, we are about to end; Kaliyuga is about to end. Let’s unearth the oracle prophesied by Saint Achyutananda Maharaj (Achyutananda Das Ji) at the ending of Kaliyuga in his book “Bhavisha Malika”.

Saint Achyutananda & Bhavishya Malika

Saint Achyutananda was a Vaishnava. He translated many Sanskrit scripts in Odia and Bhavishya Malika is one of his masteries scribbled with all prophesies he did apropos five hundred years ago. He wrote all his prophesies which are proven true these days on palm leaves. But, the surprising fact is that Saint Achyutananda had realized all these things on his own and to date each prophesy he made was proven correct.

What Bhavishya Malika Says on “Ending of Kaliyuga”?

The book Malika was inscribed when Sri Chetanya Mahaprabhu was alive. According to Bhavishya Malika,

  • Only 64 crores of the populace among over seven billion will enter into the new age, Satyuga.
  • Earth will suffer from unavoidable cataclysms.
  • Europe’s populace will be wiped away.
  • America will be engulfed by water.
  • Puri in India will be immersed in the ocean.
  • Russia will win and later on conquered by the victorious who pass into the next avatar.
  • Russia will become a Hindu nation.

These are only a few prophesies made by Saint Achyutananda Ji. It is merely not possible to compose all prophecies in one piece of blog. If the blog draws your attention and you want to know more about “Ending of Kaliyuga”, please let us know via comments.

On an End note,

Curious Kasturi is waiting to hear from you. Till then, stay healthy and do well. Get involved in goodness and try at least to save our beloved earth. What’s say!

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