8 Ways To Be Healthy, Happy And Wealthy – Life Hack

Be Healthy And Live A Wealthy Life:

🟢 Right from childhood we get accustomed to some common phrases like Health is wealth.

🟢 How many of us actually get the real meaning of this phrase?

🟢 No matter how much earn in life, if you are not healthy the wealth is not worth anything.


So if we consider the literal meaning of the phrase then the real wealth is our health and definitely not the money you earn.


🤑 When we earn money, our natural tendency leads us to spend the same on junk food, late night parties and more harmful lifestyle.

😱 This kind of life style gives us temporary pleasure and leaves us with long term side effects like that of diabetes, chronic kidney disease, many more and obviously the worst of all obesity.

👉 The moral says, earning a fortune and spending on junk food and drinks is not the tip to healthy life.

💪 Whereas even if you earn little and eat food at home, get good sleep and maintain a decent health.


  • Even if you are earning a lot of money, spend less on restaurant food.
  • You can spend the money for a better lifestyle like travelling, going to gym etc. and be healthy.
  • In short food and health remain connected to each other in a strong manner.


Healthy Food Tips – The Clue to Be Healthy:

Healthy Food Tips

How you have your food daily and what you have as meals make difference to your health.

Some food tips for a healthy lifestyle can be discussed as below –


1️⃣ Care For The Food You Eat –

      • The 1st tip of food care is to avoid food that are unhealthy and calorie rich.
      • When you have high calorie food it affects your health adversely by leading to obesity, cardio diseases and cholesterol problems.
      • Consume fibre rich fruits suitable for the season, proteins and vitamins.

Pro tips:

      • Eating healthy doesn’t require putting a ban on the delicious calorie desserts.
      • But consumption in moderation helps you to maintain the balance.


2️⃣ Don’t Skip Out Breakfast –

      • Many of us have a tendency to skip out on our breakfast.
      • It is deadly habit.
      • In the morning, the rate of metabolism reduces and leads to easy gaining of weight and creates problem with your digestion.
      • Whereas, having breakfast leads to increased concentration, focus on daily work and controlling your weight.


3️⃣ Remember To Wash Your Hands-

      • It is very important to clean your hands before you eat.
      • This prevents you from consumption of germs otherwise present in your hand.
      • Some use hand sanitizers for this fact.
      • But excess use can be bad on your health.


            • Try not to use hand sanitizers in excess.
            • This hampers the natural immunity in you.


4️⃣ Avoid Eating In Excess –

      • Eating is an action that follows almost every human emotion.
      • One tends to eat food when he or she is either hungry or bored or sad or happy or going through any kind of emotional outburst.
      • But this kind of eating mindlessly is bad for your health.
      • Avoid having food when you feel unjustified cravings.
      • One should eat only when he or she is hungry


5️⃣ Check The Labels On Packed Food Items You Buy –

      • Labels from any kind of packed food contain all information about the  food content like how much calories it contains, the ingredients etc.
      • It is important to read these label before you buy any food.
      • But do you always remember to read it before you buy?
      • Most of the time we forget.
      • Remember to read the nutrient facts in the labels.
      • Get a real fact about the healthy packed food we buy from the store.


6️⃣ Thinking Pessimistic –

      • In general when we get a pessimistic thinking in mind, we tend to eat more.
      • This is bad for health.
      • Furthermore this leaves a poisonous effect on our health.
      • Being negative can change our attitude.


7️⃣ Having A Balanced-Diet –

      • Your daily food should have an ideal balance of carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals etc.
      • One should consume meat, vegetables, fruits and carbs in proper proportions only.
      • This helps in maintaining our health.
      • If you have all necessary nutrients in appropriate quantity it aids digestion.

8️⃣ Mid-Night Food Craving-

      • Do you get mid-night food craving?
      • Have you ever considered this as a bad or rather harmful habit for your health?
      • Well it is!
      • One needs to have meals on time and at regulated period only.
      • One needs to have his meal at least 3 hours before sleeping.
      • If you are having mid-night meals, you tend to become obese.
      • This interfered with your sleep and leads to indigestion.


Other Health Tips For Daily Life:

daily exercise

Other than food there are other factors that can help in keeping a god health –

🏃‍♀️ Daily exercising is good for health.

      • If you are not keen on going to the gym no issues with that.
      • You can make it a habit to do light exercise like aerobics, running, stretching, push-ups etc.
      • This helps in better circulation of blood and in release of the muscle tension.

👨‍💻 Maintaining a continuous sitting posture is bad for your health.

  • This reduces the metabolism rate in your body.
          • If you are into desk job and need sitting for a long time then take a break.
          • Get out of your chair and take a small stroll every hour.

🧎‍♀️ Practicing Yoga is a good way to maintain both physical and mental health.

☠️ Smoking is injurious to health.

🥛 Drinking water in plenty is a key to healthy life.

        • Water works as a cleanser for your system.

🥃 One might feel relaxed to have alcohol after a hectic working day.

        • But this is bad for your health as they reduce WBC in your blood stream when you consume alcohol on daily basis.

🧂 Avoid excess salt in food.

🛌🏿 One needs to get proper sleep according to their age.



✔️ Health tips area available in plenty.

✔️ Start with a proper food habit and take a step towards healthy life.

✔️ You can consult doctor and get a balanced diet chart and also note on the dos and don’ts in life needed for a good health or be healthy.

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