10 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants You Can Use as Home Decor

Low maintenance indoor plants are perfect for busy individuals or those who have a busy lifestyle. These plants do not require frequent watering, fertilizing, or pruning. These plants not only add beauty to your home but also purify the air by removing toxins and harmful pollutants. You can use them easily to provide an artistic yet lush appearance inside your home.

10 Beautiful Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

So, with no more fuss, let us have a look top ten houseplants that are low in maintenance but good to transform your home into a green healthy home. 

1. Chinese Money Plant: Chinese money plant is actually called Pilea Peperomioidie. These round coin-shaped leaves offer an aesthetic look to your home decor. This plant grows easily with a straight stem, needs a short port to get placed, and does not need extra care.

Maintaining Tip: Just water the pot once a week (water it according to temperature) and the tree will grow thriving. Direct sunlight is not necessary for Chinese money plants. 

2. Jade Plant: Jade plant or Crassula Ovata is a houseplant used as a home décor. Other names of the plant are the silver dollar plant, friendship plant, and/or money plant. Due to its succulent feature, you can trim the tree very well and convert it into a bonsai. The pink flower on the tree makes it more beautiful than your imagination.

Maintaining Tip: The tree requires very less water to grow even in summer. If you want to bring a yellowish or reddish tint to the tree, put it in direct sunlight and see the magic. 

3. ZZ Plant: Zamioculcas Zamiifolia or ZZ plant belongs to the aroid family. The tree is very easy to keep inside the home and it grows up to 3 feet tall with beautiful compound leaves. If you are a newbie plant parent, you can bring ZZ at home for sure. 

Maintaining Tip: It requires bright indoors, indirect sunlight, and a good yet little amount of plant food to grow faster. 

4. A string of Pearls: It is a very beautiful and unique indoor plant. If you are looking for something attractive living décor for your home, this plant could be the best choice. A string of Pearls or Senecio Rowleyanus belongs to the aster family. Its overflowing tendrils out of the pot certainly induce your guests to comment. This tree is the best option when you look for a hanging one over the bookshelf, pedestal, or hanging planter.

Maintaining Tip: Provide very little water to it, keep away from direct sunlight, and plant it in cactus soil. 

5. Bunny Ear Cactus: Opuntia Microdasys is commonly known as bunny ear cactus or polka-dot cactus. The plant belongs to the Cactaeae family. When someone looks for a low-maintenance indoor plant as a home décor, bunny ear cactus is the best one for sure. 

Maintaining Tip: Just provide plenty of water from time to time and place it under sunlight timely; you are done with its maintenance. 

6. Air Plant: You can place the plant anywhere inside your home. Whether on a bookshelf, kitchen cooktop, balcony, on your dining table, or so on; you can place the Air plant easily. People also know the plant as Tillandsia. The plant uses the air inside the home to source water from humidity.

Maintaining Tip: Such plant does need soil to grow. So you can use a bowl, wreath, or a pot to place the plant. Just provide a sprinkle of water occasionally and you are done. 

7. English Ivy: English Ivy or Hedera helix is a beautiful house plant. The plant purifies the air inside the house. If you want the plant to hang from a pot or basket, or you just want it to grow on the railing of your balcony or the staircase, you can go for it. 

Maintaining Tip: You can plant the tree anywhere and inside anything (pot, basket, tub, and so on) inside your home. Just don’t forget to water the plant regularly and make sure it gets sunlight directly. 

8. Succulents & Cacti: These are amazing houseplants for decoration. Not only to look but also at the shape of these plants incredible. They create a colorful as well as artistic vibe inside the home. 

Maintaining Tip: These plants require little to zero care. Just place them in a well-designed pot on your dining table, dinner table, work desk, or anywhere you find suitable. Water the plants when the soil dries completely. That’s all. 

9. Donkey Tail Plant: This wonderful houseplant comes from the succulent flowering plant group. People also know it as Sedum Morganianum. The plant blooms pinkish to red flower during summer and produces greenish to bluish fleshy leaves all-round the year. It is one of the cutest indoor plants that is used as home decor. 

Maintaining Tip: If you are a new plant parent then you must think twice to bring a Donkey tail at home. Because the plant needs good care throughout the year. It needs regular watering in summer and an adequate amount of water in winter. It needs constant sunlight though it cannot bear extreme heat.  

10. Aloe Vera: Hardly you can find a person who does not know about the aloe vera plant. Whatever the type of interior your house is built in, aloe vera can grow easily there. You can quickly enlist the plant in your home décor list.

Maintaining Tip: Use any kind of pitcher or pot to place the plant at your home. Use cactus soil and let the sunlight pour into the plant. And don’t let the soil dry. You are just done. 

Wrapping Up, 

Plants are the best, no matter what! Whether you want to bring them to your home for decoration or to purify the air, you will always be benefitted. Low maintenance indoor plants not only enhance the quality of air by absorbing harmful CO2 and releasing oxygen but also promote better mental health.

Here Curious Kasturi has tried to frame a few names of houseplants that you can access easily and plant inside your home as a décor. The best part is, these plants require very little to no maintenance. So, if you are a working lady, a busy mom, or even a green thump, you can take care of these houseplants easily and level up your home décor with greenery. 

Keep planting indoor plants for better living and healthier life!

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