Top 10 Haunted Places in Kolkata That You Can Explore in 2024

Everyone knows that Kolkata is one of India’s most important commercial centers, a historically significant place, and a destination with a vibrant culture. If you are coming to Kolkata for business, then you must head out to visit the city’s attractions as a little sightseeing on a work trip hasn’t hurt anyone. Now, if you are a regular traveler, you would most probably visit its colonial monuments, temples, and museums or indulge in retail therapy. But, if you are a daredevil, who likes horror movies and Gothic literature, you can check out some haunted places in Kolkata. And, my word, there are a lot of those here. Read ahead for the most famous ones.

List of Top 10 Haunted Places in Kolkata



Howrah Bridge :


Howrah Bridge – The Lady in White

The Howrah Bridge in Kolkata is not only an iconic landmark but is also believed to be inhabited by spirits. Wrestlers who train beneath it share stories of witnessing mysterious arms emerging from the Hooghly River, leaving them uncertain whether they belong to the living or the supernatural. Some individuals have reported encountering a weeping woman draped in white robes, her haunting cries resonating in a nasal voice. Those brave enough to approach her have claimed to experience profound trauma. Legend has it that these spirits are the souls of individuals who met their demise in the river, whether through accidental or intentional drowning. While tales of ghosts haunting various locations at night are not uncommon, it is the morning hours that are reputed to be the most unsettling near the Howrah Bridge.


National Library :


National Library – Ghost with an OCD

The National Library in Alipore is often considered an eerie location in the city, especially if you lend credence to such tales (I find libraries to be rather melancholic places). Numerous individuals claim to have sensed an unseen presence looming over them while reading alone, a sensation purportedly intensified if a book is not returned to its designated spot. This ghostly figure is humorously described as having an exceptionally strong case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder that persists beyond the grave.

Reports also abound of phantom footsteps near individuals, though no visible entities are present. Both readers and librarians have recounted instances of chairs mysteriously moving, particularly those upon which they were seated. Additionally, there are accounts of strange sounds such as rustling pages and the thud of falling books. The prevailing belief is that these occurrences are linked to the spirit of the wife of Charles Metcalfe, a former Governor-General of India. For those residing in Alipore hotels, a visit to this iconic landmark is recommended.


Nimtala Ghat :


Nimtala Ghat – Where Aghoris Roam

Nimtala Ghat is one of the oldest crematoria in Kolkata, and what better place to have been claimed as being haunted than one, where spirits are supposedly released from the body. Aghoris throng this ghat on the occasion of Kali Puja, wherein they eat the already burned corpses and smear the ash on themselves (a band like Gorgoroth or Cannibal Corpse could make an entire music video, showing them amid human remains, eating off the dead). They are also said to invoke the goddess so that she possesses them. It might not be so scary an experience, but certainly one worth looking at.


Putulbari :


Putulbari – House of Dolls Possessed

Dolls may seem charming, right? Yet, those familiar with The Conjuring, Annabelle, The Child’s Play series, or the Dexter’s Laboratory episode “Dee Dee’s Room” might question that notion. If you want to heighten your skepticism towards dolls, pay a visit to Putulbari – The House of Dolls. Before any eerie presence registers, dolls arranged on stands within a grand Romanesque building will send shivers down your spine. Despite having residents, even they shy away from the upper floors. Legend has it that affluent landlords, residing in this haunted Kolkata house in bygone eras, committed heinous acts against numerous women, who now linger as ghosts. Some claim to hear women’s laughter and the faint sound of anklets, even in the absence of anyone but themselves. If you muster the courage to ascend to the upper stories, you may find a newfound respect for your bravery.


Writer’s Building :


Writer’s Building – Dead Man Walking

The Writer’s Building in Binoy Badal Dinesh Bagh is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Captain Simpson from the East India Company. Simpson was allegedly murdered by revolutionaries during the struggle for independence, and his apparition is said to roam the premises at night. Caretakers report hearing eerie shriek-like noises late into the night, even though the building is off-limits to people after 7:00 pm. According to claims, no caretaker has managed to endure the job for more than 24 hours due to the unsettling occurrences.


The Royal Calcutta Turf Club


The Royal Calcutta Turf Club – The Fallen Shall Rise 

In the vibrant city of Kolkata, not only do men and women supposedly wander as ghosts, but also spectral horses. A fascinating account unfolds at The Royal Calcutta Turf Club, where locals assert witnessing an ethereal sight – a white horse reminiscent of Shadowfax, galloping on the racetrack beneath the glow of a full moon. The phantom steed is believed to be Pride, once owned by the British horse racing enthusiast George Williams. This magnificent horse secured numerous victories, bringing fame and fortune to its owner. However, its triumphs were eventually overshadowed by the passage of time, and in its later years, it suffered a defeat that marked the end of its racing career. Tragically, the following day, Pride was discovered lifeless on the racetrack – a poignant parallel to a scene from The Godfather, where a horse’s severed head rests beside its owner.


Hastings House :


Hastings House – Lordship Defiled

Named after the first Governor-General of the Presidency of Fort William (Bengal), Warren Hastings, Hastings House witnessed significant historical events. Upon Hastings’ return to England, he faced impeachment for alleged misconduct, leading to a seven-year trial that ultimately resulted in his acquittal. According to local lore, the ghost of Warren Hastings is believed to frequent the house, searching for a folder containing crucial documents that could have shielded him from impeachment.

Today, Hastings House has been repurposed as a college, where students claim to have encountered a ghostly apparition riding a horse. Another legend linked to this colonial-era building involves the tragic death of a schoolboy while playing football. Presently, stories circulate about students engaging in the sport here suffering serious injuries. Thinking of playing football? I wager you might reconsider now.


Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station :


Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station – Gallery of Suicide

Metro stations, particularly those located underground, already possess an unsettling ambiance. When you factor in tales of spirits and supernatural phenomena, opting for travel by car or bus might become more appealing. Rabindra Sadan Metro Station, known for numerous suicides, is believed to be haunted by the lingering spirits of the victims. Witnesses have recounted eerie accounts of vague figures traversing through platform pillars and railway tracks, with both commuters and train drivers attesting to these occurrences. In particular, the midnight train has gained a reputation for being haunted. If you’re a fan of horror movies and seek an eerie experience in Kolkata, this is a must-visit destination. However, are you daring enough to board the midnight ghost train?


Wipro Office in Salt Lake City :


Wipro Office in Salt Lake City – Tech-savvy Apparitions

If you are coming to Kolkata to work with an IT company, then there are chances you are staying at a hotel in Salt Lake City. Seems like some ghosts here are tech-savvy as they have taken a real liking to the Wipro office here. Salt Lake City or Bidhannagar is said to have been built on a wetland, and the plot, where the Wipro office stands now, was supposed to be a graveyard. Remember the dollhouse episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Phoebe imagines that it was built on a Native American graveyard and now has ghosts? As with every so-called haunted place, strange figures are said to be seen by people. Employees working the midnight shift are afraid to use the washroom alone or take the lift because they are afraid of the presence, and consider this to be one of the most haunted places in Kolkata.


Park Street Cemetery : 


Park Street Cemetery – Pure Gothic Horror

Nothing epitomizes the essence of Gothic more than a cemetery; countless horror films and music videos showcase eerie graveyards shrouded in darkness. The cemetery situated on Park Street stands out as Kolkata’s most renowned haunted location. Those who venture here at midnight claim to witness mysterious silhouettes on the walls and hear spine-chilling sounds. According to a tale linked to the graveyard, a group of friends once visited, and suddenly one of them experienced dyspnea (shortness of breath). Allegedly, cameras malfunction in this eerie place, capturing peculiar photographs. If you dare to explore the cemetery at midnight, test the veracity of these tales by attempting to capture your chilling photos.


Apart from Kolkata, there are many other cities with purportedly haunted places. Read about all these spooky spots here:


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