Eye Care Tips: Have Shiny Bright Eyes

👁 Know the importance of eye care as our eyes are one of the most important organs of our body.

👉 We see the world colourful because of our eyes only.

👉 Blindness is a curse for every human being, like being in a dark hole without light.

👉 No wonder, an organ, as important as our eyes require special daily care to give us support throughout life.

👉 Of course with age one will get cataracts or weakness in eyesight.

👉 But that is what age is all about.

But if you are facing eyesight problems at an early age then it’s time for intense eye care.

One needs to be under regular eye check-up if he or she is facing eye sight issues like blurriness, redness of cornea or anything similar.

Ignoring ophthalmic issues is doing injustice to yourself.


Pro Tips:

  • One needs to know when to see a doctor and when life hacks can help.
  • If you are having difficulty in reading long distance hoardings for quite some time, it is your queue to go visit an ophthalmologist and get a check up done.
  • This phenomenon is quite common now days among kids.


6 simple eye care hacks that can keep your eyes healthy for long:

eye care hacks

If you want your eyes to stay healthy then the first thing you need to do is care for your eyes.

Remember to never take then for granted.


Some life hacks can really help you keep your precious eyes shining for long without medical support –


1️⃣ Food habit:

Strange how our food habit can affect our eyes, isn’t it?

True one needs to eat properly in order to maintain good eyesight.

But by proper diet, it is meant consumption of those nutrients that actively affect your eyes.

Did you know that consumption of certain nutrients like that of Vitamin E and C, lutein, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc helps you keep ophthalmic issues that occur as you age, away?

If your meal plate contains these nutrients, then you can obviously delay issues like cataract and macro-degeneration of eyes.

What should we eat then?

      • Most importantly consume green vegetable, especially the leafy ones like collards, kale and spinach.
      • Oily fishes like tuna and salmon.
      • Protein other than meats like beans, nuts and eggs.
      • Citrus fruits like oranges or similar to provide Vitamin C
      • Pork and Oyster.

Pro Tips For Eye Care

Pro Tips For Eye Care:

  • If you are consuming a balance diet as these then you are sure to maintain proper weight and avoid being obese.
  • If you are not obese you can avoid diseases like diabetes type 2, which slowly leads to blindness.


2️⃣ Say no to smoking:

Excessive smoking not only leads to cancer.

You can be a victim to weigh more issues other than cancer as smoking directly affects your optic nerves.

Studies show that a person addicted to smoking is likely to develop cataract at an early age.

Even Macular degeneration is another known optic issue to develop out of smoking habit.

Do you find it tough to say no smoking?

Well trying is needed if you need your eyes to be healthy.

You can seek medical help in order to help you quit smoking.

Try every method but quit the horrid habit with so many medical disadvantages.


3️⃣ Wear your sunglasses:

Sunlight is good, but not so good for eyes when they hit your eyes directly.

Wearing your shades will keep your eyes protected from getting affected by the direct Ultra-violet rays.

If your eyes are exposed to the UV rays in excess then they are susceptible to developing macular degeneration and cataracts.



  • When you buy shades, choose a pair that successfully blocks away 99%-100% of the UVB and UVA rays.
  • Those lenses will cost you a fortune, but don’t hesitate to spend the amount, it’s your eyes.


Ophthalmologists suggest the use of sunglasses that have wraparound lenses for protecting eyes from sides as well.

If you have bought polarized sunglasses, they will aid in driving by reducing the glare.

Some contact lenses, though UV protection, it is better to always have a pair of sunglasses with you.


4️⃣ Safety glasses:

Does your work call for situations where you need to withstand airborne or waterborne hazardous particles?

Well not only work you can face similar situations when you are at home also.

If you face such situation then wearing goggles for your safety and eye protection is of utmost importance.

Even if you are related sport activities like swimming, ice hockey, lacrosse etc. your eyes are likely to get injured.

These games call for eye protection.

You can even wear helmets that come with protective mask for face and goggles along with poly-carbonate lenses.


5️⃣ Divert your vision from the screen of your computer:

Are you prone to stare directly at the screen of your mobile phones or computer for long?

This is detrimental habit for your eyes.

Prolonged sighting of a screen can lead to the below issues –

      • Blurred Vision
      • Strained eyes
      • Difficulty in focusing on objects at a distance
      • Dryness of eyes
      • Headaches
      • Pain in shoulder, back and neck

If you wish to protect your eyes from these hazards then-

      • Your glasses and lenses have anti-glare effect
      • If you still have eyesight issues or dryness the consult a doctor for computer suitable glasses.
      • Adjust the computer such that your eyes and the top of the monitor come in the same level
      • Blink more often when you feel dryness.
      • Give your eyes rest after every 20 minutes of constant working at the computer



  • Take a break from work for about 15 minutes after a continuous work of 2 hours.
  • If you can’t take frequent breaks at work then keep your eyes away from the screen for at least 20 seconds after 20 minutes.


6️⃣ Regularly visit an ophthalmologist-

One must stay under regular check-ups for a proper maintenance of his or her eyesight.

When you visit ophthalmologists at regular span they check your cornea and eyesight.

Certain exams help in determining the situation prevailing eyes.



Eyes being an important organ of our body, one should never ignore slightest irritation.

Go for regular check-ups, maintain a healthy diet and stay fit.

This will automatically maintain the eyes’ health with proper eye care.

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