World Emoji Day🎉 – Blow Up Your Friends Chat with a Emoji Blast!!😍

Before Celebrating World Emoji Day, do you know when humans first used symbols to communicate with one another? Around 30,000 years ago, symbols were used for cave art, which allowed humans to communicate with a group of individuals. From that age to the present, still we have used symbols as a way of communication, most commonly known as “Emojis.” Now the question is, why do we still use symbols for communication when there are so many different languages available throughout the world? The answer is simple: a symbol or picture conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a simple verbal statement.

Do you know when the first emoji day was celebrated?😺 Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia, established World Emoji Day in July 17 2014. He selected July 17 since the iPhone’s emoji calendar displays that date.

Let’s get to know some interesting facts regarding emojis’ application in our life.🤘

emoji day

Who invented emoji?🤔

  • 🥰 In 1982, computer scientist Scott Fahlman created the first happy emoticon 🙂 to help users on message boards determine if a post was a joke or serious.
  • 🤗 Shigetaka Kurita, a Japanese artist, produced the first emoji in 1999. Kurita was a member of the “i-mode” development team of DOCOMO, the leading mobile operator in Japan.
  • 🤨 Emojis were encoded in the Unicode Standard in 2010, allowing them to be extensively utilized outside of Japan in new computer applications and digital technologies.

Every year, new emojis are developed. tracks all emoji modifications for all devices and operating systems. Over 1800 emojis cover a wide range of topics, not simply emotions. Emojis virtually speak for themselves, from transportation, food, and a range of wild and domesticated animals to social platforms, weather, and biological processes.

Developers devised a range of celebration emoticons to ensure that we could show our joy. There’s something for every occasion, whether it’s a new baby’s arrival, a birthday, or a marriage anniversary.

emoji day

4 Cool Ideas to Celebrate World Emoji Day😎

  • 😀 Create a social media conversation using just emojis and no letters.
  • 😄 To celebrate the day, bake a cake with a face emoji and conduct a cake-cutting ceremony with friends.
  • 😆 Wear an emoji t-shirt and take a photo to use as a DP.
  • 😉 Make a short video with your friends to express each of their facial expressions using the appropriate emoji.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate the day, we wish you a very happy World Emoji Day in advance!

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