Worship Vishwakarma According to Your Zodiac Sign To Ensure Success for Your Business

Worship Vishwakarma in Puja is an auspicious event to celebrate the birthday of Lord Vishwakarma. He is the 7th child of Lord Brahma and the architect of our universe. Every year, most Hindus celebrate Vishwakarma puja on the 17th or 18th of September; during the Kanya Sankranti.

Vishwakarma Puja Time & Date

In 2022, Vishwakarma Puja is going to be observed on the 17th of September on Saturday. The puja tithi will start at 7:36 AM.

Which People Mostly Do Observe Vishwakarma Puja?

People who earn their livelihood as mechanics, craftspersons, technicians, carpenters, ironsmiths, etc. do celebrate this day mostly. Even, in many houses, the puja is observed with full devotion and enthusiasm.

But, today we are curious to discuss something different but interesting. We will discuss how a devotee can get double benefits in worshiping Vishwakarma.

Worship Vishwakarma According to Zodiac for Success & Prosperity

To earn blessings and welcome happiness, and fame in professional and personal life everyone needs to follow an easy astrological tip according to zodiac signs. Let us begin,

  1. Aries: Aries natives need to dress up in saffron color dresses on this day to perform puja. It will bring them luck and success.
  2. Taurus: Taurus people need to chant a mantra of Vishwakarma during puja along with 11 times chanting of Kuber Ji. It will save them from the negative effects of Shani Dhaiya.
  3. Gemini: Use plenty of green color in doing rangoli for Kalash Sthapana. Chant the Shatnaam of Lord Ganesha before your worship Vishwakarma. Distribute and donate bananas to needy people.
  4. Cancer: To earn benefit from this puja, do distribute any kind of white food among needy people. It will help you earn blessings from Lord Shiva during Vishwakarma worshiping.
  5. Leo: On Vishwakarma puja day, take bath early in the morning. Provide water to Lord Surya. Mix roli, red flower, and jaggery with the water to get a better result.
  6. Virgo: During Vishwakarma puja, offer thanks to Lord Moon. You will get benefited and all your wishes get fulfilled. You will get a new job opportunity soon.
  7. Libra: You will receive certain benefits in worshiping Vishwakarma. You will get free from the evil eye of Saturn and all your obstacles will be gone.
  8. Scorpio: To enhance your business and foreign transaction, place a Kalash on a red/pink rangoli while worshiping and feed a red lentil to Cow.
  9. Sagittarius: Offer clothes in the name of Ganesha, Mahadeva, and Mata Gauri to a temple to earn benefits in your life.
  10. Capricorn: You must do Vishwakarma puja to overcome hurdles in your business. Purify equipment in your factory by reciting Gayatri Mantra on this day.
  11. Aquarius: Use Kush asana while you take a seat for puja and offer Parijat/Shiuli flower to Deva. You will get rid of negative energies.
  12. Pisces: Do Vishwakarma puja with full devotion and faith to reduce negativity from your life.

Closing Words,

Just worship Deva Vishwakarma in the way mentioned above and experience a positive change in your professional life.

Curious Kasturi greets you all with a Happy Vishwakarma Puja and wishes you good luck.

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