The Fascinating Mythology of Samudra Manthan: Poison, Jewels, and Divine Creatures

Life is a never-ending learning process.  Each episode of life teaches us something, and the more you observe the more you can learn. So, today we talk about, the Mythology of Samudra Manthan or Samudra Manthan story, a story of churning in the Milky Ocean. According to Hindu mythology, the event was taken place with the equal efforts of Gods and Demons (Suras and Asuras). The story is truly interesting and fun to read. And, if you read the story in full, you would certainly end up with a pull of knowledge that everyone appreciates.

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Great Story of Churning Elixir & VenomSamudra Manthan – Great Story of Churning Elixir & Venom

Samudra Manthan is also known by many names. People also call the manthan as Churning of Milky Ocean, Ksheer Sagar Manthan, Amrit Manthan, and lots more. The event was a prime facie behind the birth of goddesses, angels, and divine objects along with the emergence of elixir (Amrit), poison (Halahala), and more.

Reasons Encouraged Samudra Manthan Event


curse given by Sage Durvasa to Devaraj Indra

We all know about Samudra Manthan. Even, the churning of the Dudh Sagan (Milky Ocean) is mentioned in the Vishnu Purana, Bhagavat Purana, and Mahabharata.   But do you know why the Samudra/Sagar Manthan happened? Let us know together.

The whole event was the output of the CURSE given by Sage Durvasa to Devaraj Indra. Once, Durvasa presented a garland to Devaraj Indra, the king of Devas. Indra accepted the present happily and put it on his bahana Airavata, a gigantic elephant. Airavata could not resist the scent of the garland and throw it on the ground. On witnessing the event, Saga Durvasa got furious and cursed Indra to lose his empire, glory, and authority along with his objects (Devas). Following this event, a full massacre took place in Sargalok (Heaven, the adobe of Indra, and other devas).

  • Airavata went into oblivion, a state of unconsciousness for infinite time.
  • Mata Lakshmi got departed from her consort, Vishnu, and made her new adobe at the depth of Kshir/Ksheer Sagar (Milky Ocean).
  • Due to the absence of Mata Lakshmi, the glory of Devlok got vanished and Devas became poor.
  • Chandra became disappeared from Shiva’s dreadlocks (JATA of Shiva).
  • Devas got defeated badly in the war by demons or Asuras.

With no other way to conquer the lost glory, Devaraj Indra and Devas appeared to Lord Vishnu for help. Vishnu advised them to churn the milky ocean and reach out to the Amrit or the Elixir to bring their immortality and lost glory back.

Who Took Part in Samudra Manthana with Devas?


who took Part in Samudra Manthana with Devas

Lord Vishnu knew that Devas could not perform the Samudra Manthan alone due to the vastness of the milky ocean. Thus, he advised Devas to ally with Asuras to churn the ocean on the condition of sharing the Elixir. Asuras got agreed as they were told to have Elixir and gain immortality like Devas.

  • It was Mount Mandara that used to manthan the Sagar.
  • To keep the vast mountain afloat, Vishnu took the KURMA AVATAR (turtle avatar) and took Mandara Mountain on his back for better support.
  • Naga God Vashuki took part in the churning as the churning rope.
  • Devas did hold the tail of the snake and Asuras held the head.

Do you think, the story of Sagar Manthana ended here? Certainly not. There are more to go.

The Result of Milky Ocean Churning – Emergence Of Divine Objects, Creatures & Elixir


list of things came out from Sagar Manthan

No doubt, the churning was painful for Naga God Vashuki as well as Lord Vishnu. With grueling pain, Vishnu breathed gradually and deeply to create a rhythmic wave in the ocean to get relief. Whereas, Vashuki who was used to back and fro to churn the ocean emitted poisonous fume to the ocean.

The churning ended up with the emergence of so many divine and devours things. These are,

  • Halahala: The poisonous fume emitted by Vashuki is known as Halahala. To save the Universe from the deadly threat of poison, Lord Shiva consumed the poison. Maa Parvati stopped the flow to enter the body of Shiva and stopped it in Shiva’s throat. Thus, Shiva’s throat turned blue and he became known as Neelkantha.
  • 14 Gemstone: Equally divided among Devas and Asuras.

The emergence of Divine Characters….

  • Chandra: The moon God emerged as a precious Ratna and took his abode in the dreadlocks of Lord Shiva.
  • Mata Lakshmi: Maa Lakshmi came out of churning and took Vishnu as her consort. With her, wealth and fortune came back to Devas.

Along with Maa Lakshmi, Maa Alakshmi also emerged.

  • Dhanvantri: Following the churning, the emergence of a divine physician, Dhanvantri took place. He came out of the ocean holding the pot of Elixir.

Sura, Goddess of Wine, and Apsaras, the Celestial nymphs also emerged due to the churning.

The Emergence of Divine Objects…..

  • Amrita or Elixir – The divine nectar
  • Uchhaishravas – Magnificently beautiful 7-headed white horse
  • Kaustubha-Mani – A gemstone that looks like a lotus and radiant as Sun.
  • Kalpavriksha: A wish-fulfilling tree.
  • Kamadhenu – A cow that fulfills all wishes and never fails to provide milk.
  • Airavata – White-colored winged elephant with 6-trunk and 6-pair of tusks.
  • Parijata – A tree never fades to fruit and flower
  • Panchjanya – Vishnu’s conch
  • Sharanga – Vishnu’s Bow

The list of emerging gems, characters, and objects varies from Purana to Purana.

Manifestation of Vishnu in Mohini Avatar

Manifestation of Vishnu in Mohini Avatar

Vishnu is known for his Mohini Avatar. The event in the Mythology of Samudra Manthan was the reason that required Vishnu to take the Mohini form. He lured Asuras with his mesmerizing Mohini form to take the possession of Elixir (Amrita) pot and stop Asuras to get a share of Amrita.

However, Rahu, a cunning Asura spilled the guile, the Maya of Lord Vishnu, and drank Amrita in the disguise of god. But, Sun and Moon recognized Rahu and informed Lord Vishnu about it. Instantly, Vishnu beheaded Rahu with his Sudarshana Chakra and cut his body into two parts. As Rahu has already consumed a few drops of Amrita, he became immortal and today we know his head as Rahu and tail as Ketu.

Spiritual Relevance of Mythology of Samudra Manthan in Human Lives

The story of Samudra Manthana in Vishnu Purana depicts the voyage of our life. You can take churning as a struggle life enforces you to live on. While Mandar Mountain signifies the base of our effort and Naga Vasuki is to drive our efforts to attain success or fall. The emerging objects as well as the Halahala are the output of our efforts that come in good and bad shape. When you accept the good things as your reward, you need to be firm to dissolve the bad things with your wisdom and consciousness and move forward attaining Moksha, for which we took birth.

Hope, you love reading the blog. If you want to know more about Mythology of Samudra Manthan, do let us know via comments.

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