19 Useful Vastu Tips For Diwali – Anyone Can Apply To Bring Wealth & Happiness in Family

19 Useful Vastu Tips

Diwali or Deepawali is a festival of colorful lights, diyas, decorations, rangoli, sweets, gifts, and lots more. Irrespective of age, class, and belief, every year we do wait for this day to celebrate happiness, excitement, and gratitude toward GOD.

Myths on Diwali

Legends/Myths on Diwali

According to mythology, Diwali represents a day to celebrate victory over darkness, evil, and insanity. It is also believed, on this holy day Lord Rama returned to his homeland with Maa Sita and brother Laxmana after 14 years of exile in defeating Ravana. Thus, the day is considered a holy day to start a new journey for everyone.

Best Vastu Tips for Diwali

Best Vastu Tips for Diwali

However, today, we are here to discuss how we can make our Diwali celebration more pious and favorable with essential Vastu tips. We would know how the right implementation of Vastu rules brings positivity, prosperity, and wealth at home.  

So, let’s begin……

Home Clutter-Free

Make Your Home Clutter-Free:

This is the basic tip to start with.

  1. Clean your home as much as you can.
  2. To obtain the maximum blessing from Maa Laxmi on Diwali keep your home clean to welcome energy. Don’t let any corner of your home be unclean and dark.

Vastu Tips for Inside Home

Vastu Tips for Home Entrance:

Clean the main door of your home thoroughly.

  1. Make the door free from creaking voices with the use of oil.
  2. Decorate the entrance with Bandarwal/Toran. If it is possible, use handmade Vanderwal/toran via mango, Kaner, Peepal, and Ashok leave.
  3. Place a Swastika at the entrance to get rid of the illness.
  4. Draw Maa Laxmi’s footsteps at the entrance

Vastu Tips for Inside Home:

  1. In the north or east corner of your home, place a water vessel and decorate it with flowers.
  2. Draw a Swastik symbol with rangoli in the east corner. You can draw an OM symbol too.
  3. Place an earthen lamp in the southeast corner of your home.

Vastu Tips for LightingVastu Tips for Lighting:

You can use red, blue, yellow, white, green – almost any bright color lights to decorate your home. Just use them according to Vastu.

  1. Use yellow lights for the east corner/entrance
  2. Green/yellow light for north/northeast corner/entrance
  3. Use red light to decorate the southeast corner/entrance
  4. Decorate the south/southwest corner/entrance of your home with red and blue lights

Vastu Tips for the Evening:

  1. Buy two big-sized earthen lamps/Diya and place them on your main entrance
  2. For other corners and places of your home, use diyas in a set of four. Number four signifies Mata Laxmi, Deva Ganesha, Lord Kuber, and Debraj Indra.
  3. Place a water vessel in the center of your home and decorate it with floating candles and rose petals to welcome positivity.

Deepawali Gift

Choose Deepawali Gift According to Vastu:

Not only buying but presenting gifts to your family, friends, and relatives according to Vastu does wonder. Thus,

  1. Buy crystals to gift.
  2. Present paintings to your friends and family.
  3. If you get crystal on the occasion of Diwali, place it in the eastern corner of your home.

Note: Never buy leather items or antique pieces to gift.

Last but not least…..

According to Vastu, it is very auspicious to make Rangolis on Deepawali. So, try to make it on your own. And prepare some sweets on Deepawali, and offer them to Mata Mahalaxmi and Maa Kali to bring positivity, prosperity, wealth, and happiness to your home.

On the behalf of Curious Kasturi and its whole team, “Wish You All a Very Happy Diwali”.



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