Exercises to Keep Your Immunity Boosted in Pandemic Situation

Coronavirus, the Global Pandemic of 2020, has changed most of our lives. It has claimed the lives of a big chunk of the world’s population, many people lost their jobs owing to economic crashes everywhere, and many more.

Scientists are working day and night to find a cure for this disease. However, till the time we have a cure, it has come upon us to keep ourselves protected from the wrath of COVID-19 to our best capacity.

How can we keep ourselves protected from these grave conditions? Boosting our immunity is the only solution to ensure that we stay healthy in a natural way.


There are Two Basic Ways to Boost the Immunity Naturally

1. Consumption of nutritional food elements and immunity boosters

2. Regular exercises

If you have a healthy diet charged prepared to fight the pandemic, try some exercise to boost the immune system to prevent COVID-19.

Here in this article, we will be discussing different exercise forms that are said to boost our immunity, thus helping us to fight the Pandemic better.


Regular exercise schedule during Pandemic days:

Regular exercise

We know that a healthy diet should be followed by regular exercise. Hitting the gym is probably the first thought in our minds. But owing to the lockdown days of the Pandemic world, all gyms have been closed as per the Government directive.

What can be an ideal solution for this?

Do not deviate from your routine even if it is a light exercising schedule. We suggest you take out 30-45 minutes from your day’s schedule and dedicate it to home-based work-out. This is the minimum requirement to boost immunity.


How does exercising help in increasing body immunity?

Exercise for immunity power improvement to fight against COVID-19 pandemic is essential for everyone. The way exercise works, explains why it is necessary

      • Increases the rate of metabolism of the body, affecting the immunity directly.
      • Increases T-cell and antibody production in the body.
      • Cells get energized upon exercising, as they get a proper supply of oxygen.
      • As you sweat, body toxins get released. This helps in killing the unwanted pathogens from the body.
      • Reduces the stress level by affecting the hormones.
      • Controls the level of adrenaline and cortisol in the body to maintain stress levels.
      • Slows down the immunity system changes happening due to age. Thus, preventing infections.

Exercises for the COVID-19 days:

While you exercise daily, you need to keep in mind not to overstretch your body. However, a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise is necessary for proper immunity boosting.

Of course, you can do heavy machinery-based exercises at home. But you are free to watch some online exercise videos and practice from there. You can do any of the below, see what suits you-

      • Aerobic
      • Yoga
      • Dancing
      • Cardio and free hands
      • bodyweight exercises
      • rope-skipping
      • push-ups
      • forward plank
      • spot jogging
      • Forward lunges

If social distancing can be maintained, go out for a little jog or walking daily.

The kind of exercise you should do is completely based on your stamina.

However, we suggest you try the anti-aging immunity power booster Progressively Accelerating Cardio Pulmonary Exertion or PACE exercise routine. When you try this, you are no more focusing on the duration of your exercise, rather, you will focus on the effectiveness of the work-out routine.

PACE reaches its peak of effect within a short span of exercise time. If you are trying PACE, there is no need to do any cardio exercises. All you need to do is invest 12 minutes in a day for the PACE exercise.


Excessive exercise, its effect on immunity, and the way to rectify it:

You will come across experts who suggest doing aerobics for around 300 minutes in 1 week. If you have heard such things, you need to think twice before doing it. Below are a few facts about over-exercising and its negative impact on your immune system.

      • Continuing aerobics and similar exercises for long-time results in weaker lungs and hearts.
      • If you are indulging in a long duration of heavy exercise, it will slowly increase your chances of getting affected with infection and flu.
      • Exercising for prolonged hours usually suppresses the way our immune system reacts to viral or bacterial infections for a long duration.

The above facts indicate, our body treats prolonged exercise as a stress factor. The brain, because of this stress detection, releases stress hormones in the body like cortisol and norepinephrine to suppress our immune system.

So, if you think you are going to achieve super immunity by exercising for hours, you better change the plan.

If you want your exercise schedule to be effective, you better do it right.


4 ways of exercising to induce immunity in our body:

So far, we discussed and suggested what types of exercise will suit us during COVID-19 for immunity, the right duration to exercise, and what negative excess exercising might have.

We will now see the 4 best ways of exercising for the best immunity boosting.


1️⃣ PACE Superman work-out process:

      • Lie on your stomach on the floor with extended arms in front. Stretch your legs behind you. Ensure the chin is above the floor slightly.
      • Raise your legs and arms by a few inches from the floor simultaneously by contraction of your back muscles.
      • Hold the contracted position for 3 seconds and then release it. Place your legs and arms in the position they were before.
      • Repeat this 10 times to form a set. You need to do 3 such sets with intermittent relaxing time for 20 seconds.

The effect of this work-out increases with the increase in intensity. You should be able to increase the intensity slowly after you unwind a little.


2️⃣ Hiking and walking:

These work perfectly as starters for any training. If you not yet prepared for heavy workouts, maintain your hygiene and social distancing norms, and set forth for half an hour of hiking or walking.

Since this is light activity, you can increase the span to a maximum of 90 minutes if the outdoor conditions permit.

An important point to note here, you are not suggested to wear your face masks while you are exercising. Wearing a mask while exercising has proved to have a harsh effect on your lungs. So, if social distancing without a mask is not possible in your vicinity, we suggest you spot jog at your house and avoid going outdoors in these tried times.


3️⃣ Interval training of high intensity:

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is a hard form of exercise that typically happens for a 20-60 second duration at a time. If you are practicing HIIT, you need not exercise more than 15-20 minutes a day. This work-out schedule requires a considerable amount of time for resting between each set of 60 seconds.

Right after the initial session of this exercise, your body calories are expected to be burned up by 6 to 15% and the process continues for a couple of hours after the exercise session. This even induces the production of growth hormones in our body. This, in turn, results in the healing of tissues in our muscles and brain, increases metabolism, and obviously, loss of excess body fat.

In this form, the cardiac rate is elevated quite higher than the normal rate during exercising. So, if you are not used to hardcore training in your daily life, this is not recommended as a starter.


4️⃣ Training for strength:

Like the name says this exercise type is meant to increase our stamina and strength. Common forms of this exercise are push-ups, plunges, and planks.

These exercises result in micro-tearing of the muscles in our shoulders, arms, and chest. These tears get auto healed, increasing the capability of muscles to adapt to stress and induce self-repair. If you are starting, of course, you will need intermittent time for resting. but after practicing for a few days, this resting time needs to be reduced for a better effect on immunity.

These pieces of training are proven to increase the muscle mass of the body and reduce the excess body fat. This not only results in fitness but also in boosting immunity.



Coronavirus poses a serious threat to the entire humankind. If we want to fight the virus, we need to be cautious ourselves and prevent it from affecting us as much as we can. The best way to do this is by boosting our immunity. Try the above-mentioned exercises and see the result for yourself. They will induce fighting capability in your immune system. Having a strong immunity will keep you protected from any virus for a long time.

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