Women Empowerment – True Taste of Independence For Rural Feminine

women empowerment

Women Empowerment a cure for Women independence is a matter of big concern in every country, especially in the rural areas.

👉 Majority of the world is run by a patriarchal society.

👉 A major problem arising from this system is the issue with women’s independence.

👉 A common phenomenon observed in South Asian women is the notion to seek permission from their husband to decide on their mobility or any course of daily activity thus rises the urge for women empowerment.

👉 Tracking the situation down to the source one can conclude that this lack of independence is majorly an effect of lack of income and confidence on the woman’s part.

👉 A probable solution to the system can be to empower women and lead them to their independence.


Issues Commonly Faced on the Path of Independent Rural Women:

Women Empowerment
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  • Women hardly manage to find a secured place for women only to gather to discuss social issues.
  • Lack of education and skill training in rural areas demotivates women empowerment.
  • Lack of self-esteem and confidence among women due to negligence and disrespect in the families.
  • Low or nil income is the majority of cases that can be resolved with women empowerment



  • The first step to women empowerment is to build their confidence.
  • Women, especially their family feel secure when they visit rurally arranged camps.
  • Setting up such camps, teaching women various skills and seeing to their income is the best step for confidence building.


Some Steps Taken For Women Empowerment:

Throughout the world different associations have taken up the noble work of women empowerment, affecting their independence positively.

Some common activities performed in women empowerment camps are –


1️⃣ Provide a sense of security to all women and their families with feminine empowerment.

This is done to ensure that women don’t face any restriction from the family’s end on their mobility to visit the camps.

The idea is to support their mobility and independence.

Women can thus take a step outside their homes and travel unaccompanied to the camps for social discussions.

Being secured hardly a woman seeks family approval to be here.


2️⃣ Getting enlightened with different skills and education is the next important step.

Learning to read is the 1st step to literacy and a step forward in feminine empowerment.

Knowing the way to read makes you confident as now you can read all signboards and medicine bottle labels or any similar items.

It’s almost like being blind when you can’t read.


3️⃣ When women join camps they learn how to income and the art of savings in women empowerment.

As a part of the women empowerment initiative ladies here learn earning through various modes.

Imparting knowledge of skill helps those women to get themselves some minor jobs.

Showing them the path to wise investment is beneficial.


4️⃣ Teaching a woman to be an entrepreneur is an effective way.

Small business investments like cooking, knitting etc. is a real smooth way to be an entrepreneur.


5️⃣ It is a natural process, as you become a regular visitor to the women empowerment camps, your self-confidence and esteem increase to a considerable extent.


Pro Tips:

  • More a woman gets to discuss with others, the better is the confidence-building.
  • If the woman gets praised in front of outsiders for her work or ideas, it is the most rewarding way to build self-esteem.


6️⃣ As these rural women get independent, slowly they develop the power to decide family matters.

Strange, these women had been behind veils till the empowerment took place and now they make decisions stronger than many men in the society!


7️⃣ Lastly, the feeling of independence is also related to health.

The more aware you become about various health and hygiene issues the better care can you give to yourself and your family.

Being healthy makes a woman more confident and less vulnerable.

This is truly the key to independence.


Skill Based Empowerment Process:


✅ The new notion in the wind is to impart knowledge on women to prevent them from being involved in physical labour.

✅ Reduced labour and a decent desk job is a dream job for all women, isn’t it?

✅ Even to date the common work taken up by rural women is physical labour.

✅ This is an effect of a lack of skills.

✅ It is wrong to think that a country’s economy is only dependent on physical labour.

✅ A woman can get a much more respectful desk job where they can learn skills and earn good money for their family.


Pro Tips:

  • Rural women can join different Government-run training for industries and learn more about the trade.
  • This will help in skill development.


Benefits of Vocational Training for Rural Women:


If you are providing rural women with vocational training for skill development purposes, they get benefits as below –

  • Development of their skills to fluent communication
  • Empower them with etiquettes of business
  • Development of language skills
  • Develop your skill as the leader in the market
  • Develop the skills of management
  • Learn to be an entrepreneur
  • The more you know about different issues and learn about the currency, you become good at accounting.
  • Regular empowerment training also imparts the skill of computer handling

In short, getting the vocational classes ensures a woman has all the basic skills necessary to become prominent in society and to become suitable for office-based jobs.

This is providing equipment to those women to establish themselves in the market.


Fields Where Rural Women Can Independently Work:

Empowering a woman means giving her the independence to think in which she will like to have independence.

Let the person choose the field of skill development.



  • Being a person helping in the empowerment of rural women, indulge in a counselling session that might help in making a better decision in field selection.
  • This helps them in coping with challenges in selecting their work field.


The various fields where rural women show expertise are –

  • Healthcare
  • Caring for children
  • Tourism industry
  • Pharmaceuticals

There can be many more



The development of a country requires every man and woman’s contribution as well as Women independence in a rural and urban area.

To get the desired contribution you need the rural women to come forward and enhance the country’s economy.

To give the rural women the deserved respect and skills they must become independent.

Women empowerment with skill and vocational training is the ideal way to make all women independent and confident.



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