How to Pick the Best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone?

How often does it happen that you went out to buy lipstick and you are confused with the shade? Whats Best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone?

It is a common thought for girls when you go out of your house.

🤔 “Does this red look too bright for the day?”

🙄 “Is the nude lipstick good enough with this dress?” and many more.

Lipsticks are available in a wide range of shades, consistencies, undertones and finishes.

When you go out in the market, you look for that perfect diary lipstick in the store, turning the make-up shopping agenda into a mission.

Finding the best nude lipstick for fair skin or any other skin tone can be exhausting, even for a make-up expert.

However, with our lipstick choosing tips, the task can become less daunting. You can use lipstick charts displaying skin tone suitability for your reference.

But if you find it difficult to understand the perfect match from a shade card, here we have the best guideline to make your life easier.

Before you choose your lipstick, we recommend identifying your skin tone or undertone.

Sometimes finding a suitable foundation helps in determining the undertone of your skin.

In a broad spectrum, we classify skin undertone under two brackets: cool or warm. People having a cool undertone usually tend to have light-coloured skin.

Whereas people having warm undertones tend to get olive or golden hue.

Do you still find it difficult to decipher your undertone?

Consider your skin tone neutral, i.e., a mix of cool and warm both, and start choosing your lipstick accordingly.


Easy Tips for Choosing the Best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone


1️⃣ Solutions for Cool Undertones:


Cool Undertones

We categorize people with fair skin having a reddish, bluish, or pinkish hue as people with a cool undertone.

Can you see your blue veins when you look at your wrist?

Does silver jewellery pieces complement your skin tone?

Do you get a skin burn before a tan when you step out in the sun without a sunblock?

Each of these is a sign of having a cool skin tone.

If you have such a skin tone, then lipsticks with purple or blue undertones are perfect for you.

These are not exactly blue or purple but have a simple hue.

Other options that suit fair-skinned people are shades of red that have bluish or purplish hues, like cherry red.

Even lipsticks that lean towards an orangish hue can make your lips look stunning.

If you want the best nude lipstick for pale skin, don’t shy away.

Nude lipsticks against fair skin bring out the natural gloss of your lips.

The best nude shades for a subtle appearance are Rosey, taupe beige, or simple pink.

If you are still unsure of the shade on your lips, you can use tinted lip balm to adjust the colour to suit your preference.

In fact, adding a lip balm along with your lipstick hydrates your lips. 

The choice of lipstick also changes with the kind of event you are planning to visit.

If it is an elegant dinner, women with a cool skin undertone can try the wine shade. The rich wine colour adds a significant elegance to your appearance.

Sometimes, the application of rich colours on your lips can lead to their dryness.

But if you still crave those shades, you suggest the application of hydrating lip butter formula.

These essential oil and beeswax-made lip hydrants prevent flaking by providing a soft base to your lipstick.


2️⃣ Solutions for Warm Skin Tone:


Solutions for Warm Skin Tone

We classify people with skin tones having an olive, yellow, or golden hue as warm-toned people.

To ensure you belong to this category of skin undertone, check for your wrist veins. The veins of warm-toned people have a greenish-blue hue.

Gold jewellery pieces complement your skin tone, and your skin is susceptible to tan straight away when you go out in the sun.

The paler nude shade is the best nude lipstick for medium skin. 

We recommend choosing warm colour shades of lipstick when you go out shopping.

Some of the common shades that you can try are-

      • Brick red
      • terracotta brown
      • Daring orange

If you choose nude shades, follow the thumb rule of choosing lipstick shade to complement your skin tone.

The thumb rule requires you to choose a shade that corresponds with your skin tone.

So, if you have a light skin tone, choose a paler nude shade.

For medium skin tones, a richer shade of nude is appreciable.

When you select shades for warm skin tones, we recommend shades of orange or fiery reds.

For a bold appearance, you can also try golds and coppers.

For an elegant look, try the Bright Fuchsia lipstick shade.


3️⃣ Solutions for Neutral Skin Tones:


Solutions for Neutral Skin Tones

A neutral skin undertone is a mix of yellow and pink skin base colours.

People having neutral undertones look attractive in both gold and silver jewellery pieces.

Hence, when you look for the best lipstick with perfect tone matte lip creme, you get a wide array of shades to choose from.

There is an option for pink, mauve, and even shades of berry.

For elegance with a neutral skin tone, we recommend a subtle no-makeup appearance and pairing with Sheer Satin lipstick colour.

You can even try layering shades on your lips for better coverage.



Are you confused with the wide array of lipstick shades available in the store?

Worried which one will suit your skin tone?

Go by the thumb rule of lipstick, select and choose a shade that corresponds to your skin tone.

Cool shades go perfectly with cool skin tones and warm shades with warm or medium skin tones.

If you have a neutral skin undertone, then you can select from either of the options.

There is a common misconception when it comes to lipsticks with a grey tone. People believe that they wash out your appearance.

However, it is an excellent choice for a cool skin undertone. In fact, when you wear grey-toned lipstick, your teeth get a whiter appearance.

Irrespective of what colour you choose for your lips, get a shade that makes you look confident. Your confidence rules over the thumb rule of lipstick selection.

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