7 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Lord Hanuman

Pawan Putra Hanuman – the Revered Avatar of Lord Shiva – Lord Hanuman is worshipped by all of us. He embodies courage, extreme devotion, self-discipline, strength, benevolence, and wisdom. In Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman is especially acknowledged for his actions in Treta Yuga in the rescue operation of Mata Sita, wife of Maryadapurusottam Lord Rama from the imprisonment of power-hungry demon king, Ravana. We all are well aware of his Lanka Kand where he set the whole Lanka city ablaze when Ravana ordered to put his tail on fire.

Lord Hanuman is one of the Chiranjeevi among eight who are still here on earth and protecting us and will join the Kalki Army later to demolish sin and sinners from the earth. Many stories amaze us about how Lord Hanuman has established his identity as one of the best devotees of Lord Rama (The Seventh Incarnation of Lord Vishnu) through many mesmerizing and challenging events in that age – the Treta Yuga and has been worshipped by many via Yugas. Today, in this blog post presented by Curious Kasturi, we will understand the life lessons from Lord Hanuman can make us learn. So, let’s get started.

Life Lessons to Learn from Lord Hanuman


The son of Vayu, the incarnation of Lord Shiva, and the prevailing character of Ramayana, Mahabali Hanuman is known by various names. The name Hanuman is deciphered as the monkey with a disfigured jaw in Sanskrit. Apart from his endless and unfathomable devotion to lord Rama, Hanuman made us learn several lessons that impact human life in either way. Presenting the seven important lessons one can learn from Anjani Putra Hanuman.


Believe in Yourself & Inner Strength


Believe in Yourself & Inner Strength

Instead of being blessed with many boons and powers, and a mountain-like physic, Lord Hanuman had to face many difficulties to conquer challenges. But he never gave up. When Laxmana, the brother of Rama was injured by Indrajit and went into a state of eternal unconsciousness, Hanuman was assigned to bring the Sanjeevani Booti before sunrise to save Laxman’s life. Hanuman did not know what the herb was; so, he lifted the whole mountain from the Himalayas and brought the same to Lanka.

Lesson No. 1: It shows us that, along with physical strength, Lord Hanuman was acknowledged for his mental strength. He faced many difficulties but he never lost his faith in himself and conquered every situation with the name of Jai Shree Ram. Every one of us has our Ishta Devta. So, at any time in life, if we fall into any grave situation, we should not give up or lose hope. Rather, in chanting the name of our Ishta Devta and holding faith in ourselves we should fight back and pour every strength to win the situation. This is the first lesson of Inner Strength, which we learn from Lord Hanuman.


Learn to Be Pragmatic in Every Situation


Learn to Be Pragmatic in Every Situation

Lord Hanuman tackled every grave situation with practicality rather than being emotional. He focused on the tasks and handled them sensibly. The tail-burning episode, the lifting of the mountain in search of Sanjeevani Booti, and encounters with Mainaka, Sursa, and Simhika, are the best examples of his presence of mind and practical approaches.

Lesson No.2: Emotions and sentiments are part of life. But, we cannot be driven by these same in dire situations. We need to be pragmatic, aka practical to deal with the situation rather than being carried away.


Be Loyal, Selfless, and Modest


Be Loyal, Selfless, and Modest

If you think that being loyal, selfless, and modest is not worth you in today’s hardcore competitive era, you need to learn from Lord Hanuman. Hanuman knew that Lanka was not a safe place to visit and he might caught by the troops of Ravana. And it happened. However, he put his life at risk and visited Lanka to rescue Mata Sita. When Sita did not agree to come back, Hanumana delivered a message of his Pravhu Rama to Mata Sita and assured her that he was the messenger of Shri Rama. no matter how grave and fatal the situations were, Lord Hanuman never gave up his selflessness, humility, and loyalty, and stayed humble always.

Lesson No. 3: It is good to be well aware of your strengths. But, it does mean that you consider others inferior to you. We should stay humble and modest in our approaches to others. And, challenges are not always won by force; you need to apply your intellect and modesty to win over the challenges and hearts of opponents many times with possible solutions in the nick of time.


Never Compromise With Your Morals & Ideal


When Hanuman entered Ashok Vatika to meet Sita Maa, Hanuman was caught by Indrajit, the son of Ravana. They had a tremendous fight. During the fight, Indrajit applied the power of Brahmastra to defect Hanuman. It was easy for Hanuman to break the Brahmastra, but he did not choose it. He thought to intact the power and importance of Brahmastra given by the Lord Brahma and decided to surrender.

Lesson No. 4: His act was to protect the dignity of Brahmastra beyond any gratitude. It made us learn that it is always easy to act against our morals. But, you can continue in your life without compromising your ideals and morals. Because there is always a way out.


Communication Plays a Major Role in Leadership


Communication Plays a Major Role in Leadership

During the construction of the stone bridge in the ocean, Hanuman led a mischievous army of monkeys (Vanara Seena) with strong and polite communication to build the bridge in no time.  He could do it showing his power, but he chose to be generous to make his Vanara Seena act.

Lesson No. 5: When you are a leader, you need to know how to manage people with communication, and at the same time, you must be humble and respectful to others in your team. A team drives through enthusiasm, not by criticism.

Learn to Respect Your Relationships


Learn to Respect Your Relationships

Lord Hanuman established many examples of how to value relationships no matter how the situation is. He conducted a meeting between Lord Shri Ram and Sugreev to help Sugreev get back his kingdom from Vali.  He was a sincere devotee of Lord Ram, Sita, and Laxman, and helped to the end to reunite the holy couple in Ramayan.

Lesson No. 6: We should act promptly when we get a chance to help our friends, relatives, or others without any hesitation. When you have the ability and resources to help others, you should do it. It promotes healthy relationships and builds trust that humanity still exists.


Always Look at the Brighter Side


Always Look at the Brighter Side 

Every situation and thing has its two sides – brighter and darker sides. Hanuman always chose to see the brighter side of situations without being shaken by the complications at the need of hours. He used his sense of humor instead of power. When he was caught by Indrajit in Ashok Vatika during his meeting with Mata Sita, he was taken to the court of Ravana. Everyone in the court mocked him due to his monkey form. However, Hanuman remained quiet and sat on his coiled tail seat. He with all dignity sent a message of peace to Ravana as the representative of Lord Rama. he maintained his dignity without being angry, insulted, or showing off his strength and power.

Lesson No. 7: We should know how to tackle difficult situations without letting the time get over us. A positive attitude acts as an important strength in difficult situations and we should know how to use it to overcome obstacles.



Mythology, Puranas, and Ancient Scriptures teach us how to remain strong in difficult situations followed by values, morals, and patience. Through the epic character of Lord Hanuman, we learn that being benevolent and down-to-earth is not your weakness. Rather we can conquer hurdles in life if we know how to use our best qualities during crisis. This is what we can always learn from the ardent devotee of Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman.


Don’t forget to mention what you have learned from Lord Hanuman and other epics in Indian Mythology.

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