Hard Truth About Being a New Stepmother

Right from our childhood we grow up listening to the fairytales and stories of Cinderella, Snow white and so on, where New Stepmother are evil and put a child’s life through misery.

No wonder this has successfully created a dark image about a woman when it comes to having a stepmother in every human’s mind.

 But is it always a true fact a new stepmother is an evil woman?

👉 The scenario is not always like the fairytales in real life.

👉 In fact in real life, a woman getting married to a divorcee or single father finds it quite a hard time to get along with the step kids and display her love and emotion to the child freely.

👉 This majorly happens in cases where the child is overwhelmed with the belief of evil stepmother and doesn’t show a friendly gesture to the lady.

Being a new stepmother is such a hard duty for every woman.

It definitely calls for lot of responsibilities as you need to win over a child’s heart and fill it with love, do all household chores and more.


Life of a Woman as a New Stepmother:

Have you ever given it a through that the role of a woman as stepmother is probably the most underappreciated and difficult role in a family in majority of cases?

Divorces and single parenting, being a common trend in today’s world, a second marriage is also liable to follow.

But, if you check on different home counselling cases, it is commonly observed that the second wife or the stepmother to the child is considered as the base of every problem arising in the family.

Some common thing that a woman goes through in this situation is daily insecurity, unhealthy conflicts with the husband and definitely misbehaviour from the stepchildren.

Of course, there are situation when stepmother play evil role in family, but they are not only responsible all the time.

The members of the family play a vital role in the conflicts with second marriages.

Pro Tips:

  • As common notion, every family member tends to compare the new wife with the ex-wife and this leaves a very deep impression in a kid’s mind all the time.

Ideas to Help a Stepmother Regain Her Honour in the Family with Grace:

No doubt being a stepmother can make your life miserable with the entire negative attitude you receive from your kids and other family members.

But there are certain hacks that will help you gain back your honour as a woman, rather than an evil stepmom, and get along with a happy family life.

These basic hacks can be described as below –


1️⃣ Know The Role as a Mother and Do it Right:

To avoid being treated as the negative stepmother the first thing you need to do is to master the role of being the mother.

To begin the role starts with respecting the real mother and get to know the person.

Getting along with your husband’s ex-wife is a good way to know her likes and dislikes; especially how she would have liked to see her kids grow.

The more you get to know the other woman, the better you do your role as a mother and gain the trust of your step kids.

As you consult with the 1st wife take her advises in certain cases with regards to her children and accept the decisions she takes for them, no matter how displeasing is that for you.


Pro Tips:

  • When you accept her decisions, it doesn’t mean you don’t get to put in your choice as well.
  • This is simply a gesture to show that your respect the woman.
  • When you respect the 1st wife, you actually portray her as the good mom that her kids expect her to be.
  • To add more to the respect it is always good to avoid getting called as the mother.
  • Kids love it when their parents take all parenting decisions for them and prefer the stepmother to be a friendly woman.
  • The more you respect their mother; it will make your life as a stepmom as the kids start growing closer to you.


2️⃣ Keep Your Marriage Secured:

If you want to have a smooth life with happy kids and a happy husband then the second thing after maintaining your role is to have your marriage secured.

It is quite understandable that having kids, especially when they are biologically not yours, can have little disturbance in a married life.

So it is your role post marriage to ensure that you give the kids and ex-wife time and also provide yourself and your husband quality time together and alone.

It is very important to know your husband very well.

Communication, love and emotion play vital role at the base of every happy relationship.

As a wife you need to work hard on that to make your own life easier in the family.


3️⃣ Greet All Good Moments and Embrace the Time Happily:

When you get into a new family, you will come across certain good situation as you blend along the family.

It is very important to embrace all these good moments and remember them to create a positive vibe when you come across difficult situations.

😓 A woman needs to remember that being a stepmother and getting along in a family with divorce is a hard job.

🥺 But, if you start with the emotion, love and learn from the mistakes you make, you will surely win over every heart in the family fast and get along positively.


Indulging in Woman-To-Woman Talk at Times:

When you are getting along good with the family, it is very important not to stop respecting the 1st wife.

You can try to get along with her in a woman-to-woman talk.

This will show signs of maturity and creating a great bond that you can cherish with your step children.



Life as a stepmother is mostly the one that starts with lots of misery.

But if your take the ownership to fulfil your role as the new mother with proper respect to the biological mother, it can be an easier task for winning the kids over.

Win over your husband with quality and love moments.

All of these will work together to make your life smooth and easy one.

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