Motherhood – The Best Experience a Woman Can Have in Life

Women – When You Experience Motherhood

👉 Motherhood is probably the best experience in a woman’s life.

👉 By motherhood you mean the phase of a woman’s life starting from becoming a mom and continuing with the daily child upbringing activities.

👉 It is said that an important part of a woman’s life is to be a mother.

👉 Women feel empowered because you alone have the divine power to bring a life on earth, to give birth to a baby.


Women and Babies- The Special Bonds Of Motherhood:


Bonds Of Motherhood

Women, the one with divine power of delivering a baby, have strong influence on the habit and nature of the kids.

In the entire society, it is the mother who influences her baby the most.

As a matter of fact the entire world of a baby revolves around their mothers.

Hence, it is quite obvious that being a mom is a big responsibility.


Pro Tips:

  • Since you as the mother, is responsible for nurturing your baby, it is your duty to teach the child about the society and make this earth a better inhabitable place for them.

The bond between a child and its mother is a well-known string to the world.

The bond is so strong that the mother doesn’t even need words to know what the child is seeking or willing to say.

This is the best dynamic relationship that exists lovingly among children and their mothers.


But why is this bond so special?

This can be because of the special power of sensing the danger that are given to the mothers only and no one else.

One should not forget about the admiring gift related to her intuition!

This intuition works in favour of women when situation comes to deciding on the rights and wrongs of her baby.

It is always the mother who makes the difference in a kid’s life.

Whether you child will contribute to your society or not is actually up to you.


Mommies, did you know that you are most extreme influential person in your kid’s life?

Well yes!

Mothers influence the most, as they are the best and longest teacher for a child when the life related classes are considered.


  • Moms, it is your duty to bestow upon your kid the wisdom of confidence and self-belief.


Duties that a Mother Perform Throughout Her Life:

Being a mother is not an easy job.

You have to be an all-in-all person for your kid.

Since mothers influence their kids so much it becomes very important for them to perform all daily activities with kids for their development.

Duties are regularly performed by a mother, working or a home maker, these duties are non-negotiable –

1️⃣ Mothers are always the best chef in the world for her baby.

Being a mother means cooking about 3-4 meals in one day for 365 days.

Though you are your baby’s best chef, yet you will come across scenario when you deal with a child’s food tantrum.

Don’t expect a thank you for the food always.

But if you hear a thank you, be sure to get double energy at work.


2️⃣ Moms are the best housekeeper that ever existed on the earth.

Name a mess and moms can clean it up for you.

Starting from the kid’s diapers to the dirty rooms of adolescents, mothers are cleaning all of these for the upbringing of their kids.


3️⃣ Mothers always stay as a kid’s friend, philosopher and guide.

When a kid develops conflict with a fellow student or playmate, it is the mother you help in resolving issues.

In order to resolve different issues, a mother has to undergo several activities.

Patience is the virtue mothers!

Mother listen patiently about all your issues, negotiate and reason with you for resolving issues, compromises on her part wherever needed ad teaches you the same skill.


4️⃣ Who else can be the best planner of several events than a mother?

Have you ever thought how hectic your mother’s schedule is?

They PTA meetings at your school, maintain appointment with doctors to keep you healthy, plan your vacation, schedule time for teaching your and many more.

Tiring isn’t it?


5️⃣ As already discussed before mother take the duty as the primary teacher in a kid’s life while having motherhood.

The subject to be taught is however not merely mathematics, English or any school subjects is.

As a mother you need to educate your child with various subjects be it the school subjects or regular social education.

Mother teaches us everything.

They teach their babies the art of cooking, the art of love or all living object, how to respect people, above all teaches the art of thinking.

Strangely, mothers teach us so many think without even knowing that they are doing it!

In fact very kids can actually realize that they learnt all in life, majorly from their mother.

Like there is no end to learning, there is no end to a mother’s teaching.


Pro Tips:

  • Everything you learn from your mother stays with you until you breathe your last.
  • How you behave in life is solely dependent on how well you learnt from your mother.


6️⃣ Moms are the best chauffer, who takes you to doctor, schools, your sports training places and many more places.


7️⃣ No matter how dirty we got our dresses, we were always calm about the fact.

Why so?

Well we always knew our mothers are there.

Mothers always launder our clothes since childhood without any complain.


8️⃣ Remember those nights when you had high fever and your mom stood by your side?

Mothers truly are the best nurse a person can have.

When you get sick your mother nurses and cares for you the best.

She gives food from time to time, bathes you when needed, gives you medicine etc.

There is no end to the duties your mother does for you.



The bond that a mother shares with her child can’t be explained in words.

A mother is an all-in-all personality.

She is the person educating you with knowledge and wisdom to survive in the world.

She floods a child’s life with fun and joy.

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