Astrology Skeptic! Here’s Why You Should Believe in Astrology

Believe in astrology, astrology is an intriguing subject and it draws millions and billions of believers and non-believers to uncover the covered to date.

In spite of near-zero scientific backup, astrology has a huge market not only in India but also across the world.

Furthermore, the dawn of digital technology has considerably helped to mitigate the gap between astrology and snooping minds faster than it was estimated.

Whatever the points do exist against astrology and the way astrology predicts the future, the number of people who believe in astrology will never get decreased.

To discover why astrology is highly popular despite the pseudo tag, you have to read this blog post in full.


Believe in Astrology – A Pseudoscience or Not!

Believe in astrology


We, human beings count on narratives rather than rational justifications to weave our past, present, and future.

It contents our hearts rather than making us restless and reluctant. Here comes the wonderfulness of astrology with its prediction narratives.

Whether it is Vedic astrology or Western astrology; both offer apparent outlines of explanation about goals and expectations we hold in our minds consciously or unconsciously.

These are not magic, but the simple equation of planetary positions in our birth charts prepared based on the exact date of birth.

Subsequently, whilst a subject can read your mind, narrate the goals and objectives of your life, and uncover your hidden desires and strength that you even could not identify until you visit an astrologer; can be anything but pseudoscience.

If you believe in astrology and look for the right prediction, just do follow one condition. Do visit an experienced astrologer to get all the answers you are looking for dreadfully and you are done.


Valid Points to Believe in Astrology

Valid Points to Believe in Astrology


Conscious, unconscious, subconscious, mind-game, hidden desires, hidden treasure, and blah-blah-blah are too much complicated to explain; but thank God astrology is here to our rescue.

Astrology can answer so many things hidden on our way to success. It can say about your

      • Luck
      • Profession
      • Education
      • Family & Friendship
      • Partnership in Business
      • Enmity
      • Finance
      • Your life-partner
      • Your marriage/second marriage
      • Divorce
      • Children & their education
      • Property

Yes, it is that simple it sounds.

When you consider astrology to dig answers to make your life successful and happy, Vedic astrology is the answer.

You can easily rise above the hurdles and challenges life throws on your way when you can have the full Vedic astrological report based on your birth chart, ascendant, zodiac sign (sun and moon sign both), and planetary position.

You had better prepare yourself for challenges with astrological predictions rather than shed tears rather believe in astrology.

Thus, if a subject can calm you down with the right information and detail that are you are destined for and you want to know in advance, there are enough reasons to believe in astrology.

Beyond doubt, Vedic astrology offers precise astrological predictions as it has written documentations in Vedas. Furthermore, Vedic astrology is sidereal astrology and it counts on the constellation and its latest position to analyze birth charts and provide predictions. 

It is the native who needs to provide his exact birth date, time, and place to have the flawless astrological prediction each time he visits an astrologer near me.


Why Predictions Get Changed?

Predictions Get Changed


Sometimes, astrological prediction gets changed and out of controversy skeptics tend to blame astrology and its objectives pseudo.

Though, astrology should be treated guilty. It is not the subject but the time and other effects that create changes in astrological predictions from time to time.

Things that are responsible to make changes in astrological prediction are,

      • Rotation of planets (counts on time, month, zodiac signs)
      • Position of planets in birth charts
      • Nature of planets (direct or retrograde) in a birth chart
      • Combinations, yogas, and combust; created by planetary movements from one sign to another.
      • Dasha, Mahadasha, Antardasha, and divisional charts
      • Western astrological method
      • Effects of lunar and solar eclipses on zodiac signs, ascendants, and moon signs.

With more than one valid reason it is justified why astrological predictions get changed or differed.


Horoscope – Out and Out Prognostication Gear

Out Prognostication Gear


Yes, you have read the sub-heading right. Your horoscope mirrors your personality traits better than anyone and anything you have around.

From the ascendant to moon sign and 1st house to 12th house based on your ascendant can predict a hell of a lot of things that can actually make your life easy and sorted.

Vedic astrology always provides the big picture of astrology that is fascinating and useful in every sense. It shows you the key elements of the science of astrology with signs (12 zodiac signs), houses (12 houses and its nature), planets (9 planets including Rahu and Ketu), and stars (27 nakshatras) with their padas (each nakshatra has 4-pada) that no other astrological methods can do.

Your horoscope precisely foretells your personality, important life events, your past life Karma, and even can warn you about miseries you are going to face in advance.

So, it is time to believe in horoscopes and the power each horoscope has to sustain the flow of life with no worries other than with full confidence.


In Sum,

Astrology is not magic, not pseudoscience or a quick tool to read someone.

It is a method that has been practicing for the past thousand years and it can say of your past, present and offer a glimpse of the future based on your birth chart, horoscope.

People who are stuck with the question “can we believe in astrology”, this blog post has given all the answers for all of you.

Thanks for reading!

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