Call for Biryani Lovers – Set Wallet Full & Save Coupons for 3rd July 2024 – World’s First Biryani Day

Well, we don’t mind if we can celebrate every day as Biryani day on 3rd July. We all love to have biryani and the fact is free of conflict. Do you agree? If yes then 3rd July would be not less important compared to the memorable and fun days of your life. Yes, you have heard the right. In 2022, 3rd July is going to be dedicated as the Nation’s 1st day of Biryani, the National Biryani Day by Daawat Basmati Rice, a flagship brand of LT Foods, a Consumer Food Company.




Now the question arises why a prestigious brand like Daawat Basmati Rice has thought of a day to celebrate as a Biryani Day . Certainly, there are reasons. We do celebrate coffee day, Pancake Day, donut day, chocolate day, and move on. Then, what is bad about celebrating a Biryani day? Nothing. Thus, Dawaat Basmati Rice has decided to celebrate the first-ever Biryani Day in the World on the 3rd of July 2024. It will be a great way to showcase our love, emotion, loyalty, and thankfulness towards the succulent dish – biryani and its soul lovers in celebrating the day full of our hearts, emotions, family, and friends.

Grand Celebration of World’s Biryani Day by a Flagship Indian Brand


Now tasty Biryani will have a day on its name too, a dedicated Biryani day and its connoisseurs/foodies/lovers. All thanks to the great brand Daawat Basmati Rice.

Managing Director and CEO of LT Foods Ltd, Ashwani Kumar Arora has already said, they have a grand idea to celebrate day of Biryani on 3rd July 2022. The company is all set to expedite the way to love for #biryanilovers in celebrating the day altogether. The flagship brand Daawat Biryani Rice has launched three variants of Daawat Biryani Kits not to way long – Kolkata Biryani Kit, Lucknowi Biryani Kit, and Hyderabadi Biryani Kit to continue the Biryani mania in different parts of our country irrespective of residential and non-residential kitchens.




Now they are up to the following mission, the mission to successfully create the wakefulness of World First Day of Biryani, the worthwhile emotions of Biryani eaters cum lovers and foodies via launching an all-inclusive 360-degree international digital campaign. The campaign will be braced by television and radio media plus various notable national and regional marketing brands and will take its extreme shape on the ground as well on 3rd July 2022.

Kolkata is Set to Experience a Hype on Appeasing Biryani Sales on 3rd July – Global Biryani Day


With no doubts, after the news of the first ever day of Biryani celebration worldwide by Global brand (appraised by more than 60 countries worldwide for finest quality heirloom rice grain) Daawat Basmati Rice went viral, Kolkata and other cities of India will experience a new wave in selling Biryani on 3rd July 2022.



According to sources, a distinguished online food delivery app sold 115 plates of biryani per minute in 2021 and Kolkata was the city on top ordering biriyani followed by Chennai, Hyderabad, and Lucknow. We hope to witness a record sale of Biryani on coming 3rd July with lots of coupon codes and discounts via online food selling platforms and apps. Finger crossed!

One a Precise Note……

Whether it is Bengali, Maharashtrian, Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, Punjabi, and so on; we cannot resist the chance to savor tasty Biryani.

Theories are many to defy or discuss the origin of Biryani, when we first started to take Biryani a signature celebration dish, how we celebrate the 1st ever National Day of Biryani , and blah, blah, blah. But, the main thing remains constant for #biryanilovers. We love to have it no matter what the occasion is, the reason is behind it, or where we are from. We just love savoring biryani and we can celebrate every day for biryani if our pocket permits and our moms are nowhere to stop to take biriyani as breakfast, lunch, or supper/dinner.

What’s say, guys! Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in commenting below. Please share how you people love to celebrate World Biryani Day on the 3rd of July 2022.

We, Curious Kasturi would love to hear you and know your story pivoting the super-charging, the evergreen dish, and our all-time favorite dish – BIRYANI, the soul food for foodies.

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