Will Something Happen To Jagannath Puri Temple In 2026?

If you are among those wondering souls who are worried about the future of Jagannath Puri Dham and are afraid of the outcomes, you have landed at the right place. Curious Kasturi is here to feed your inquisitive mind with some of the best information that you love to read. So, without any haste, let us read and break the silence on what will happen to Jagannath Puri Temple in 2026.

We would like to start with the Legends behind Jagannath Puri….

Jagannath Puri Temple – Martya Vaikuntha


Our beloved Jagannath Puri Temple is considered the Abode of Lord Mahavishnu on Earth. Thus, it is known as the Vaikuntha on Martyalok. It was said, that once the long five thousand years of Kali Yuga have passed, eminent signs will be seen to announce (Right from the Neelanchal Kshetra) the end of this period (Kali Yuga). Following the incident, the birth of Kalki, the 10th incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu will be taken place to destroy all the evils of Kali Yuga.

Mythology of Jagannath Puri


The story of Lord Krishna’s Heart and how the heart came floating on a wooden log to Puri is known to many of us. Additionally, there is another legend that says that every 12 years the statues of Jagannath, Balaram, and Suvadra get changed and the heart of Jagannath Deva beats inside. However, skeptical minds do not agree with these legends, and they eventually like to bypass the declaration of the End of Puri in the year 2026 due to catastrophe as well.

Prophecy of Bhavishya Malika on Puri Temple  


Nevertheless, if you have heard of Bhavishya Malika, composed by Sage Achyutanand Das and Panchasakha, you might be surprised to know that many prophecies mentioned in this book have come true. So, the prophecy related to the Puri temple, and the immersion of the temple in the ocean is thought to have taken place as well.

According to sagas, it has been a tradition that a portion of India used to submerge after the end of each Yuga. Lanka was drowned at the End of Treta, Dwarka was submerged at the End of Dwapar, and now at the end of the present epoch (Kali Yuga), Jagannath Puri will be submerged into the ocean. This evidence is enough for believers to believe that we are on the verge of losing the principal pilgrimage, the Puri Jagannath Dham very soon, and the end of Kali Yuga is already in its process.

Apparently, the prophecies made on Puri Jagannath Temple by Bhavishya Malika are not myths. However, we cannot change or force minds to believe it. But, we cannot change or force the event that was foretold in Bhavisya Malika, composed by Achyutanand Das Ji.

Let us shed light on the prophecies made by Bhavisya Malika at Jagannath Puri Temple…

  • At the end of the epoch of Kali Yuga, Puri will be reigned by the 19th and last King of Purushottamdev’s family, Titular Gajapati Maharaja Divya Sing Dev IV. Shockingly, Maharaja Divya Sign Dev IV is currently the Adhyasevaka of Mahapravu Jagannath and he has four daughters but no son.
  • Achyuttananda Das ji had written in Bhavishay Malika that a heavy stone would fall from the main temple of Puri Dham and it would be a sheer indication of the starting of the end of the Kali Yuga. In 1990, on 16th June, a stone fell from Amla Bedha of Shree Mandir; and to date, scientists could not find out the exact reason behind the fall of the stone and from where such a huge stone (over one ton) came exactly.
  • It was said, the lime coating of the main temple of Jagannath Puri would come out and the Neelchakra of Shri Jagannath would be crooked, and India would suffer from the economic crisis. This happened in the year of 1990. When lime came out from Jagannath temple, India had suffered from a drastic economic crisis, and the crisis was resolved under the guidance of the prime minister of that time, Dr.Chandrashekhar. Again, the lines that were prophesied 600 years ago by Achyuttananda Das ji were proven right.
  • It was said that a Vulture would sit on Arun Stambh which would not be a good sign for humanity. This incident took place in July 2020, and again Bhavishya Malika’s prophecies were proven right.
  • It was also mentioned in Bhavishya Malika that the Kalpabata tree will be uprooted due to storms when the reign of Kali Yoga is at its highest stage. In the future. In 2019, on 3rd May, Cyclone Fani uprooted the Kalpabata on the premises of Jagannath temple.

There are more signs that we have experienced to date including catching fire of the flag on Neelachakra, the abrupt fall of stones, theft at night inside Puri temple, the tilted incident of Neelchakra due to wind, and so on. These are the clear pieces of evidence to prove that we are on the verge of destruction and Kali Yuga is already at its end.

What Will Happen to Puri Jagannath Temple in 2026?


However, we are not the sages and we cannot predict the end of Jagannath Puri being so self-deceptive entities. Yes, it is said in Bhavishya Malika that the Lord of Jagannath Dham, Lord MahaVishnu will leave Nilachal (Puri Dham) with his Sister Suvadra and Brother Balarama when Kali Yuga will be on the verge of doom, and he will set off for Chhatiya Bata temple which is situated in the Jaipur District in Odisha. Chhatiya Bata will be the only place that will not be submerged by the ocean.

It is also said that Lord Vishnu will incarnate as Kalki and slay sinners to purify the World and re-establish Dharma, the ERA of SATTYA YUGA.

So, till then don’t pay heed to gossip but engage yourself in good works. If you cannot do good for others, at least stay back and don’t harm others. Live and let live, and improve your KARMA to attain the ultimate peace, the Mukti in conquering the darkness inside you and librate your soul from worldly bondages.

Lord Krishna is here, there, and everywhere and he sustains all Yugas and he will be always there for you.

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